27 January 2012

Twitter may censor tweets in individual countries

Twitter may censor tweets in individual countries
Wall Street Journal
AP SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter has refined its technology so it can censor messages on a country-by-country basis. The additional flexibility announced Thursday is likely to raise fears that Twitter's commitment to free speech may be weakening as the ...

Hands-on with 'The Darkness II'
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY My first real sense of the joys of "quad-wielding" arrives inside a subway station. As lead character Jackie Estacado, I confront a group of gun-toting enemies packing a pair of pistols and two gnarly demon arms sprouting ...


Russia to postpone two manned launches to International Space Station
Fox News
MOSCOW – Technical problems have forced Russia to postpone two manned launches to the International Space Station (ISS), the Interfax news agency reported Friday -- echoing a 2011 situation that left the country's space transport vehicles grounded and...

Fox News

Ford Escape Goes Green With Plant-Based Doors
PC Magazine
By Andrew Webster Inside the doors of the new Ford Escape, oil-based materials have been replaced with those made from a common plant found in southern Asia. Ford is using the kenaf plant to create the interior bolster on each door of the Escape, ...

Facebook flings clickjack spam lawsuit at ad-slingers
By Phil Muncaster • Get more from this author Facebook and US state of Washington have filed lawsuits against marketing firm Adscend Media over alleged clickjacking and spam practices, as the social networking giant finally gets tough with scammers ...

Apple CEO calls Times supplier report "patently false and offensive"
Ars Technica
By Jacqui Cheng | Published January 27, 2012 9:35 AM Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly called recent reports on Apple's attitude toward its supply chain "patently false and offensive" in a new e-mail sent internally to Apple employees.

Google+ will now allow alternate names
By Suzanne Choney Google is reversing its you-must-use-your-real-name policy for Google+, saying during the next week, it will start allowing "alternate names — be they nicknames, maiden names, or names in another script — alongside your common name" ...

Jumping spiders' unique vision revealed
Fox News
Jumping spiders, which hunt by pouncing on their prey, gauge distances to their unsuspecting meals in a way that appears to be unique in the animal kingdom, a new study finds. The superability boils down to seeing green, the researchers found.

Fox News

Asteroid near misses and the threats to come
Figures show about 50 million NEO's (Near Earth Objects) pass by every day. Here are some previous near misses as well as possible future threats. By James Orr * In February last year a small asteroid made the closest near-miss on record after making a ...


Time Warner Cable numbers prove paradigm shift
TG Daily
We're in the midst of a huge shake-up in the way consumers get their TV content, and there's no better example of that than Time Warner Cable's recent earnings report. The company reported that it lost 129000 cable TV subscribers in the most recent ...

TG Daily

RIM slashes BlackBerry PlayBook tablet prices
By Tony Smith • Get more from this author RIM has taken an axe to the prices it charges for its BlackBerry PlayBook tablets in the UK - again. You can now pick up the 16GB version of just £169. It was priced at £399 at launch, and yesterday would have ...

NASA discovers 26 new alien planets in 11 solar systems
Christian Science Monitor
The findings nearly double the number of bona fide planets found outside our solar system by the Kepler space observatory. By SPACE.com Staff / January 27, 2012 This artist's concept shows an overhead view of the orbital position of the planets in ...

Christian Science Monitor

Core-focused social dev Kabam acquires Fearless Studios
by Frank Cifaldi [Social/Online, Business] Core-focused social game developer and publisher Kabam has acquired independent studio Fearless Studios, the company revealed Friday. Employees of Fearless, which was founded in 2010 by former Lucasarts ...


Pope praises value of short tweets
Houston Chronicle
VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI praised new communications technologies such as Twitter this week, saying that even "concise phrases, often no longer than a verse from the Bible," can convey "profound thoughts." Benedict did not explicitly refer to ...

Expose reveals Amazon review bribery
TG Daily
How far would some sellers go to get a lucrative five-star review on Amazon.com? Just ask VIP Deals, by all accounts a very tiny company - its return address is a post office box. It has no website of its own. Yet in one week it had nearly 5000 reviews ...

TG Daily

Online gambling in DC faces uncertain future
CBS News
(AP) WASHINGTON — The District of Columbia Council remains bitterly divided on how, or even if, the nation's capital should have the first government-run online gambling venture in the United States. Online gambling is already legal in the district, ...

Shelby Supercars dropping the "Shelby" from its name
Fox News
The company behind America's fastest car is getting a new name. Shelby Supercars of West Richland, Washington has agreed to drop “Shelby” from its name after reaching a settlement with 89 year-old automotive legend Carroll Shelby, ...

New Chevrolets Get Ecological Label
Chicago Tribune
Chevrolet says it will start putting new informational labels on its vehicles to help consumers understand the vehicle's ecological impact. But is it just a marketing gimmick? Starting in March with the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic, each new model will have a ...

Feature Phones Now More Profitable Than Mid-tier Smartphones
For many handset vendors, the world has turned upside down. Nokia's $40 feature phones are vastly more profitable than Sony Ericsson's $200 Android models. This is not how the smartphone revolution was supposed to turn out. The latest handset industry ...

Symantec warns against use of pcAnywhere in wake of code theft
Symantec has issued a warning to its customers to disable pcAnywhere remote access software after verifying that the source code was indeed stolen in a 2006 breach. A group of hackers identifying itself as the "Lords of Dharmaraja" have claimed credit ...

Google Music Manager now lets you download all your songs
You'd be right in assuming that downloading all your songs from a cloud locker service is a simple, standard feature. They're your songs, after all. But with Google Music, you could only use its desktop app to download songs purchased through Google ...

New Clues Into Moon's Magnetic Mystery Revealed
by Charles Q. Choi, SPACE.com Contributor The moon may have possessed a magnetic field for much longer than previously thought, one that was also much stronger than scientists had predicted, a new study finds. Earth's magnetic field is created by its ...

Mega Man And Pac-Man Are Sony Exclusives For Street Fighter X Tekken [VIDEO]
Martezward: Is it me or do they never announce your name. Like when ppg leader overlay Lorenzo Winfrey: Agreed, that really hurt the game this year. They did a massive code rewrit Street Fighter X Tekken's roster is already bursting with fan favorites ...

AT&T Sales Beat Estimates as IPhone Drives Subscriber Gains
San Francisco Chronicle
Jan. 26 (Bloomberg) -- AT&T Inc., the largest US phone company, reported fourth-quarter revenue that beat analysts' estimates as the latest iPhone version drove sales of the device to a record. Sales rose 3.6 percent to $32.5 billion, Dallas-based AT&T ...

Your iPhone Or Your Life: Man Shot After Refusing To Give Up iPhone
Police are seeking two suspects who allegedly shot a man who refused to give them his iPhone in the Bronx. The incident occurred last week, on January 18 around 6:30 pm when a 23-year-old man was walking on West 190th Street near Grand Avenue.


Smart phone technology takes leap to battlefield | Defense ...
By US Navy
A joint demonstration involving multiple defense agencies and several aerospace companies proved that smart phone technology can be used to improve battlefield.
DefenceTalk News and Videos

Inadequate Technology Adoption: What is it? How Do You Spot it?
By Craig Roth
In my posting How a Collaboration Technology Gets Adopted I described a storyline of how a collaboration technology goes from purchasing through adoption (and beyond to value). Thattechnology could be social networking, SharePoint, ...
Craig Roth

Deloitte 2012 Technology, Media And Telecommunications ...
By nestedloop
Deloitte 2012 Technology, Media and Telecommunications predictions infographics *nestedloop. Deloitte 2012 Technology, Media and Telecommunications predictions infographics. #45793 · The Illy CafĂ© has brought up the Illy Shop as the ...

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – hands-on | Technology | guardian.co.uk
By Keith Stuart
Keith Stuart: We sneak up on the latest title in the Ghost Recon strategic shooter series.
Technology: Games blog | guardian.co.uk

Valerie Tarico: Picture a Technology Revolution. In Contraception ...
By Valerie Tarico
Imagine a future in which we can simply toggle the default on human fertility, so that accidental pregnancy is a thing of the past and women become fertile only when they want to become pregnant.
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

Technologies Offered to us by the Military - Technology.am
By sealey
We have all heard stories about the army right from our childhood. All those tales are mostly on how the army has protected us all the way from international.

IPad down to 58% of tablet sales as Android catches up - latimes.com
By David Sarno
Despite gang-buster sales last quarter, the iPad has lost more than 10 percentage points of market share to rival Android tablets since the fourth quarter of 2010, according to a new report from research firm Strategy Analytics.
L.A. Times Tech Blog

Israel Matzav: Israel cuts Turkey off from UAV technology
By Carl in Jerusalem
Israel cuts Turkey off from UAV technology. It's about time! Israel has decided that it will no longer supply UAV technology to Turkey (Hat Tip: Joshua I). This comes from a Turkish military website and as you read this, you will feel some of the ...
Israel Matzav

Gary Russell Jr Benefits From New Technology - Bad Left Hook
By Waldo Rastel
New technology has made inroads in almost every sport. See the latest tech to influence the sport of boxing.
Bad Left Hook

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