27 November 2014

Security Risks to Shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday (video)

Security Risks to Shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday: Video - Bloomberg:
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Shape Security Director of Product Security Michael Coates discusses the security risks of shopping during the holiday season. He speaks on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg 11/25)


No more lies, T-Mobile US: Download speed caps magically vanished on speed ...
T-Mobile USA has agreed to stop twiddling with subscribers' mobile broadband speeds to hide the fact they were being capped. The telco was caught switching off download and upload bandwidth limits when people visited internet speed test websites.

Game Informer

New Sony Ad Markets PlayStation With 'Sexy' Female Doctor
Huffington Post
Women may represent nearly half of the gaming market, but video game companies are still catering first and foremost to heterosexual men. A new ad reportedly published to Sony's European YouTube channel on Friday has drawn criticism for its depiction of ...


Samsung Electronics wins $3 billion Vietnam project license
The company logo is displayed at the Samsung news conference at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 7, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking. Stocks. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. 005930.KS. ₩1,197,000.00. -23,000.00-1.89%.


BlackBerry offers up to $550 to trade your iPhone for a BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry today announced a new trade-in program to woo Apple users over to its latest flagship device. In short, the company is offering iPhone owners up to $550 for their device, as long as they purchase a BlackBerry Passport. The BlackBerry Passport ...


Nexus 9 tablet is a serious contender to iPad's throne
Unlike in some other product categories, finding the best tablet is often less about having the fastest hardware than about the experience the software provides. It's the reason why Apple has kept churning out iPads that sometimes lose the spec sheet war, but ...

Yahoo Tech

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review: A 2-in-1 MacBook Air Killer?
Yahoo Tech
Laptop or tablet? Tablet or laptop? Which should you buy? That's the question a good number of people will likely be asking themselves this holiday season while they sit at their old computers or stand in the electronics aisles of the nearest big-box stores.

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