29 November 2013

Amazon, Google, Scalability

"Another technique Google employs is to automate everything possible.... Ideally, an organization should get rid of its system administration altogether, and just build and innovate on existing services offered by others" (source infra)

Google, Amazon reveal their secrets of scalability

Internet giants such as Google and Amazon run IT operations that are far larger than most ... Google's biggest competitor is not Bing or Apple or Facebook. Rather, it is itself....(read more at link above)

Australian Techworld

Amazon, brick-and-mortar stores go head-to-head

San Jose Mercury News
NEW YORK -- This holiday shopping season, it's Amazon vs. everyone else. The online giant has attracted customers from big store chains like Wal-Mart and ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Microsoft blocks censorship of Skype in China: advocacy group

BEIJING (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. has made it harder to monitor calls and chats over ... In 2010, Google conducted a partial pull-out from China on the basis of ...


Microsoft Said to Lean to Mulally, Nadella in CEO Search

Microsoft is shifting strategy to focus more on hardware and Internet-based services and away from its


Apple's really cool rhetoric is ready for an overhaul

But it doesn't help that he -- and the rest of Apple's (AAPL) senior staff -- still talk as if they were no adjectives in the English language but the handful that Jobs ...


Google Changing Google Apps Sign-In for Users in 2014

Earlier in November, Google Apps announced that it will soon be will ending its support for Apps on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 browser as it transitions users ...


Apple's Pages, Going the Distance With Word

New York Times
My mother is not anti-Apple. She owns a Mac and an older iPad, but has always been perfectly satisfied with her trusty copy of Microsoft Word. “That's what ...

New York Times

Google brings Android 4.4 KitKat's 'OK Google' feature to Chrome ...

New Delhi: Introduced first with the Nexus 5, Google has now brought its 'OK Google' feature to its Chrome desktop browser. The 'OK Google' feature lets users ...


Google Play Store now highlights Chromecast-friendly Android apps

Jon Fingas
Google has lately taken to highlighting tablet-native Android apps; it only makes sense that the company would devote the same kind of love to Chromecast.
Engadget RSS Feed

Comet Ison grazes past Sun's surface
BBC News
Comet Ison has made its closest approach to the Sun, passing about 1.2 million km above the star's surface. Astronomers continue to examine the great ball of ice and dust, to see how it is coping with the encounter. If Ison survives the immense heat and tidal ...

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