17 November 2013

Giving Up on Microsoft Windows

"One of the biggest problems I have with Windows is the way that it inflicts change on the user for no logical reason. For me, Windows 8 was the peak of "change for the sake of change," removing the Start Menu and pushing the Desktop into the background. Yes, I understand why Microsoft needed the Start Screen (because the Start Menu would be too cumbersome for tablet users), and yes, I understand that Microsoft wanted to give apps center stage, but for hundreds of millions of users running Windows on a desktop or notebook PCs, these changes did nothing but hurt productivity" (source infra)

Why I've all but given up on Windows | ZDNet: "...My experience of Windows on tablets closely resembles that of my ZDNet colleague James Kendrick. Bottom line, they let me down too much to want to bother with them. Why would I trade a reliable iPad or Android tablet for an unreliable Windows 8.1 tablet? Why trade a tablet that just works for one that regularly sends me on quests, roaming the Internet looking for the right elixir to fix the system?..."(read more at the links above)

Google Play Music Gets an Official iPhone App at Last
Most third-party music and video apps don't allow in-app purchases, because Apple's 30 percent cut would take away all their profits, so Google is no different ...

The Verge

Microsoft May Encrypt All Server-To-Server Communications
Belz's disclosure came as officials from Facebook, Google, and Microsoft testified before the committee that at no point did they give the NSA direct or ...

Hot Hardware
Amazon premieres its first stab at the kind of homegrown TV that Netflix has made the star of its competing streaming-video service. Unlike its rival,Amazon ...

Irish Independent

Microsoft debuts 3D printing app for Windows 8.1
The simple, simplistic, free app from Microsoft provides a basic way to print common 3D objects, as well as to import other files from SkyDrive or elsewhere.

Digital Trends

Google Pushes for More Clean Energy in Land of the Data Centers
In North Carolina — home to data centers for Apple, Facebook, Googleand many more — Duke Energy is beginning to lend a hand. The old-school power ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Microsoft's Xbox One: 10 Reasons It's More Than Another Game ...
Almost a decade after introducing the Xbox 360, Microsoft on Nov. 22 will... The console, which Microsoft will release one week after the U.S. launch of Sony's ...

The Guardian

Apple, Samsung Whip Out Calculators in Patent Penalty Redux
Having been found liable for infringing five Apple patents in a landmark case, the question at issue now is

Latinos Post

Amazon Adds PostgreSQL, Big C3 servers
Amazon already offers Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft's SQL Server. But PostgreSQL adds an open source ANSI standard database system, something that ...

Per Microsoft's Brad Anderson, Amazon is Out of Touch with Reality
Windows IT Pro
Just hours after Amazon grabbed some significant Cloud marketing pie through its headlines over unveiling Cloud-based VDI, Microsoft's Brad Anderson took to ...

Windows IT Pro

Google Play Music for iOS launches, includes All Access ... - Gigaom
Kevin C. Tofel
Months after promising a native iOS app for its Google Play Music service, Google finally delivered the goods. The free app is available in the iTunes App Store ...

If you're in the UK, you, too, can now view Google's info cards within ...
Edgar Alvarez
It's been several months since Google introduced info cards to the Play Movies Android app, with the handy feature being limited to folks living.
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Amazon wants you to run Windows 7 on its cloud with WorkSpaces | ZDNet: "Amazon made the public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud a major force in business IT with its Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, the retail giant is betting that it can do the same with its new virtual desktop offering: Amazon WorkSpaces. . . . "

Acer offers cheapest Chromebook with Haswell for $199.99 | ZDNet: "...the Acer C720 Chromebook I came away impressed with what you could get for $249.99. The Haswell Celeron processor ran Chrome OS nicely and the 4GB of system RAM moved things right along. Acer is extending the C720 line with the newly announced C720-2848 for just $199.99.nThe new Chromebook is essentially the same as the C720 I reviewed, but with only 2GB of system RAM. The reduction in memory allows Acer to offer the C720-2848 for $50 less than the 4GB model...."

Apple: Stop the iOS-Mac merger | ZDNet: "The fiasco of the Mac iWork revamp continues, despite Apple's recent release of a punch list for missing features and bugs. Management hubris and lack of oversight appear to be the primary wrongdoings here. Still, some of the blame should go to Apple's attempt to merge Mac and iOS interfaces and workflows...."

Yahoo's dumb - but smart - way of judging employees - CBS News: "If you have managers who are thoughtfully evaluating their employees, you should see a natural "bell curve" appear. Some employees will be better than others, with most performing at similar levels. When this pattern doesn't emerge you need to ask why. "

Women's magazines ignore technology and demean women ...
Forget body image for a moment, women's magazines are perpetuating stereotypes about women and tech and it's dated, lazy and damaging.

Google Win in Copyright Suit May Bolster Web Dominance
“This is a huge victory for Google, which had previously tried to resolve legal issues regarding Google Books by class-action settlement,” Mark P. McKenna, a law professor specializing in intellectual property at the University of Notre Dame, said in ...

Amazon Bares Its Computers - NYTimes.com
In part, the talk was an acknowledgement that large competitors like Microsoft and Google are now gunning for A.W.S. With competitors, Amazon now has to engage in a customer outreach that fronts Amazon's technical prowess. Big public ...
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