04 November 2013

Microsoft Surface 2 review, It's not good

What Microsoft Gets Fundamentally Wrong About Making Tablets -- Read the full review at the link below (excerpt follows):

Surface 2 review: It needs apps, better software.: " . . . The Surface isn't good for gaming. It isn't good for entertainment. Maybe it's good for doing work, but personally, I don't need to do work on a tablet, and I'm not convinced the majority of people need to do work on a tablet. The Surface doesn't even have Candy Crush, which is the most popular game on the planet right now. It doesn't have Scrabble. Those are the two games I play most on an iPad. They're also the games my Mom and wife play. They're popular with a lot of people. . . ."

Google's Mystery Barges: Floating Showrooms?
TREASURE ISLAND -- The mystery isn't officially solved, but there are increasing signs that Google may use its far-out fleet of oceangoing barges as some kind ...

Here Is The City

Partial solar eclipse lights up East Coast on Sunday
If you got up early enough on Sunday, you might have been treated to a morning surprise in the sky. A partial solar eclipse — one of only two on Earth this year — was visible in the sky over much of the eastern USA early Sunday morning. The eclipse, seen for ...

Windows 8 uptake slows, ditch-XP movement decelerates
Computerworld - Windows 8's user share in October climbed past the 10% milestone for the first time since the launch of the radically-overhauled OS a year ago, an analytics company said Friday. The operating system's share of all computing devices running ...

Smith Cloud heading towards Milky Way 150 miles/second
Pentagon Post
The astronomers have discovered a magnetic field in the Smith Cloud that will plunge into the Milky Galaxy in less than 30 million years. According to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) report, a magnetic “force field” may shield the Smith ...

How social media killed iGoogle
Washington Post (blog)
Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Google killing off a service you liked. (Mark Lennihan/AP). Google's personalized landing service, iGoogle, died with very little fanfare Friday more than a year after its impending closure was ...

Tell-tail signs: How to read your dog's wag
I've got to admit I've never paid much attention to which way Ace's tail is wagging — mostly to the right, or mostly to the left. More often, it just seems to go back and forth, one side to the other, which is kind of the definition of wag. But researchers in Italy, who ...

An iPhone Air? Fuse Chicken Renders Apple's 'Future'
PC Magazine
Now that everyone's gotten their hands on an iPad Air, there's a bit of undisclosed time to kill before the official launch of Apple's second major tablet product for the month – an updated, Retina display-friendly iteration of its iPad Mini. Much of the Apple world ...

Twitch.tv streaming to be integrated into Minecraft
Minecraft, is a lot like American 'rapper' Macklemore, in that both are massively popular despite being, essentially, terrible. Minecraft is something that I as a gamer, a human being and a guy who owns lego and feels no compulsion to play computerized Lego ...

Google Axes Personalized Homepage 'iGoogle;' Long Live Google+
PC Magazine
Well, no, that's a bit of an invention, as Google's personalized home page ran for a good eight years or so before Google officially pulled the plug on the service ...

Washington Post

Google Takes Shot At Microsoft Ships Android 4.4 Kit Kat with ...
Hot Hardware
If Microsoft ever had a "killer app," it could be argued it's their omnipotent Office productivity suite. From college students to home users, small business and the ...

Hot Hardware

Apple IT Consulting Company, Forget Computers, the Developers of ...
The upcoming MacTech conference, hosted in Los Angeles , is the first major Apple event since the release of Apple's two operating systems, iOS 7 and OS X ...
Now we face a similar war between Apple and Google Inc. Google is following pretty much the same strategy Microsoft. It's pushing the ...


Even Google's cloud is no match for all-seeing NSA spooks
Concord Monitor
Every week seems to bring another revelation about the National Security Agency's global panopticon. And each disclosure makes it harder to extend the ...


Amazon's Delaware seasonal hiring push isn't a statewide trend
The News Journal
The release didn't say “Amazon,” but that's the big fulfillment center in Middletown, which ...Amazon reported that last year it hired 50,000 seasonal employees ...

Review: Apple's late-2013 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
Apple Insider
Apple's new late 2013 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display has a slightly thinner profile and reduced heft from last year's model, along with a smaller price ...

Apple Insider

Steve Wozniak Imagines Future Apple-Google Partnership ...
Brandon Russell
In a recent BBC interview, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he wishes Apple and Googlewould partner up to ... How about a potential Apple-Google partnership? ... Microsoft Awards $100,000 to Security Researcher for Windows 8.1 Bug ...

Is Apple's Smart Case For iPad Air Worth The Cash? -- AppAdvice
Joe White
In our latest hands-on video, we take a closer look at the Smart Case for iPad Air.
App Advice

Microsoft and Twitter Renew Agreement for Tweets on Bing ...
Brittany Vincent
Microsoft is renewing its partnership with Twitter that allows its Bing search engine to index ... If you can't beat Google, might as well try a different method, right?
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