29 February 2012

Anonymous Leaves Clues In Failed Vatican Attack

Anonymous Leaves Clues In Failed Vatican Attack
Researchers at RSA detail a rare glimpse into the specific strategies, tools, and tactics used by Anonymous to infiltrate or take down websites. By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek How do hacktivists launch attacks? A new report details an online ...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Highlights Metro Evolution
PC Magazine
By Michael J. Miller To enable "PCs without compromise," Microsoft today announced the shipment of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It demonstrated how the operating system has changed since the developer preview was officially released at the Build ...

Business Climate Improves In San Francisco With Tech Leading The ...
By Keith Mizuguchi
Business Climate Improves In San Francisco With Tech Leading The Way. February 28, 2012 5:37 PM. Share this. No comments. hi tech generic, laptop, technology. People work at laptop computers. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images) ...
CBS San Francisco

Forbes India Magazine - How to 'Upgrade' A Country's Technology
Sometimes a technology roadmap from the government helps. For instance, some years ago, President Shimon Peres [a technology enthusiast] decided to encourage nanotechnology by a one time $250 million fund to the universities, ...
Forbes India All Feed

LightSquared CEO Ahuja Resigns, Company Still Seeking FCC Approval
LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja has resigned, leaving founder Philip Falcone to search for new leadership, along with a solution to the 4G network's ills that can win it FCC approval. LightSquared CEO and executive vice president Sanjiv Ahuja has ...

Questions raised about possible clues to Jesus and His disciples
Fox News
A CGI-enhanced image of "Jonah and the Whale," an engraving that has led some Biblical scholars to conclude that a tomb in Jerusalem is the last resting place of the prophet Jonah.UNC Charlotte The unique four-line Greek inscription.

Game falls out with EA
Game Group's future looked uncertain after one of its most important suppliers, EA stopped distributing its leading games to the retailer. By Harry Wallop, Retail Editor Shares in Game, which has battled to keep its head above water in recent months, ...


Facebook Timeline Rolling Out to Business Pages
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo The Facebook Timeline has garnered mixed reactions from users thus far, with some worried over the change and others loving the new look. Now, users are about to start seeing the new design more often on the social network.

Demand for $35 Raspberry Pi PC overwhelms suppliers
DIY'ers looking for a bargain converged en masse yesterday with the launch of the Raspberry Pi, a compact Linux-based computer advertised for $35 -- except that its two retailers are already crippled by the onslaught of demand.

Analyst: New iPad likely to have 'significant' refresh
Washington Post
Now that Apple has sent out invitations to its upcoming media event, speculation about the next iPad is flying fast and furious. Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee said in an analyst note Wednesday that it's likely that the new iPad refresh will be “significant” ...

iPad Trade-ins on eBay Up 10 Times From Last Year
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Now that Apple has announced its March 7 iPad event in San Francisco, owners of older versions of the tablet are rushing to sell the device so they can make some cash to put toward the third-gen model. In fact, as the launch of the third ...

Europe to investigate new Google privacy policy
By Leila Abboud (Reuters) - France's data protection watchdog has cast doubt on the legality and fairness of Google's new privacy policy, which it said breached European laws. The CNIL regulator told Google in a letter dated February 27 it would lead a ...

Google: Technology is making science fiction a reality
Fox News
CEO of Google Eric Schmidt speaks during a conference at the Mobile World Congress, the world's largest mobile phone trade show, in Barcelona, Spain.AP Photo/Manu Fernandez Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt predicted Tuesday that rapid advances in ...

Google puts Android on parade--literally
by Stephen Shankland February 29, 2012 8:09 AM PST Follow @stshank Wowed by the breadth of Android's hardware partnerships? Or repulsed by its chaos? Either way, you can see the history of Google's mobile OS slide by at Mobile World Congress.

The Major Error In Bill O'Reilly's Gas Price Solution
Bill O'Reilly from Fox News has made a proposal to address gasoline prices by discouraging US oil companies from exporting their products. The critics of O'Reilly's proposal have generally focused on the idea of free markets (ie that “We shouldn't tell ...

Report: iOS Loophole Lets Apps Access Your Entire Photo Library
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Apple is under fire for yet another iOS security issue. The New York Times' Nick Bilton is reporting that a loophole in iOS allows third-party developers to access your entire photo and video library, as well as the location data ...

IBM takes giant step to faster, quantum computers
WASHINGTON — IBM researchers have taken a leap in computing by using quantum mechanics to harness the power of atoms and molecules, a move likely to lead to vast increases in speed and security of computers and other devices.


Nintendo Mario Kart replica won by GameStop customer
Nathanial Stehley is one lucky guy. All he had to do was pre-order the game Mario Kart 7 for 3DS to win a life-size racing kart themed after the long-running Mario franchise. And, get this, it actually works. The legality of actually taking it onto ...


Toshiba Excite tablet to launch March 6 for $530
Toshiba has announced that its Excite 10 LE tablet, formerly called the Excite X10, will be arriving in stores March 6, coincidentally just one day ahead of the iPad 3 event. Perhaps due to the extreme bulkiness of the Toshiba Thrive, the company has ...


Wireless Memory Card Maker Eye-Fi Raises $20M Series D, Led By NTT DOCOMO
Eye-Fi, the maker of those nifty, wireless memory cards that automatically sync digital camera photos to your devices, as well as to cloud services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube, is today announcing it has raised $20 million in Series D ...


Apple Urges China Court for 'Fair and Just' Ruling in IPad Case
San Francisco Chronicle
March 1 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. urged a court in southern China to deliver a "fair and just" ruling in its dispute with the local unit of Proview International Holdings Ltd. over ownership of the iPad trademark in the country.

Dolphin Browser's New Voice Commands Let You Talk Your Way Through The Web
Way back in the days of Android yore, the stock browser got the job done but did so with a minimum of flair. Now there's no shortage of first-rate mobile browsers out there, but mobile browser war mainstay Dolphin has just released a new update that ...

Iceman mummy may hold earliest evidence of Lyme disease
CBS News
Scientists have recreated the face of "Oetzi," who is believed to have been slightly over 5-foot 2-inches tall and around 46 years old. (South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology) The 5300-year-old ice mummy dubbed Oetzi, discovered in the Eastern Alps about ...

Gioachino Rossini, rock star of opera, gets a Google Doodle
Los Angeles Times
Gioachino Rossini, honoree -- along with leap year -- of a Google Doodle today, had a couple of things in common with Justin Bieber: early musical talent, recognized by his parents, and early adoration. True, Rossini was apparently no drummer, ...

Los Angeles Times

The Mounting Minuses at Google+
Wall Street Journal
By AMIR EFRATI To hear Google Inc. Chief Executive Larry Page tell it, Google+ has become a robust competitor in the social networking space, with 90 million users registering since its June launch. But those numbers mask what's really going on at ...

T. Rex's bite was the most powerful the world has ever known
Last year, we learned that Tyrannosaurus rex was up to 30% bigger than we once thought. Now, new evidence suggests we may have vastly underestimated its jaw strength, as well. Recent computer models predict that the back teeth on an adult T. rex were ...

Yahoo Warns Facebook of a Potential Patent Fight
New York Times
By MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesYahoo's retro-style billboard was taken down in December after 12 years of greeting visitors to San Francisco. As Yahoo struggles to keep up with younger competitors, the Web portal company is ...

New York Times

Extinct Giant Penguin Reconstructed by Scientists
ABC News (blog)
It has been a painstaking process taking over 35 years but scientists have finally pieced together various fossils to create the fully formed skeleton of a giant penguin, which last walked the Earth some 26 million years ago. The penguin, named Kairuku ...

ABC News (blog)

DIY project lets you fling Angry Birds using a USB slingshot
We can't say we are surprised someone has developed this little gadget. In fact we are surprised it hasn't been done sooner than now. Simon Ford, who happens to be the Director of Tools from ARM, has created a USD slingshot to use when playing Angry ...

Forget 2012, 2040 May Be Armageddon
CBS Local
Source: AP MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Many people believe December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world. But scientists are instead looking to the year 2040 as a potential “Armageddon.” The reason is that an asteroid, AG5, may come close enough to earth in ...

CBS Local

Google Will Offer $1 Million In Rewards For Hacking Chrome In Contest
Updated below to clarify that Google's Pwnium contest will take place separately from the Zero Day Initiative's Pwn2Own competition. For the last three years, Google's Chrome browser has left the world's premiere hacking competition unscathed, ...

What would a Playboy Club look like in space?
Houston Chronicle (blog)
But what would a Playboy Club in outer space look like? According to LiveScience, Playboy has teamed up with artist Thomas Tenery, Virgin Galactic and several scientists to paint a picture for the March issue of Playboy. Straight out of science fiction ...

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