15 February 2012

Apple Asks for Approval to Sue Bankrupt Kodak

Apple Asks for Approval to Sue Bankrupt Kodak Over Patents
By Joel Rosenblatt Feb. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. asked a bankruptcy judge for permission to sue Eastman Kodak Co. over allegations it's infringing patents that Apple says cover technologies used in printers, digital cameras and digital picture ...

Windows 8 will be more accessible to those with disabilities
by Lance Whitney February 15, 2012 7:47 AM PST Follow @lancewhit Microsoft is enhancing some of the accessibility features in Windows 8 to make the new OS easier for people with disabilities. Certain "assistive technologies" have long been a part of ...

Agencies Move to Kill LightSquared LTE Plans Over GPS Issue
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius LightSquared's controversial plan to launch a new LTE network was dealt another blow yesterday when the Commerce Department found that the company's technology interferes too greatly with existing GPS systems.

EMC and VMware team with Atos to create European cloud company Canopy
By Peter Sayer IDG News Service - EMC and VMware are teaming with French IT services company Atos to create a European cloud infrastructure provider, Canopy, the companies announced Wednesday. Inspired by the success of consumer online app stores, ...

HP Z1 Redesigns the Workstation
PC Magazine
By Brian Westover Hewlett-Packard has released a new workstation desktop PC, but we'll forgive you if you do a double-take—the HP Z1 is the world's first desktop all-in-one workstation. Despite packing a giant Intel Xeon processor and an Nvidia Quadro ...

Leaked: a plan to teach climate change skepticism in schools
Internal documents have been leaked from the Heartland Institute, a Chicago nonprofit think tank, showing its funding of leading skeptics of global warming and a plan to teach climate change skepticism in schools. An anonymous person leaked the ...

Apple became world's largest smartphone seller in 2011 with 19% share
Apple Insider
By Neil Hughes Apple was not only the largest seller of smartphones worldwide in 2011, taking 19 percent of all sales, but also overtook LG to become the No. 3 largest global mobile phone vendor, according to Gartner. The new data comes from Gartner's ...

Crypto shocker: four of every 1000 public keys provide no security
Ars Technica
By Dan Goodin | Published February 15, 2012 6:00 AM Keys that share one prime factor are vulnerable to cracking by anyone. Keys that share both prime factors can be broken by the other holder. An astonishing four out of every 1000 public keys ...

Google Public DNS Handles 70B Requests Daily
Google's Public DNS, launched in December 2009, now churns through 70 billion requests a day. It's big overseas, the company said. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) said Feb. 14 that its Public Domain Name System (DNS) now processes over 70 billion requests each ...

Google tightens its Wallet after PIN reset goof
By Bill Ray • Get more from this author Google has started provisioning electronic wallets again having fixed the more trivial security flaw in its product - though determined hackers will still get in. Google suspended the supply of Wallets after it ...

Prince of Persia creator returns to games with remake of Karateka
After a stint in film, Jordan Mechner, a legendary game developer who created The Prince of Persia blockbuster video game series, is coming back into video games to remake his 1980s hit Karateka. Mechner's Prince of Persia game series has sold more ...

LG X3 Packs 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Tegra 3, 4.7-inch Screen
LG Electronics Inc. (KS:066570) has certainly struggled during the smartphone era, which has led to some high-profile executive attrition. But things finally appear to be looking up. The company's smartphone division became profitable in 2011 for the ...


SanDisk Buys Caching-Software Maker FlashSoft
Wall Street Journal
SanDisk Corp. (SNDK) acquired caching-software maker FlashSoft to expand its line of enterprise solid-state-disk drive systems. The data-storage maker said FlashSoft will be neutral to its 2012 earnings and should add to results in 2013.

Tiny chameleons found on island off Madagascar
Christian Science Monitor
A chameleon that could rest on the head of a match has been discovered by scientists on a island off Madagascar. The scientists also announced the discovery of three more species of tiny chameleons. By Andrea Mustain, OurAmazingPlanet / February 15, ...

Cook: Apple 'Deliberate' With Cash, Will Not Waste Those Billions
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Apple is not exactly hurting for cash; Cupertino revealed last month that it's sitting on approximately $97.6 billion. But rather than burning those funds on acquisitions, half-baked technology, or iPads for all, Apple chief Tim ...

Words With Friends, I'm Breaking Up With You. Here's Why.
Years ago, when I was in college, I played a game of tennis with a friend from home whose name also happened to be Jeff. Jeff had grown up taking tennis lessons and hit the ball more or less like you're supposed to. I was largely self-taught and played ...

Ex-Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz Connects Caregivers With New Site
Two years after Sun Microsystems Inc.'s sale to Oracle Corp. (ORCL) ended his run as one of Silicon Valley's most prominent chief executive officers, Jonathan Schwartz is resurfacing on a smaller stage. Schwartz announced today the debut of CareZone, ...

Like a Roomba for outer space! Swiss scientists launch “janitor satellite” to ...
New York Daily News
By AP The Swiss Space Center launched the "CleanSpace One", a project to develop and build the first installment of a family of satellites specially designed to clean up space debris. GENEVA — The tidy Swiss want to clean up space.

New York Daily News

Consumer Watchdog Calls for Google CEO Page to Testify About New Privacy Policy
Sacramento Bee
By Consumer Watchdog WASHINGTON, Feb. 15, 2012 -- /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Consumer Watchdog has asked the House Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee Committee to hold hearings on Google's new privacy and data policy and to call Google CEO ...

'Darksiders II' launching June 26
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Darksiders II, the fantasy action game based on the exploits of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse, will debut on June 26 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The release date was originally revealed in a tweet posted to the ...


Interest in sharing site Pinterest grows
Users may find that like the early days of Facebook that they spend hours looking at people's pins. (Courtesy of Pinterest) "Pinterest.. addictive.. the end." That's how Stacie Montgomery describes the social media site on her Facebook page as she ...


Twitter uploads contact list data without consent; retains for 18 months
ZDNet (blog)
By Zack Whittaker | February 15, 2012, 4:59am PST Summary: Twitter admitted that it stores your contact list data for 18 months, which comes only days after Path received heavy criticism for uploading contact data without users' consent.

Report: Apple slashes iAd pricing again, boosts developer revenue cut
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is once again slashing the minimum amount marketers must spend to roll out campaigns across its iAd mobile advertising network, AdAge reports. Advertisers must now commit $100000 to launch an iAd campaign, down from the previous ...

Scalado's Remove technology takes distractions out of photos ...
Mobile imaging company Scalado has created a multi-shot technology that identifies differences to allow unwanted objects to be removed. The 'Remove' technology, currently being shown-off in the form of an Android app, is the first object ...
News: Digital Photography Review...

Unbelievable New Camera Technology Erases People in the ...
By Casey Chan
We've all been there. You're setting up a shot that perfectly frames your friend against the background but as you snap your picture the people in the background start moving around and mess it all up. The picture is ruined, your friend looks ...

New Mobile Voter Registration Technology Could Bridge Online ...
By Nick Judd
"They sent us a demo video of this technology, told us how it worked and asked us for confirmation that these types of voter identification would be accepted in Nevada," Gilles said. "Our response was there's no legal basis in Nevada to reject ...

What Does Technology Look Like in an Age of Abundance ...
By Dominic Basulto
The breakthroughs in science and technology predicted a generation ago – from genetics to artificial intelligence to space exploration – have not occurred, or have occurred at a much slower pace than even skeptics predicted. While Silicon ...
Big Think

FCC mandates changes to communication technology | TriCities.com
The FCC is mandating changes to communication technology within public service departments.
www2.tricities.com - Local

New Field Communication technology lets you shop at a single tap ...
By Jennifer Riggins
BARCELONA — In an effort to prevent Brain Drain, the Spanish government is funding technologystart-ups, including BCNTouch, which uses Near Fie.
Global Observer | SmartPlanet

Roosevelt Island Science and Technology Center / Counter ...
By Karen Cilento
In late 2011, Mayor Bloomberg announced a joint venture between Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology for a Science and Technology.

Expat technology: Google domination – Expat - My Telegraph
By chrismarshall
Expat technology: Google domination. By chrismarshall. Google appear to be continuing their relentless drive to world domination, announcing that the Google Drive Cloud Storage, their equivalent of Dropbox and iCloud, will be released in ...

Grand Strand investigators use technology, social media to bust ...
MYRTLE BEACH - Valentine's Day conjures up scenes of romantic dinners, flowers and love letters. While plenty of restaurants are booked with reservations, there is the other side of romance that nobody likes to talk about: cheating spouses.
www2.scnow.com - News

UN delegate: Technology transfer is not about the rich giving to poor ...
By John Parnell
Breakdown of rich-poor divide evident says member of UN's climate tech transfer committee.

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