30 January 2012

What Sony is doing about rise of smartphone cameras

What Sony is doing about rise of smartphone cameras
Washington Post
Eavesdrop on any conversation between a journalist and a camera manufacturer, and you're guaranteed to hear some variant of the question, "what are you doing about the rise of smartphone cameras?" At a recent Sony briefing in New York City, ...

New app turns smartphone into a hotel room TV remote control
By Barbara DeLollis, USA TODAY Starting today, travelers in about 500000 hotel rooms across the USA will have the ability to channel surf using their smartphones instead of an old-fashioned remote control. By Barbara DeLollis, USA TODAY LodgeNet, ...


Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Bank of America team to wipe out phishing
By Ellen Messmer Network World - Can industry heavyweights Google, PayPal, Microsoft and AOL -- along with 11 others in high-tech such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as the financial world's Bank of America and Fidelity Investments -- succeed in ...

Angry Birds Coming to Facebook on Valentine's Day
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Rovio is spreading some love on Valentine's Day this year. The game maker is bringing Angry Birds to Facebook on Feb. 14 from 6-9pm, though it did not specify a time zone. Rovio announced the news in a Facebook event and a trailer ...

Amazon "defined and dominated" low-end tablet market with 6 million Kindle Fires
Apple Insider
By Katie Marsal While Amazon isn't selling half as many Kindle Fires as iPads, Stifel Nicolaus said Monday that first quarter shipments of the new tablet rose to 6 million, placing the Fire's ramp-up on par with that of the original iPad while carving ...

36 million more Chinese iPhones in 2013
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt January 30, 2012: 7:39 AM ET Morgan Stanley has seen the future and it's a well-heeled Chinese man (or woman) with an iPhone. In a note to clients Sunday, Katy Huberty drew on Morgan Stanley's proprietary AlphaWise survey of ...

Megaupload Files: Deleted By Thursday?
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Two Web storage companies that hosted data for the now-defunct Megaupload could start deleting their files as early as Thursday, according to new court filings. On the same day that the Justice Department shut down Megaupload for ...

Ex-staffer: Apple assigns new workers to made up projects
By Hard Reg • Get more from this author Get a job at Apple and there's a very good chance the company won't tell you what product or project you're working on, says author Adam Lashinksy. According to one ex-employee, Apple may even make up products in ...

Tesla teases secret Model X electric crossover
Fox News
The truth is out there, and it's coming February 9th. California electric carmaker Tesla Motors has released the first image of its secret Model X battery-powered crossover. The partial silhouette offering a hint of what's in store when the car is ...

Fox News

NASA aims for early 2014 test of Lockheed Martin Orion spacecraft
Lockheed Martin has been hard at work on the Orion spacecraft for a long while. The Orion spacecraft is more like the capsules used in the Apollo era than the space shuttle that has been retired from service. The first big milestone for the Orion ...


Canadian teens send Legonaut into space (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
Two Canadian boys sent a Lego Man 80000 feet above the Earth and captured the voyage on video. By David Clark Scott, Staff / January 30, 2012 A Lego Man is launched into space Jan. 26, 2012. Two Toronto high school students launched a Lego man some ...

Christian Science Monitor

Motorola offers unlocked "Developer Edition" RAZR in Europe
Mobile Burn
Motorola has announced the release of an unlocked "Developer Edition" of its RAZR Android smartphone that will soon be available throughout Europe. This special version includes an unlocked bootloader, which will allow developers and hackers to easily ...

Mobile Burn

Tilera releases a 36-core chip as co-founder returns
By Lawrence Latif CHIP DESIGNER Tilera has started shipping its low-power 16-core and 36-core TILE-Gx processors. Tilera, which has previously claimed to have produced a 100-core processor, is now shipping its only slightly less impressive 16-core and ...

Final Fantasy XIII-2 review - 5/10 in Edge
In our Final Fantasy XIII-2 review we awarded the game 7.7, saying it falls short of recapturing "the highs of the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games" but that it succeeds in crafting a significantly better title than Final Fantasy XIII " by ...

Apple wrestles with its 'China problem'
Fox News
CUPERTINO, Calif. – Apple began last week by basking in record quarterly profits, but then ended the week in a public relations retreat after reports of exploited workers in factories in China assembling its hot-selling iPads and iPhones.

RIM's Plan B: Hope for iOS, Android security flaws
By Kevin C. Tofel Jan. 30, 2012, 7:41am PT No Comments “When the first big security flaw even happens in one of the large enterprises, you will see this turn around. Wait for the day this happens.” So says RIM's new CEO, Thorsten Heins, as both iOS and ...

Bring Out the Grimp: PixelJunk Eden Coming to Steam This Week
If you like you games part trippy and part hallucinogenic; you may already own PixelJunk Eden on PSN. This two player co-op title is now swinging its way from Sony over to Steam. The PC version will include the full PSN experience, ...


Former Palm boss exits HP
By Kate O'Flaherty FORMER Palm boss Jon Rubenstein has left his position at HP, the maker of expensive printer ink has confirmed. The news, reported by our sister IT news web site V3, comes less than two years after HP bought Palm, the former gadget ...

Kayak gives site a new look, isn't worried about Google competition
How big of a deal is a site redesign, really? For travel-booking heavy Kayak, it's everything. That's why it took the company six months, one $30000 eye-tracking device, and countless A/B tests to perfect its new website look, which is being unveiled...


Our Planet's Killer Electrons Shoot Toward Space, Not Earth
by Nola Taylor Redd, SPACE.com Contributor As the sun heads toward its 2013 maximum, the corresponding increase in space weather may temporarily strip the radiation belts around Earth of their charged electrons. But a new study of data recorded by 11 ...

Street Fighter X Tekken on PS3 and PS Vita to Include Pac-Man and Mega Man
Game Guru
By News Staff | Monday, January 30th, 2012 at 3:22:GMT+5 As weird as it may sound, Pac-Man will be seen showing off his fighting moves in the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken, alongside a weird-looking Mega Man.

Game Guru

General Motors unveils eco label for Chevrolet
Energy Efficiency News
All US carmaker General Motors' Chevrolet models will now be sold with an Ecologic TM environmental label, the company has announced. The label, which is audited by sustainability agency Two Tomorrows, will start by appearing on the 2012 Chevrolet ...

JMC Soundboard speaker combines art and technology | Ubergizmo
By Tyler Lee
Wood has typically been the material of choice when crafting speakers due to their inherent acoustic features, and the JMC Soundboard (pictured above), crafted by master guitar builder Jeanmichel Capt, seems to have managed to blur the ...

Jonathan Franzen Continues to Hate Technology - Technology ...
By Rebecca Greenfield
The technophobic author has now taken to hating on a technology that enables his career, e-readers.
The Atlantic Wire

Microsoft Moves Kinect Technology into Laptops (NASDAQ:MSFT ...
By info@wallstcheatsheet.com (Damien Hoffman)
Microsoft has built prototype laptops that support voice and gesture commands...
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

New Mexico Daily Lobo :: Technology kills society's empathy
By Jason Darensburg
Now that the holidays are over — along with the flowery talk about peace on Earth and goodwill toward men — it's important to remember the suffering in the world and how far the human race still has to go before we reach the ideals of ...
New Mexico Daily Lobo

Brave New Technology | FrontPage Magazine
By Arnold Ahlert
If two recent court decisions are any indication, technology and privacy are at increasing loggerheads with each other. Last Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SOTUS) ruled that attaching a Global Positioning System (GPS) ...
FrontPage Magazine

ASU technology team prepares for Shanghai | ASU News | The ...
By Michael Gordon
Lecturer Yinong Chen will be leading a group comprised of three ASU students to Shanghai, China for a technology competition.
ASU News | The State Press |...

Cloud Technology and the Technology Adoption Life Cycle: A Book ...
By Aaron Mandelbaum
Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey A. Moore, was not written about Cloud Technology. In fact, the book was originally published in 1991 when a reference to The Cloud most probably would have had people looking out their windows at the sky.
OpenLogic: The Enterprise Open...

AMD Radeon 7000 Leo Technology Demo Download
AMD Radeon 7000 Leo Technology Demo Download.
Guru3d Latest Headlines

The Science and Technology of Gaming Continues to Evolve » Blog ...
“This is the biggest story of my career,” said Wetzstein Bonello, a reporter for “The Globe”, a state wide newspaper with the best circulation rates, “I'm getting calls from gaming technology industry executives, investors, and general employees ...
The Science and Technology of...

PM Putin hopes global technology leaders will start producing in ...
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has leveled criticism at domestic transport and construction for lagging behind, and voiced hope global technology leaders will start producing technologies and products in Russia.
Voice of Russia, News

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