23 November 2014

Social Mobile Payments, Google, China, Project Loon, 1TB Free Chromebook Storage

Cash Is for Losers! Venmo Makes Mobile Payments Social: Video - Bloomberg:
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Bloomberg’s Felix Gillette examines the combination of mobile payments and social networking in the Venmo App as smartphone technology expands the move to a cashless society. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Bloomberg 11/21)

Google Looks to Get Back Into China - WSJ: "In recent months, Google representatives in Asia told makers of apps for its Android mobile-operating system that it hopes to unveil a new app store in China to help them distribute their apps and games more efficiently, according to two people briefed on its plans."

Chinese Developers Can Now Offer Paid Applications to Google Play Users in More Than 130 countries | Android Developers Blog"... If you develop Android apps in China and want to start distributing your apps to a global audience through Google Play, visit play.google.com/apps/publish and register as a developer. If you want to sell apps and in-app products, you'll need to also sign up for a Google Wallet merchant account, which is available on the “Revenue” page in the Google Play Developer Console. After you’ve uploaded your apps, you can set prices in the Developer Console and later receive reports on your revenue. You’ll receive your developer payouts via wire transfer. For more details, please visit our developer help center...."

Google Drive Blog: Getting in the holiday spirit: 1TB of Drive storage for new Chromebooks: The 1TB comes with the purchase of a new, eligible Chromebook for as little as $199. You’ll find them at these retail stores and online outlets or on Google Play. Just be sure to redeem the offer before January 1, 2015.

BBC News - 'Sophisticated' Android malware hits phones"NotCompatible is being spread via spam and websites seeded with booby-trapped downloads, he said and urged Android users to be wary of any app that required a security update to be installed before it was run."

Google's Project Loon can now launch up to 20 balloons per day, and they fly 10 times longer than in 2013 | VentureBeat | Business | by Emil Protalinski: "In terms of quality improvements, the balloons now last 10 times longer in the stratosphere than they did in 2013. Some fly for over 100 days (Google says the current record is 130 days)."

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