17 November 2014

SimPrints, Finger Scanner, Revolutionizing Health Care (video)

British chip designer ARM Holdings is best known for supplying processors to mobile giants like Apple. Now the company has thrown its weight behind a tiny Cambridge-based startup named SimPrints it claims is on the brink of revolutionizing the delivery of health care in the developing world. Bloomberg's Tom Mackenzie reports.(Source: Bloomberg 11/13)

NPR (blog)

Google's Android Lollipop Wants To Change The Way We Use Our Phones
NPR (blog)
Yearly system updates are a part of the modern smartphone experience, and like clockwork Apple and Google typically issue them every fall.

Financial Post

Fun Number: Apple Is Now Worth More Than The Entire Russian Stock Market
However, this isn't so much a story about how wonderfully Apple is doing (the ... The UStechnology giant's market capitalisation has overtaken the ...

TechCrunch (blog)

Why Did Google Decide To Split Inbox From Gmail?
TechCrunch (blog)
Editor's note: Marat Ryndin is a UX/visual designer, writer and app/tech/soccer/music junkie. He worked for Google and various startups and climbed ...


Amazon boosts its eReader lineup with fantastic Voyage
Though there's still a little competition between Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a couple of others, the recipe for a solid eReader is well-established: ...

The Daily Star

Technofile: My computer choked on Apple's Yosemite
The Post-Standard - syracuse.com
When I installed the new operating system, which Apple calls Yosemite, my ... Like that old version of Microsoft, you're pushing software out the door ...

New York Times

Google to Quadruple Computer Science Prize Winnings to $1 Million
New York Times
The move can be seen as another sign of the boom times in technology. ... For Google, being the deep-pocketed benefactor of the Turing Award is ...


After Three Weeks, Apple Pay Is Already Transforming How We Buy Things
For years, tech companies like Google and Softcard (formerly known as ... Now thatApple Pay has graced millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ...


Flubit wants to be the next Amazon... of Amazon
As the Christmas season picks up now that the previous commercial festivals of Halloween and Bonfire Night are behind us, 2014 is set to be another ...

The 12 Worst Apple Products Of All Time
Apple is known for the hit products it has released in the last decade: the iPod, the ...

Facebook reportedly wants to be your office's social network
A report from Financial Times today indicates that Facebook is working on a new service called “Facebook at Work” that aims to get a piece of the ...

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