03 February 2012

Android Smartphone Share Tops 47% in US

Android Smartphone Share Tops 47% in US: comScore
Google's Android OS finished 2011 with 47.3 percent US smartphone market share, according to comScore. No. 2 Apple iOS garnered 29.6 percent share, thanks to the iPhone 4S. Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android smartphone market share topped 47.3 percent, ...

RIM cuts BlackBerry PlayBook prices again--but should you buy in?
by Rick Broida February 3, 2012 7:48 AM PST Follow @cheapskateblog The 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook is once again on sale for $199. Good deal or no deal? Last summer, when HP discontinued the WebOS-powered TouchPad and fire-sold its remaining inventory, ...

Spectacular High-Res Image of Earth: The Other Side
Wired News
By Wired UK By Mark Brown, Wired UK Last week, NASA released its 2012 version of the famous “Blue Marble” image. By using a planet-pointing satellite, Suomi NPP, the space agency created an extremely high resolution photograph of our watery world.

Wired News

Most Facebook users get more from it than they put in, study says
Los Angeles Times
The Pew Research Internet Project released a report about Facebook on Friday, providing insights into the company that you won't find in its IPO filing. Rather than focusing on the company's financials, the report "Why Most Facebook Users Get More Than ...

States have $ signs in their eyes over Facebook IPO
By msnbc.com staff Among the myriad investors out there salivating over the prospect of a Facebook initial public offering (and the slews of millionaires it will create), there's one group you may not have thought of: the people who manage states' ...

AMD Expects PC Processor Market to Expand About 5% This Year
Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Intel Corp.'s main rival in personal-computer chips, expects the market for processors to grow about 5 percent this year. In the first half of the year, the PC market will experience “headwinds” from ...

California Congressman proposes $1 billion prize for 100 mpg car
Fox News
What you pay for a car that gets 100 mpg? $20000? $50000? How about $1000000000? Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif., has introduced a bill in Congress offering a billion-dollar prize to the first automaker that builds and sells 60000 mid-size cars capable of ...

Fox News

iPhone patent wars: What's going on in Germany?
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt February 3, 2012: 10:56 AM ET First it removed the iPhone 4 and 3GS from its German online store -- the first time, as far as we know, that the company has been forced to stop selling a product because of alleged patent ...

Graffiti artist David Choe set for Facebook windfall
BBC News
A US graffiti artist who painted Facebook's offices is set to become a multi-millionaire when the social network begins trading as a public company. David Choe, who first spray-painted the walls of Facebook HQ in 2005, accepted shares in payment for ...

BBC News

Hurricane lets scientists watch evolution in action
TG Daily
Biologists who released lizards on several uninhabited islands in the Bahamas have been able to observe an evolutionary effect in action. Jason Kolbe, a biologist at the University of Rhode Island and his team have found that the lizards' genetic and ...

TG Daily

Record-Setting Female Astronaut Shannon Lucid Leaving NASA
NASA astronaut Shannon Lucid, the only American woman to live aboard the Russian Mir space station, and a member of NASA's first astronaut class to include women, has retired after a long and outstanding career at the agency. Lucid's time at NASA spans ...

Can Facebook and China be friends?
Christian Science Monitor
China, the world's biggest Internet market, is a huge draw for Facebook as it prepares to go public, but Beijing is deeply suspicious of social networks that lie beyond the control of the ruling Communist Party. By Peter Ford, Staff writer / February 3 ...

Christian Science Monitor

Jawbone To Come Out With New, Larger JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker Called... BIG JAMBOX
Android Police
Jawbone's popular JAMBOX Bluetooth speaker is going to be getting a younger, but much larger sibling dubbed simply BIG JAMBOX soon. This information comes from a recent FCC filing (via WirelessGoodness) which doesn't seem to reveal much of anything ...

Sandia Labs engineers create 'self-guided' bullet By The Associated Press ...
Laramie Boomerang
Figuring out how to pack a processor and other electronics into a machine gun bullet has been a challenge for engineers at Sandia National Laboratories, so weapons experts say the miniature guidance system the lab has developed is a breakthrough.

Bad Apple: iTunes Match censors your music collection. Why?
Computerworld (blog)
By Jonny Evans Sometimes I worry about iTunes. Specifically, I'm concerned that Apple [AAPL] and its iTunes team are making lousy decisions when it comes to censorship. I can't recollect any point at which I asked the technology firm to decide what I ...

Android Market employs a bouncer to keep malware out
By Ryan Kim Feb. 2, 2012, 2:38pm PT No Comments Google is trying to addressing growing concerns about malware in Android Market with the formal unveiling of a scanning service called Bouncer that will attempt to weed out bad apps in its marketplace.

Iran reports launch of small satellite into orbit
Fox News
TEHRAN, Iran – Iran successfully launched a new small satellite into orbit early Friday, state media reported, the latest in the country's ambitious space program that has raised concerns because if its possible military applications.

Skype 5.8 For Windows Brings Facebook Video Calling
PCWorld (blog)
By Daniel Ionescu, PCWorld Feb 3, 2012 6:55 AM Skype's newest software for Windows allows you to make video calls to all your friends on Facebook, even if they aren't Skype users. Version 5.8 also brings full HD video calling (with compatible webcams), ...

Tim Cook stresses Apple's charitable contributions in all-hands meeting
The Verge
By Nilay Patel on February 2, 2012 12:19 pm 2Comments Apple CEO Tim Cook held an town hall meeting last week to celebrate Apple's record quarter, and and in addition to giving employees deep discounts on Apple products, we're now hearing that he spent ...

Huffington Post to launch live online TV channel
The Guardian
It is the internet blogs empire that made its exuberant founder a millionaire. Now the Huffington Post is making its first move into TV, with a live online video channel described as a "never-ending talkshow". Arianna Huffington has announced that the ...

The Guardian

Super Bowl Advertising: See Chevy's Super Bowl Dig at Ford
In a 60-second apocalyptic-themed Super Bowl spot that will air during the game's first quarter, GM's Chevrolet brand manages to get in a dig at cross-town rival Ford. The scene opens in a dust-and-rubble-strewn city and pans to a newspaper front page ...

Startup opportunities abound in wake of Facebook IPO
by Marguerite Reardon February 2, 2012 1:58 PM PST Follow @maggie_reardon Facebook may dominate the social media landscape today with 845 million users. But experts say that instead of consolidating around the market leader, the social media landscape ...

Butterfly Flight Videos May Lead To 'Micro Aerial Vehicle' Military Drones
Huffington Post
Butterfly research may aid development of tiny drones. Pictured is an insect-inspired flapping-wing micro air vehicle under development at Harvard University. What could match the agility and grace of a butterfly? How about a butterfly robot?

VW Beetle diesel: Chicago show debut, August showroom launch
By James R. Healey, USA TODAY Volkswagen, already the diesel champ in the US, is adding a diesel variant of the Beetle in August. First showing of the 2013 model is at the Chicago auto show next week, though the TDI (VW's term for diesel) Beetle looks...


Daniel Burrus: Technology-Driven Trends for 2012
By Daniel Burrus
Now that 2012 is well underway, be ready for the following 20 technology-driven trends to continue to create both disruption and opportunity in the business world. It's the only way you'll gain competitive advantage in the coming years.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Mitsubishi develops ultra-high-speed elevator technology
Mitsubishi has developed new technologies that enable the construction of ultra-high-speed elevators able to travel at speeds of over 60 km/h (37 ...
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

Thought-controlled Technology for Wounded Warriors
By kbmiller
I'm living off base, I'm driving, [and] I'm living with my [infant] son. I'm able to hold him without any open wounds, infections,” said Tech Sgt. Joe Delauriers. “Any input I can...
Navy Live

The 2012 Election as Technology Showcase | Endless Innovation ...
By Dominic Basulto
The Obama White House, as measured by its willingness to embrace new technology platforms on a rolling basis, is perhaps the most innovative in history. This week's Google+ Hangout with the President – essentially an FDR fireside chat ...
Big Think

New Technology Takes Down Child Porn Users « CBS Miami
By jlunruh
Fighting child pornography is a priority in South Florida. Now state and local investigators have a new weapon in the fight against the illegal images.
CBS Miami

Apple looks into social fitness technology | Ubergizmo
By Edwin Kee
Apple's iPod shuffle and iPod nano has certainly changed the way we worked out at the gym, simply because carrying music while we sweat it out had never looked cooler, never mind that old school Sony Walkmans heralded such an [...]

Technology Sector Review: Top Mobile Phones, AVG Technologies ...
By info@wallstcheatsheet.com (Damien Hoffman)
JDS Uniphase Corporation (NASDAQ:JDSU): Optical products maker JDS Uniphase (NASDAQ:JDSU) reported Q2 EPS of 15c, compared with analysts' consensus estimate of 10c. The company's revenue was also higher than expected.
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

AUO signs OLED technology cooperation pact with Idemitsu Kosan
AU Optronics (AUO) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Japan-based Idemitsu Kosan for the development of OLED technologies and related applications, according to AUO.
DIGITIMES: IT news from Asia

David Sirota: When It Comes to Education Technology, Trust—but ...
By editor@truthdig.com
A school's wager on computer technology as a pedagogic panacea is often just that: a blind gamble, and one that evidence shows is hardly safe. - 2012/02/02.
Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

Microsoft Technology Guru Contest Round 2 – Question # 1 ...
By Haseeb Shaukat
Microsoft Technology Guru Contest Round 2 – Question # 1. Haseeb Shaukat. 2 Feb 2012 9:23 PM. Comments 2. How many database replicas are supported in Exchange Server 2010 Database Availability Groups? A. Only 1 per Storage ...
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