03 November 2014

Google Copresence, Cross-Platform Android Beam

Google's Copresence Looks Like A Contactless, Cross-Platform Version Of Android Beam: "A Copresence API for Chrome has also been spotted in developer documentation, Google has been granted a patent for Copresence functionality, and there have been reviews and issue reports for the API internally as recently as this month. Our tipster says the functionality is expected to hit in "the coming weeks," so while we don't know an exact time frame, it's clear Google is chugging away at this functionality."

TechCrunch (blog)

Google's Copresence Looks Like A Cross-Platform AirDrop
TechCrunch (blog)
Google has a new service in the works that could allow users of Android devices to share media with others nearby, even if those users ...

Hands on: Getting to know Google's new Nexus 6 | Computerworld: "The Nexus 6 is big, beautiful, and full of sweet Android Lollipop flavor. Here's an early hands-on look at Google's new flagship phone."


Why the new, nicer Apple?
... Apple CEO Tim Cook is driving Apple towards more open, more modern ... Not being the underdog, Apple can hardly offer an image of rebellion. .... Be nice like Microsoft! ... Many are creating wonderful technology toys.

The Guardian

Tim Cook: out, proud, Apple's new leader steps into the limelight
The Guardian
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach in this fileApple CEO Tim Cook speaks at a conference in California last ...


Apple pay rival says it's misunderstood
"They can't have Apple Pay or Google Wallet until their exclusivity expires." He wouldn't say how long the term lasts, but says "it's closer to months ...

The Guardian

Google and Facebook: voracious giants with the power to create the future
The Guardian
A Google driverless car on the streets of Washington. ... Yet with such a simple and lucrative core business, Facebook and Google ... It might sound dystopian, but Oculus is a powerful and compelling technology to try – and far more ...


Apple Update: iPhone 6 And iPad Lead-Times
I have also been monitoring Apple's new iPad Air 2 and mini 3 to try and ... I have added the information to a Google Doc that has information for the ...


Mostly White, Mostly Male Amazon Publishes Diversity Report
Huffington Post
E-commerce giant Amazon has revealed that the company is a lot like its tech ... On Friday, Amazon published a long-awaited report on diversity showing ... tech-industry diversity disclosures, including ones from Twitter and Apple, ... 

Indian Express

Google, Apple world's most 'in-demand' employers: LinkedIn
Economic Times
Besides Google, Apple and Unilever, other companies in the top 10 list include Microsoft(fourth), Facebook (fifth), Amazon (sixth), Procter ... showed that the top three sectors that dominated the list include technology, ... 

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