21 November 2014

Dice, App Could Rock the Concert-Ticketing Industry (video)

Dice Ticket App Founder Phil Hutcheon in Interview: Video - Bloomberg:
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Tired of having to print out tickets to get into a gig? Or having to re-type your payment information every time you want to buy? Fear not. A London-based company called Dice has streamlined the job and is working to put scalpers out of business with their app. Dice Founder Phil Hutcheon talks to Bloomberg's Angus Bennett about the company. (Source: Bloomberg 11/20)

Wall Street Journal

Google embraces open source with free Android game
Many people consider open source to be the future. It is hard to argue with this, as it allows software to be adapted to different environments. Most importantly, it allows users to view the code, and prevents malicious aspects, such as backdoors. In other words ...

International Business Times

Now you can play Destiny for free, at least for a little while
Digital Trends
Bungie has released a free trial/demo version of Destiny, so anyone who's on the fence can it a try before taking the plunge into the massively multiplayer shooter. Called a “Trial” for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and a “Demo” for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, ...


Dear Barbie, get it together. Love, female developers everywhere
Barbie is a smart woman. We know this because Mattel has repeatedly reminded us of her accomplishments (see: all of Barbie's careers, which span from sign language instructor to world peace ambassador). Why, then, does she suddenly require the help of ...


Facebook bus drivers vote to join Teamsters
Drivers for the social network's shuttle bus contractor say they seek better schedules and wages that allow them to live near their jobs....

The Guardian

Webcam hackers could be watching you, watchdog warns
The Guardian
The Information Commissioner's Office said footage was being collected from security cameras used by businesses and the public...

Washington Times

LA becomes stage for high-speed luxury cars


Firefox dumps Google for search, signs on with Yahoo
Google's 10-year run as Firefox's default search engine in the US is over. Yahoo wants more search traffic, and a deal with Mozilla will bring it...


Apple Relabels “Free” Download Buttons On iTunes And Mac App Store To “Get ...
Across the iTunes and Mac App Stores today, a minor but also notable change is taking place with regard to how Apple is marketing its iOS and Mac applications. Instead of free apps being labeled as “FREE,” the download button now reads “GET.

BBC News

Apple to push Beats to all iPhones according to FT
BBC News
Apple is planning to push its Beats music streaming service to every iPhone in the new year, according to a report in the Financial Times newspaper. Apple will include the Beats app in its latest update to the iOS operating system used on iPhones and iPads, ...

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