08 November 2013

Google, Privacy, NSA

New York Times
LONDON — A French court ruled Wednesday that Google must remove from its Internet search results all images of a former Formula One car racing chief at an ...

Economic Times

Google Employees Lash out at NSA over Cable Tapping Reports
Voice of America
SAN FRANCISCO — A pair of Google Inc employees involved with the internet company's security systems have publicly lashed out at the National Security ...

Voice of America

Sam Biddle on Valleywag, shared by Max Read to Gawker
Just because large, important chunks of Silicon Valley will play ball with American spies, doesn't mean all the underlings are game. Two security engineers at ...

Microsoft adds real-time joint editing to Office Web Apps
Network World
However, Office Web Apps has given Microsoft an answer to Google Docs... it continues to develop a native, full-featured edition of the suite for theApple tablet.


Amazon's New Kindle Offer Rejected by Indie Bookstores
But it's hard to imagine that the long-term viability of independent bookstores is the first thing on Amazon's mind. More likely, Amazon is thinking aboutApple and ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Los Angeles Times
In a move to appease power users, Apple has issued a note promising that popular features ... 5 top new features to check out in the new Google iOS app.

Apple Insider

Google dumps Windows Vista support from Google Apps
PCWorld (blog)
Since Microsoft has declined to make IE10 available to Windows Vista users ... is to support Google Chrome, as well as Mozilla's Firefox, IE, andApple's Safari.


Google doodles physicist CV Raman's 125th birthday
New Delhi: Celebrating the 125th birthday of India's famous scientist CV Raman, Google posted a doodle on its Google India homepage. The doodle features ...

According to a Nomura analyst, Microsoft's comprehensive Android licensing agreements with smartphone companies earned it nearly $2bn this financial year.

Times of India

The outlines of the job offer a window into what Google faces if it agrees to the latest settlement offer from the European Commission in the long-running antitrust ...
NYT Bits

Google Maps Gets Earth Tours, Waze Traffic Incident Reports
Emil Protalinski
Google today announced another big update to the new version of Google Maps, improving the service via features like Earth Tours, step-by-step previews, an.
The Next Web

Google Makes Statement On Mystery Barge - Business Insider
Caroline Moss
Google has announced its plans for the mysterious barges floating in the San Francisco Bay ...Apple Is Shutting Down A Site That Helps People Buy Its Products ...
Business Insider

Doctors Faced With Rare or Difficult Cancers Can Just 'Google ...
Cameron Scott
Since DNA sequencing began in the 1990s, one of its greatest promises has been that doctors treating cancer could sequence a tumor's DNA, plug the results ...
Singularity Hub

Google Helpouts will bring telehealth to the masses - KevinMD.com
With Google providing reducing the friction to remotely connect with a provider, Google Helpouts may be the event that brings telehealth to the masses.

Freak space rock spins dusty trail
BBC News
The Hubble telescope has spotted an asteroid radiating six comet-like tails, making it resemble a "rotating lawn sprinkler". Other asteroids appear as tiny points of light to astronomers, who are puzzled by the outbursts of dust. Asteroid P/2013 P5 has been ...

Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Apps to Launch With PlayStation 4
PC Magazine
Sony on Thursday announced that 11 entertainment apps, including Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and Hulu Plus will be available on the PlayStation 4 when it launches on Nov. 15. The list of apps launching with Sony's next-generation console also includes ...

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 11 browser for Windows 7 personal computers
Washington Post
REDMOND, Wash. — Microsoft Corp. said Thursday that it has made its latest browser, Internet Explorer 11, available to users of Windows 7 machines. The new browser had already been part of the Windows 8.1 upgrade the company released last month.

Apple Stores will soon be able to repair your iPhone 5s, 5c
Los Angeles Times
Apple Stores across the nation are gearing up with training manuals, special machinery and replacement parts so that damaged iPhone 5s and 5c devices can be repaired, according to 9to5Mac....

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