02 February 2012

Facebook IPO: What the filing reveals about the company's data centers

Facebook IPO: What the filing reveals about the company's data centers
Washington Post
To a run a site as massive as Facebook inherently requires a massive infrastructure of data centers. The Web site's IPO filing on Wednesday sheds some light on just how much it costs to maintain and construct such facilities. According to the document, ...

Google Docs for Android Gets Offline Access
By Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News Google Docs users can now get offline access to documents on their Android-based smartphones and tablets, Googlesaid in a blog post on Wednesday. The upgraded app makes offline access possible for Google documents, ...

How Much Are Facebook Execs Making? (Hint: More Than You)
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius It's probably safe to assume that Mark Zuckerberg has a bit more cash on hand than the average person, but until today, we weren't exactly sure how much the Facebook CEO, and other company execs, were taking home each year.

Foodspotting 3.0 - New Food Discovery Experience
PC Magazine
By BrothaTech I'm not really a foodie, but others swear by the title. I am a smartphone fan, so I feel it's my duty to let all you mobile foodies know that Foodspotting, the premier app for discovering new cuisine, has released version 3.0 that claims ...

Google fires back at "dishonest" Microsoft ad
If you read the story yesterday about Microsoft trying to take advantage of Google's woes centering on its new change in privacy policies and had mental images of pots and kettles; you aren't alone. Microsoft is trying to woo consumers that use Google ...


Facebook IPO filing addresses mobile, e-commerce, salaries
by Cameron Scott, IDG News Service Facebook's application Wednesday to sell shares on the open market includes hints about its plans for mobile use and online payments, and reveals previously guarded information about how much its executives get paid.

Newfound Alien Planet is Best Candidate Yet to Support Life, Scientists Say
by Denise Chow, SPACE.com Staff Writer A potentially habitable alien planet — one that scientists say is the best candidate yet to harbor water, and possibly even life, on its surface — has been found around a nearby star. The planet is located in the ...

Far side of the moon filmed by Nasa spacecraft
Rare and spectacular video footage of the far side of the Moon has been captured by a Nasa spacecraft. By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent One whole face of the Moon can never be seen from Earth because it constantly faces away from our planet.

SpaceX Successfully Test Fires Its SuperDraco Rocket Engine
SpaceX has successfully tested its SuperDraco engines, a crucial component in developing its reusable spacecraft. (Image Credit: SpaceX) Ever since SpaceX and NASA announced that the company is delaying its Dragon spacecraft's historic docking with the ...


Rumors Claim Strange Apple Event in February
The Mac Observer
As if rumors of pending iPad and iPhone refreshes aren't enough, a new rumor claims that Apple is planning a media event for early February. Instead of calling the even “special,” however, this event is being called “strange.

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.7.3
By Lawrence Latif FRUIT THEMED TOY MAKER Apple has released its third point release update for Mac OS X 10.7, bringing numerous security fixes. Apple's Mac OS X 10.7.3 update was released for both client and server versions of the operating system with ...

Spider Web's Strength Is in the Silk and the Design
Kansas City infoZine
While researchers have long known of the incredible strength of spider silk, the robust nature of the tiny filaments cannot alone explain how webs survive multiple tears and winds that exceed hurricane strength. Washington, DC - infoZine - Now, ...

Caldera Eruption “Early Warning System”? Not so Fast.
Wired News (blog)
By Erik Klemetti A view across the Santorini caldera. The newest eruptions in the caldera can be seen on the right on Nea Kameni. Now, I'm not going to pick apart this paper by Timothy Druitt and others as such – the study, called “Decadal to monthly ...

Are jellyfish hijacking the world's oceans?
The State Column
Are jellyfish hijacking the world's oceans? Scientists have been asking themselves this question for quite some time. However, a report published in the journal BioScience recently answered this question and the answer is probably not.

Pentax Ricoh Imaging Expands Mirrorless Lineup With K-01
PC Magazine
By Jim Fisher Pentax Ricoh Imaging has announced its second mirrorless Pentax-branded camera, the K-01. Unlike the company's previous entry into the category, the small-sensor Pentax Q, the K-01 features an APS-C image sensor, the same size found in ...

Best and worst things to buy in February
CBS News
It's a leap year, meaning February affords shoppers an extra day to find the best deals on a host of goods. Throw in Presidents' Day sales and post-Valentine's Day bargains, and consumers should be able to find deep discounts on all sorts of items, ...

Facebook Builds Washington Presence With PAC
Enlarge image Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg David Paul Morris/Bloomberg In this file photo Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., speaks at a press event at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, ...

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) New iPod Nano To Have Camera?
It has been reported that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)'s new iPod Nano will come with a built-in camera. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) New iPod Nano To Have Camera? According to a report, the US based technology giant Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is planning to ...


iPad 3 photos show quad-core processor, Wi-Fi and global LTE options
A source claiming to be in possession of an iPad 3 prototype provided BGR with images containing details about Apple's highly anticipated third-generation tablet. From the data in the photos, which contain the output from an iPad 3 using a development ...

Apple iOS bug may expose your iMessage texts, pictures and video
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Suppose you're having problems with your iPhone – say, you get that occasional message that no SIM card is installed. A friend, trying to help you out, swaps the SIM from her iPhone into yours to see if it works – a common diagnostic tactic.

Houston Chronicle (blog)

Vizio's 58-inch 21:9 CinemaWide TV coming in March for $3499
The Verge
By Jeff Blagdon on February 1, 2012 10:49 pm 2Comments Although Vizio announced its new 58-inch CinemaWide HDTV at CES last month it held back on pricing and a few key specs. The company filled in the rest of the blanks today, letting us know that the ...

Harley-Davidson plans 110th anniversary party for Milwaukee
Today's TMJ4
By Jay Sorgi MILWAUKEE - Organizers with Harley-Davidson are planning another huge anniversary party for the City of Milwaukee next year. Harley is putting together its 110th anniversary celebration for Labor Day weekend in Milwaukee.

FCC Pushes E-Textbooks on US Schools Facing Budget Crunch
By Eric Engleman Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) -- A Federal Communications Commission effort to bring digital textbooks to US students faces resistance from schools with limited budgets for buying devices such as Apple Inc.'s iPad tablet computer.

US set to be hit hardest by tropical cyclones
TG Daily
Tropical cyclones will cause $109 billion in damages by the end of the century, according to Yale and MIT researchers, because of economic growth as well as climate change. Global tropical damage is expected to double to $56 billion per year, ...

TG Daily

Skyrim 1.4 Update Live On Steam
The update, detailed last month, also includes support for Steam Workshop so when the Creation Kit goes live it can be used instantly. Bethesda have also said that the patch has been submitted to console manufacturers this week and so should be in the ...

European Premier Technology Research Group Focuses Upon ...
mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) said today, that based upon a scientific review of mPhase's patents, it has received a formal invitation to present its scientific advances in microfluidics at the nanoscale level to a scientific research ...
Nanotechnology Now Recent News

Prison Planet.com » Microsoft buys eugenics technology from Merck
By admin
This gene-targeting vaccine research technology purchased by Microsoft was developed by the company known as Rosetta Biosciences, formerly owned by Merck. Their software is described as a way to “figure out how genes interact with ...
Prison Planet.com

New technology helps make learning fun | WLFI - Lafayette, Indiana
By Elisabeth Rentschler
Many Tippecanoe School Corporation students traded in their pencils for electronic markers.
News | WLFI TV

Cameras vs fists: Can technology save Palestinians from beatings ...
The Israeli government has vowed to end systematic attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, but has done little to curb the violence. Now an Israeli human rights group is using technology to tackle the ...
News RSS : Today

Technology is 90% Psychology | NTEN
By Holly
Flickr photo: Dom de OliveiraIf you've ever implemented a technology project at a nonprofit, you know it's true: technology is 90% psychology. Success rarely hinges on the hardware and the software;technology hinges on the humans ...

My View: Technology and engineering, the forgotten part of STEM ...
By Donna Krache, Exec. Producer
by Matt Walton, Special to CNN Editor's note: Matt Walton a technology and engineering education teacher at Glen Allen High School in Henrico County, Virginia.
Schools of Thought

Six interesting technology law issues raised in the Facebook IPO ...
By Evan Brown (@internetcases)
A number of these risks are examples of technology law issues that almost any internet company would face, particularly companies whose product is the users. (1) Advertising regulation. In providing detail about the nature of this risk, ...
Internet Cases

ExxonMobil licenses oil sands steam injection technology to Baker ...
By Mike Millikin
The ExxonMobil-patented technology provides more effective regulation and distribution of steam in long horizontal wells for in-situ oil sands production. The technology reduces the number of wells needed, lowers operating costs by reducing ...
Green Car Congress

Technology Terminology: What's in a Name? | SmartData Collective
By Dave Menninger
When it comes to technology, debates about whether a particular name suits its category are rampant. Here is a link to one such argument about the term “big data” from Curt Monash, an analyst whom I respect a great deal.
SmartData Collective - The world's...
Cork Institute of Technology: Two New Graduate Conversion ...
By Tom Murphy
Responding to the shifting technological and business landscape, the Cork Institute of Technology(CIT) has launched two new graduate conversion programmes which are for graduates from non-computing disciplines to gain an academic ...
New Tech Post

FIFA To Make 'Definitive' Goal-Line Technology Decision on July 2 ...
By Nick Ironside
The Independent is reporting that on July 2, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) will make a "definitive decision" on the heavily debated topic of goal-line technology. In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Frank Lampard's shot ...
NESN.com - Sports News - Red...

Jake Reilly's 'Amish Project:' 90 Days Without a Cell Phone, Email ...
It kind of evolved from being about technology to more of just living in the moment . I think that's what my biggest thing is: There's not so much chasing for me now ...

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