16 November 2014

Amazon Web Services, Tech Behind NASA and Netflix (video)

Amazon Web Services: The Tech Behind NASA and Netflix: Video - Bloomberg:
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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels explains how Amazon Web Services makes companies more competitive. He speaks with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

New York Times

Facebook Will Curtail Unpaid Ads by Brands
New York Times
Facebook has accumulated one of the biggest vaults of consumer data in the world. It dominates social media advertising the way Google dominates ...
Your Facebook News Feed is about to have fewer ads - CNET

New York Times

Apple Pay Gives Glimpse of Mainstream Appeal for Mobile Payments
New York Times
And even some of Apple's competitors, like Google and Softcard, say Apple has helped ...Apple Pay Rival MCX Open to Other Technology OCT.

TechCrunch (blog)

As Developers Depart, Google Glass Is Ready To Become This Era's Segway
TechCrunch (blog)
Admittedly, Facebook and OpenTable are among the larger developers ... thing for Googleto do now would be to release the underlying technology ...

Sci-Tech Today

Is Amazon Echo the next big thing?
It's not often that I'm intrigued with a new tech gadget, but Amazon's Echo, ... The gadget arrived on Amazon's website with no fanfare. ... Leslie Meredith has been writing about and reviewing personal technology for the past six ...


Amazon's Echo: A Play For The Smart Home, A Hot Holiday Gift, Or Another Money Losing Gadget?
All I could see was Amazon pitting itself, again, against big players in the electronic industry – like Apple, Google and Microsoft, who already have ...

Business Insider

Here's How To Figure Out Everything Google Knows About You
Business Insider
When you use Google, you are making a deal. You get to use Gmail and search and YouTube and Google Maps for free and in exchange, you agree ...

The Columbian

Why the Amazon–Hachette Deal Is Likely Good for Writers and Publishers
The New Yorker
The end of the months-long impasse between Amazon and Hachette over ... It is believed that Amazon, which has typically favored keeping e-book prices ... San Francisco and is a business and technology correspondent for the site.


Apple Loop: iPad Sales Crashing, Why Apple Is So Addictive, iPhone Demand High
Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week's Apple Loop covers lead times and demands for the new iPhones, projected ...

The desperate struggle at the heart of the brutal Apple supply chain | Technology | The Guardian: ".... Though it doesn’t actually own any factories, Apple pours gigantic amounts of money - about $12.5bn in the past four quarters - into “plant, property and equipment”, the majority equipping its suppliers to make its products. (It is spending about $3bn - nearly as much as chipmaker Intel, though far less than Samsung Electronics, which has factories making screens, hard drives, and memory chips as well as phones, tablets and computers. Apple can make or break a supplier -The reality is that Apple, as the most valuable company on Earth by market capitalisation, now has the power to make or break a company through its supplier relationships (unlike Jobs’s pique, which had minimal effect on ATI). Being known as a supplier to it has definite value, one company - which is listed in Apple’s top 200 list - told the Guardian: “The value lies in the fact that Apple is recognised as having a high-quality build spec, so a relationship reflects well on that supplier’s products,” an executive said...."

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