16 January 2012

Google, Facebook battle Indian criminal charges

Google, Facebook battle Indian criminal charges
NEW DELHI — Google and Facebook on Monday fought in the Delhi High Court to quash criminal charges that they are responsible for obscene online content. The companies, which are set to be joined in their action by Microsoft and Yahoo!, ...


Hackers Hit Zappos, 24 Million Customers
PC Magazine
By Adario Strange With online shopping hitting record levels of adoption this past holiday season, it may seem to many that we're on the brink of a golden age of online commerce. But a hacking incident suffered by Zappos just last night could give some ...

New app adds incentives to go to the gym
Fox News
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma If a bulging waistline isn't enough of a motivator to go to the gym, a new iPhone app adds a financial incentive to provide that extra nudge. The app called GymPact charges users a fee for every gym commitment they skip. ...

Hackers disrupt websites of Israel's stock exchange, national air carrier
Washington Post
JERUSALEM — A hacker network that claims to be based in Saudi Arabia paralyzed the websites of Israel's stock exchange and national airline on Monday, escalating an international cyber war that has jolted this security-obsessed country. ...

Apple tipped to smash Mac, iPad, iPhone sales records
Australian Macworld
Signs that Apple's sales will continue on a feverish pace continue to accumulate, an industry analyst has said. In a research note to clients, Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities highlighted a record December for his 'Apple Barometer,' an index of ...

Microsoft mandating Secure Boot on ARM, making Linux installs difficult
Ars Technica
By Jon Brodkin | Published January 16, 2012 9:05 AM With Windows 8 coming out later this year, there has already been controversy about whether computers that ship with Windows 8 will have the ability to run Linux, either as a replacement for Windows ...

Number of Web users in China hits 513 million
Los Angeles Times
The number of Web users in China soared past 500 million last year, a tech-industry group said Monday, capping a period of explosive growth that has elevated Chinese Internet companies and challenged social and political discourse in the ...

Polaroid SC1630 Android Camera Hopes to Keep Company Relevent
During CES, there were many new digital cameras unveiled including ones from Canon, along with a slew of new Android hardware. Polaroid unveiled a new digital camera recently that runs the Android operating system and from the back looks more like a ...


Walmart offers the Lumia 710 for free
TG Daily
Nokia's goal with the Lumia 710 is to establish it as the smartphone for consumers on a budget. Now, Walmart is helping to take that goal to the next level. The discount retailer has begun offering the phone at no cost to those who sign up for a new ...

TG Daily

Social Q&A service Beepl automatically finds experts for your questions
The Internet has long been a go-to resource for getting a question answered, but oftentimes the answers you get come from less than stellar “experts”. Beepl, a social Q&A service hopes to solve that problem. The site launched out of private beta today ...

Google apologises to Mocality after data misuse claims
By Lawrence Latif ADVERTISING BROKER Google has apologised to Mocality after the firm found its representatives had been lying about its relationship with the Kenyan firm. Mattos' post said the firm was, "mortified to learn that a team of people ...

The spectacular rise of Alaska wildlife manager Corey Rossi
Alaska Dispatch
When Alaska State Troopers showed up at the door of Kenai big-game guide Joe Dilley in December wanting to ask him questions about possible outlaw hunting done by the state's wildlife director, Dilley had no idea who they were talking about. ...

Alaska Dispatch

Indians' remains to be returned to tribes
The Boston Globe
AP BERKELEY, Calif. - New federal protections could mean that most of the remains of an estimated 160000 Native Americans held by universities, museums, and federal government agencies may soon be transferred to tribes. Under the new regulations, ...

Rupert Murdoch takes to new media to slam new media, defends SOPA
Death and Taxes
By Alex Moore 1 min ago Angry that President Obama indicated this weekend he would not sign the SOPA/ PIPA bills as they currently stand in the House and Senate, Murdoch took to Twitter to defend the bills and the old media companies who are backing ...

Death and Taxes

When it eventually snows, snowmobile safely
Albert Lea Tribune
It seems like most people I talk to have enjoyed this mild winter so far. Record-breaking highs in January and lack of snow has given us an early taste of spring. If this trend continues, I know I would not complain, but I do feel bad for those who ...

Albert Lea Tribune

Theme Song for WrestleMania, THQ Statement on Reports, WWE-MSG Matches
TWNP-Wrestling News
- There were reports this weekend that top WWE licensee THQ had canceled its planned 2014 release schedule to save money and that they were looking to sell the company. They issued the following statement last night, mentioning WWE '12: “THQ has not ...

PlayStation Vita gets firmware update 1.52
The PlayStation Vita got its third firmware update, second since its release about a month ago. Over the weekend the PS Vita firmware was updated from 1.51 to version 1.52. Before you get too excited, the new update is very small and doesn't introduce ...


Carbon dioxide encourages risky behaviour in clownfish
New Scientist
Carbon dioxide in the ocean acts like alcohol on fish, leaving them less able to judge risks and prone to losing their senses. The intoxication adds to the threats that global warming and ocean acidification pose to marine ecosystems. ...

Samsung Touts Advertising Opp on Landing Page of Smart TV's
LAS VEGAS - Samsung is aiming to capture a piece of the advertising opportunities on connected TVs this year. The consumer electronics maker introduced ways to include marketing and ads on apps for its smart TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show. ...

Prince of Persia Arrives On Wii, 3DS This Week
Gaming Union
Legendary platformer series Prince of Persia sees not one, but two re-releases for Nintendo consoles this week. An official Nintendo announcement revealed that the SNES and Game Boy Colour versions will be available for Wii (Wii Virtual Console) and...

Gaming Union

South Korea's Diablo 3 will see real money auction house feature removed
By Tyler Lee on 01/16/2012 06:57 PST One of the more controversial features of Blizzard's upcoming Diablo 3 would be its real money auction house. For those unfamiliar, this particular auction house will allow players to sell and buy items in-game...


PC Makers Embracing Ultrabooks
New York Times
LAS VEGAS — As the sales of personal computers slow — whether because of a weak world economy or the popularity of the iPad — PC makers have been looking for the next big thing to jolt buyers and increase profit margins. They are doing what they have ...

Brother Rupert gets into the habit of humility, this time over MySpace
TelecomTV (registration)
Rupert Murdoch, evidently reveling in his latest incarnation as the humblest man on the planet, has admitted to having made another mistake - screwing up big-time when News Corp made its hasty, ill-considered and over-priced purchase of the social ...

Can Technology Transform Education Before It's Too Late ...
By Contributor
Editor's Note: This guest post was written by Prerna Gupta, who is CEO of Khush (now part of Smule), whose music apps, like Songify and LaDiDa, have been used to create over 125 million songs worldwide. You can follow her @prernagupta ...

The coolest technology and moments from CES 2012 (slideshow ...
By Heather Kelly
Last week, four VentureBeat reporters and our videographer braved the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They covered 1.861 million square feet of show floor, visited many of the 3100 exhibitors, and sorted through the ...

The Technology Avalanche and the Future of War | Defense ...
By COL Phillip R. Cuccia
The chief futurist for Cisco, Dave Evans, describes it as “The Technology Avalanche” — the exponential increase in technological breakthroughs that, like.

Charles Stross predicts the state of technology, prejudice, and sex in ...
By Lauren Davis
Author Charles Stross has given the world many a flight of futuristic fancy — post-human worlds where androids carry on our legacy, bank robberies committed inside online games, and god-like meddlers — but what does he think the world ...

Preprint: Mobile Technologies & Academics: Do Students Use ...
By Gary D. Price
Mobile Technologies & Academics: Do Students Use Mobile Technology in their Academic Lives and are Librarians Ready to Meet this New Challenge? (Preprint). Authors Angela Dresselhaus & Flora Shrode Utah State University. Source ...

White House Responds to SOPA Petitions | Geek Beat Technology ...
By Ashley Baxter
The White House issued some points this weekend that indicate what they will and will not support in anti-piracy legislation.
Geek Beat Technology News

Adding a human touch to technology | David Report
By Louise Brandstrup Zastrow
The Beolit 12 is no different and combined with the latest technologies from Apple it is a very exciting product that to me is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise slightly uniform collection of designs. Up until now I haven't been as dedicated a fan ...
David ReportDavid Report | David Report

Free Technology for Teachers: How Do You Keep Up With All of This?
By Mr. Byrne
How Do You Keep Up With All of This? How do you keep up with all of this? That's a question I am often asked after giving a presentation or when I meet people at conferences. One of the ways I keep up and learn about new things is through ...
Free Technology for Teachers

Across Idaho, schools plan for technology upgrades | Washington ...
By The Associated Press
Students may not have to wait for Idaho to roll out a statewide laptop program before they get their hands on a new computer. Districts across the state are taking advantage of the $13 million lawmakers set aside in 2011 for technology ...
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