29 January 2012

Twitter database reveals the 4411 takedown notices it received last year

Twitter database reveals the 4411 takedown notices it received last year
You can read the text of these notices, dating back to November, 2010, on Chilling Effects, a website dedicated to collecting and analyzing legal notices that affect online users and publishers. The sheer volume of notices averages out to almost 10 per ...


Millions caught up in Android botnet
ZDNet (blog)
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | January 28, 2012, 5:27am PST Security firm Symantec has uncovered a massive botnet that may have lured millions of unwitting Android users into downloading malware infected apps from the official Google Android Market.

FCC Seeks Comments on LightSquared GPS Declaration Request
By Todd Shields Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) -- US regulators asked for public comments on LightSquared Inc.'s request for a finding that global-positioning system gear doesn't merit legal protection from interference caused by the proposed wireless service.

Anonymous swoop on Mexico govt. sites in copyright law protest
Online hacktivist group Anonymous has blocked access to Mexican Senate and Interior Ministry websites. The attack is a protest against a proposed law that will see those who violate copyright online fined one million pesos (over $100000).


Alien worlds abound! NASA scope finds 26 alien planets
Fox News
NASA's prolific planet-hunting spacecraft has hit the jackpot again, discovering 11 new planetary systems with 26 confirmed alien planets among them. The findings nearly double the number of bona fide planets found outside our solar system by the ...

Car Control Software Chaos Revealed in Major Safety Study
By Leo King, computerworlduk.com Automated software control systems are proliferating in cars, but vehicle safety authorities do not have anywhere near enough expertise to measure or regulate their usage. That is according to the stark warnings of a US ...

Electric folding car coming to a parking space near you
Fox News
Parking is about to get a lot easier, as long as you don't mind driving a car that folds in the middle. Developed over the past four years by MIT, the Hiriko is an electric microcar that has the unique ability to make itself shorter than it already is.

Fox News

Legal Battle Looms Over Tera's US Release
By Nick Winter | Jan 29, 2012 The action-focused MMORPG Tera is supposed to be getting an American release on May 1, but that date has been thrown into doubt following news that publishing-giant NCSoft has applied for an injunction to stop the game's ...

Homeless whiz kid Samantha Garey and her family receive a new home
New York Daily News
By Ben Chapman / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS A Long Island community opened its heart to homeless whiz kid Samantha Garvey -- and gave her whole family a new place to live. “I have a house now, and it's the most amazing feeling in the world,” the emotional ...

New York Daily News

North Carolina becomes home of White Spaces network
(PhysOrg.com) -- America's first commercial “TV White Spaces Network” was launched this week in Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina. Wilmington, as the first US city to shift from analog to digital TV, was chosen as the present-day site of ...

HTC Sense 4.0 will Feature Guest Mode, 50GB Dropbox, Improved Email
The soon to be launched HTC Sense 4.0, which is likely to hit the highly rumoured HTC Ville first with be equipped with some great improvements and add-ons, it has been revealed. Pocket Now, through its trusted source, has revealed that the main areas ...

Five amazing apps for kids
By Jinny Gudmundsen, Special for USA TODAY With over half a million apps in the iTunes Store, and close to that number in the Android marketplace, it is hard to find the best kid apps worth downloading. Sure, you can see the Top 10 lists in iTunes, ...


Reddit Crowdsources $65000 for Kenyan Orphanage
by Cathryn Wellner If the Kenyan orphanage had been surrounded by a sturdy fence, Omari would not have been slashed in the face by a machete-wielding thug. He was protecting the 35 children at the Faraja Orphanage, which is run by his mother.

Dying Steve Jobs kept Bill Gates' letter by his bed
San Jose Business Journal
Microsoft founder Bill Gates told a British paper that he wrote a letter to Apple cofounder Steve Jobs that was kept by his bed as he was dying. Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates wrote a letter to Steve Jobs that the Apple Inc. co-founder reportedly ...

Closed beta testing for Zynga Bingo begins
by Jordan Mallory on Jan 28th 2012 10:00PM If you love games of chance and stamping cards but hate being around the elderly, know that Zynga is working on a solution for your extremely specific and worryingly ageist dilema. Zynga Bingo has begun beta ...

'Minecraft' studio apologizes over racist translation
Digital Spy
Players who changed the language option to Afrikaans, spoken in South Africa and Namibia, were greeted yesterday with the text "You are an***er" on the start menu. Mojang's head developer Jens Bergensten has since issued an apology via Twitter, ...

'Halo 4' fake beta domain sparks Microsoft complaint
Digital Spy
The website halo4beta.net issued fake beta invites for the upcoming sequel to scores of users in what was later revealed to be a phishing scam. Developer 343 Industries' creative director David Ellis was swift to publicly debunk the fraud, ...

Two nights, two brilliant sights
Nashua Telegraph
Graphic by GERRY DESCOTEAUX This is what the western sky will look like just after sunset on Feb. 25-26. On Feb. 25, Venus will be in close proximity to the sliver moon, while on Feb. 26, Jupiter will meet up with our closest celestial neighbor.

Tiny male mice sing songs to impress females
Times of India
LONDON: Male house mice produce melodious songs to attract mates, but being in the ultra-sonic range our ears cannot detect them. Through analyses of the vocalizations of wild house mice, researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, ...

Macworld | iWorld 2012 Best of Show winners
The annual expo for Mac and iOS users has evolved to focus on the user community, but the Macworld | iWorld exhibit hall where companies show off their wares is still a huge part of the show—you might even say it's the most important part.

Children just aren't going to know what sun is
Telegraph.co.uk (blog)
By James Delingpole Politics Last updated: January 29th, 2012 There's a great piece by David Rose in the Mail On Sunday nicely summing up what a lot of us here knew already: that the thing we really need to fear right now is not global warming but ...

Dolphin Browser For Android Now Features Skitch & Evernote Add-Ons [News]
By Yaara Lancet Dolphin has recently announced the release of two brand new add-ons for its popular Android browser. The Dolphin browser already features a number of useful add-ons such as Read It Later, Dolphin Translate, Dolphin.fm, and various tab ...

HTC Titan II to hit AT&T shelves on March 18?
Technology Bloom News
If word on the street is to be believed, it looks as though AT&T is on a roll with successive leaks of release dates of its upcoming device. We first heard that the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note is set to make its appearance on the shelves of ...

Technology Bloom News

Scientists Create Free-Standing 3-D Cloak Invisible to Microwaves
The Epoch Times
By David Skoumbourdis The invisibility cloak has taken yet another step toward realization, with US researchers cloaking a three-dimensional object from microwaves for the first time using a technique dubbed “plasmonic cloaking.

Apollo 1 Anniversary: A Tribute to Three Heroes
Friday was the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 1 disaster that took the lives of three extraordinary astronauts. Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were in the crew cabin during a prelaunch test when a fire broke out; but because of an inward ...

Wildlife Too Close for Comfort in Fairfield County
The Daily Greenwich
by Richard Weizel (email) 7 hours ago The white-tailed deer population has exploded across the state, increasing from under 20000 during the early 1980s to about 125000 by 2006. Herds of deer can often be seen in suburban Fairfield County towns.

'Sikhs urged to mark March 14 as Sikh Environment Day'
Zee News
Washington: A US-based Sikh body engaged in highlighting environmental issues facing the world has appealed to the community members across the globe to mark March 14 as 'Sikh Environment Day'. In a statement, Washington-based EcoSikh said that it has ...

Are RIM planning a CDMA version of the unusual BlackBerry Porsche Design P ...
GSMArena.com (blog)
After running our eyes over RIM's scheduled plans for 2012, the word at the front of our minds was 'boring'. Probably not what the Canadian smartphone maker was hoping for, but there were one or two exceptions which caught our eye, one of which could ...

GSMArena.com (blog)

The Best Android Apps You Missed This Week
Business Insider
It feels like there's been a bit of a lull when it comes to new Android apps. Seriously, after two weeks of hunting, we could only come up with a handful that were worth download. But we'd be doing you a disservice if we didn't share what we found, ...

Business Insider

5 Fresh Innovations in Solar Technology | CleanTechnica
By Britt Mauriss
MIT researcher Daniel Nocera has developed what he calls an Artificial Leaf, a potentially groundbreaking energy storage technology that successfully mimics nature. In a photosynthesis-like process, the 'leaf' uses solar energy to split water ...

First White House Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra, Steps ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
He was appointed with a fair bit of fanfare as the United States' first Chief Technology Officer back in May of 2009, but it looks like Aneesh Chopra has decided that it's now time to make room for the nation's second CTO.
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

By McClellan Financial
Some sentiment indicators work by analyzing what people say, such as polls and sentiment surveys. Others work by analyzing what people actually do, and I tend to like those more.

Create.Work.Inspire - Technology broadens our vision
By Marin Perez
At the Create.Work.Inspire event, we hear how technology can broaden the vision of what art is and can be an amazing supplement.

Instapundit » Blog Archive » FOR A MOON COLONY, technology is ...
By Glenn Reynolds
FOR A MOON COLONY, technology is the easy part. “Could the United States establish a moon colony and develop a new propulsion system for going to Mars? All within eight years of a Newt Gingrich presidency, as Mr. Gingrich promised ...

The Science and Technology of Gaming Continues to Evolve » Blog ...
“With the release of Sage Newball's new gaming technology book, we're going to see record traffic levels,” said Didomenico Levitt, internet marketing manager of Coretta Claybon INC Publishers, “and strong traffic means strong sales.” Indeed ...
The Science and Technology of...

Georgetown Security Law Brief: Opinion: Privacy, technology and law
By Georgetown CNSL
01/29/12: The New York Times features an opinion piece by Barry Friedman. Everyday, Friedman contends, those of us who live in the digital world give little bits of ourselves away. On Facebook and LinkedIn. To servers that store our e-mail, ...
Georgetown Security Law Brief

The CITE: New Page Turning Technology
By Dr. Mark R. Nelson, MBA, CAE
Welcome to The CITE -- a blog on Course materials, Innovation, and Technology in Education. CITE is a pun with multiple meanings - referring to cite as in citation, something people reference; site as in location, website, or place people go to; ...

Flavorwire » Awesome Infographic: Hollywood vs. Technology
By Emily Temple
In the wake of all the SOPA/PIPA fury in recent weeks, we were excited to see this infographic detailing Hollywood's long, storied and totally inadvisable crusade against technology. We particularly like this statistic: that in 2010, 65% of industry ...

Bloombase and ATTO Technology Partner to Deliver Non-Disruptive ...
By admin
(PRWEB) January 27, 2012. Bloombase Technologies, the leading data at-rest security company from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, today announced the completion of ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters ...

New Trends in Automotive Technology — Your Tech Reviewers
By DJ Rony
Speaking of black box brings airplanes to mind but this technology is currently used in cars as well. Although the concept is still under discussion because of privacy issues, a few car manufacturers like Ford and General Motors have already ...
Your Tech Reviewers

Is Web Technology Rapidly Progressing or at a Standstill? | Design ...
By admin
Of march good advances like HTML5 and CSS3 uncover a measureless progress, yet can thesetechnologies be used yet carrying to worry about cross-browser compatibility? Are we still carrying to doubt ourselves over what qualifies as good ...
Design Web Development Joomla...

Philosophy, Engineering & Technology » CFP, 15 Feb 2012: Ethics ...
By deg
Technology is an important driver of change in today's world, and the desirability of such change is a matter of concern in public debate and policy making. Whereas the influence of morality ontechnology is well acknowledged, the influence of ...
Philosophy, Engineering & Technology

Michele Kearney's Nuclear Wire: Nukespeak: The Selling of Nuclear ...
By noreply@blogger.com (Michele Kearney)
Nukespeak: The Selling of Nuclear Technology from the Manhattan Project to Fukushima. by Richard C. Bell, Stephen Hilgartner, Rory O'Connor, AlterNet. In the end, the answer to the mystery of why nuclear power in the United States is still ...
Michele Kearney's Nuclear Wire

HP Discover | Making Technology Work For You
Don't miss this showcase technology event! It is the ultimate destination for the knowledge, connections and growth needed to overcome your most difficult ...

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