19 November 2013

Google and Microsoft take action on child porn

Good move--albeit way overdue--

Google chief says company has introduced software to block child ...
Washington Post
LONDON — Google and Microsoft have introduced software that makes it harder for users to search for child abuse material online, the companies said in a joint ... (read more at link)

Belfast Telegraph

Google, Microsoft to block searches for child porn
Fox News
Writing in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, Eric Schmidt announced that Google and other Internet companies like Microsoft have been working with law enforcement to stop pedophiles from sharing illegal pictures on the Internet. 'We should do everything ...(read more at link above)

Google to warn users of 13,000 search terms associated with child pornography | PCWorld: "Google will display warnings above the search results for 13,000 terms it believes are associated with more explicit child sexual abuse terms, it announced Monday. Microsoft said it will take similar action on its Bing search engine, and on Yahoo searches powered by Bing. The two companies are acting at the request of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, although a Google spokesman said the changes will affect searches worldwide, not just in the U.K..." (read more at link)

Apple Loop: PrimeSense Means 3-D Cameras, Samsung's Patent ...
3-D! Apple may be close to spending $345 million to buy PrimeSense, an Israeli ... That body movement tracking technology was used in Microsoft's early Kinect ...

Microsoft, GE, and the futility of ranking employees
The "rank and yank" system that Jack Welch popularized results in workers being pitted against their peers to avoid being labeled as losers. That's not the kind of ...

The Columbian

Google takes flight to NSA
Boston Herald
HEY, YOU, GET OFF OF MY CLOUD: Google, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., above, says that NSA snooping into the company's data centers such as ...

Boston Herald

Google Transparency Report: India second in seeking user data
Google on Friday updated its annual transparency report which revealed that ... Microsoft's recent transparency report revealed that India made over 371 user ...


Google Helping Developers Target Education Apps at K-12 Teachers
Google has created a new section of its Google Play store where teachers can find innovative apps that can help them teach their students and ease their ...

Google Fosters South Korean Startups
Wall Street Journal
SEOUL—Until about nine months ago, Dave Cho woke up every morning to teach fifth-graders math, history and science at a school in the South Korean port ...

Wall Street Journal

Google Glass
The Seattle Times
Google Glass in the operating room: Privacy risk or boon to surgeons? A Harborview Medical Center trauma surgeon and others explore how the device could ...

The Seattle Times

Microsoft's browser-based dev toolbox: How 'Monaco' came to be
Summary: What's the former technical lead on Eclipse Java development tools been doing atMicrosoft for the past three years? Building a browser-based ...

Amazon in talks to lease more space, report says
The Seattle Times
Amazon.com is in final negotiations for big leases at two more Seattle office buildings, Blanchard Plaza and 5th & Bell, according to people familiar with the ...

Cult of Android
Wouldn't "Google Occasionally" or "Google Never" be more accurate? ... Google should advertise it more as a service like apple did with siri, that's the only fault.
Cult of Mac

How to Train Google Now to Give You Better Suggestions
Eric Ravenscraft
Google Now is awesome, but as customization nuts (like us) might expect, it's not exactly the best for tweaking--and the recent update makes it even less so....

Google's All Access Music app release for iOS | Digital Trends
Andy Boxall
The app is free and will connect you to the songs you stored on Google's own ... to go throughApple's iTunes system, which has no doubt put Google off the whole idea. ... and its late iOS app release even lags behind Microsoft's Xbox Music....
Digital Trends

Would you like a free 2013 Nexus 7 or a Google Play gift card?
Raveesh Bhalla
Google seems to be really intent on finding out what matters to you, or at least getting you to share that with the whole wide web....

Microsoft Must Get Ford's Mulally - Seeking Alpha
Don Dion
As the 2000s wore on, Microsoft began to see their pre-eminence challenge and the surpassed by new Apple (AAPL) products. Although Microsoft still held the ...
SeekingAlpha.com: Home Page

There's an active volcano deep beneath the Antarctic ice sheet
It's a song of fire and ice — an active volcano that's spewing magma at a depth of more than a half-mile beneath a massive sheet of ice. It's an unprecedented discovery that hints at the possibility for a huge eruption, but with completely unpredictable ...

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