13 February 2012

It’s not about brands or devices or platforms but ecosystems

Digital Services Seek a Captive Consumer - NYTimes.com: "“It’s not about brands or devices or platforms anymore,” said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner. “It’s about the ecosystem. The idea is to get consumers tied into that ecosystem as tightly as possible so they and their content are locked into one system.”"

Europe Clears Google Acquisition of Motorola - NYTimes.com: "European Union antitrust regulators on Monday approved Google’s acquisition of the U.S. cellphone maker Motorola Mobility without conditions, but added a stern warning: Play fair in markets for smartphones and tablet computers, or face tough sanctions."

AT&T customers surprised by 'unlimited data' limit
By PETER SVENSSON Mike Trang likes to use his iPhone 4 as a GPS device, helping him get around in his job. Now and then, his younger cousins get ahold of it, and play some YouTube videos and games. But in the past few weeks, there has been none of that ...

Apple's new Foxconn inspections could start chain reaction
by Larry Dignan February 13, 2012 7:33 AM PST Apple said it has asked the Fair Labor Association to audit the company's Foxconn factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China. The move comes after Apple has taken heat for working conditions in its supply ...

Pinterest: Facebook for women?
Fox News
Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet Pinterest is the fastest growing social network on the Internet -- so hot that it has had more traffic referrals than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined in January! Pinterest is especially popular with ...

Coming in 2012: Firefox for Windows 8's Metro
by Stephen Shankland February 13, 2012 7:08 AM PST Follow @stshank The Metro interface in an early build of Windows 8 that was shown to developers in September 2011. Metro is a new user interface that replaces Windows start button and menu with a grid ...

Apple Shares Climb Above $500 as Earnings Ignite 17% Advance
By Nikolaj Gammeltoft Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Shares of Apple Inc. rallied above $500 for the first time after a two-week gain spurred by the iPhone maker's first-quarter earnings report topped 17 percent. Apple increased 1.5 percent to $501 at 9:31 am ...

British network preemptively warns Apple again not to use 'iTV' name
Apple Insider
By Sam Oliver As rumors of an Apple television set continue to swirl, Britain's ITV network has reportedly warned Apple that its name is off-limits. Apple anticipated television has been called the "iTV" by some pundits, following the same branding as ...

Microsoft's store site in India defaced; hackers find plain text passwords
Ars Technica
By Sean Gallagher | Published February 13, 2012 9:37 AM Chinese hackers defaced the home page of the Microsoft Store in India and gained access to user names and passwords associated with the site on February 12. The store site, operated for Microsoft ...

Starboard Exits Stealth Mode With Channel-Only Unified Storage
By Joseph F. Kovar, CRN Starboard Storage Systems came out of stealth mode Monday with a channel-only model for its new AC72 storage architecture, designed to handle mixed workloads including structured, unstructured and virtualized data with a single ...

Reddit tries to crack down on child pornography with new rules banning ...
Running a massive online community is a tricky business. The administrators who police the site are trying to strike a balance between encouraging users to contribute and keeping unsavoury and illegal behaviour to a minimum. Reddit, a news aggregator ...

Does 'Black Ops' boast the best game ending ever?
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Nothing like a video game debate to kick off the week, and this latest online poll from the prestigious Guinness World Records should certainly raise eyebrows. According to an online poll tallying more than 13000 votes, ...


Apple Targets Samsung Galaxy Nexus; Google Makes TV Announcement, Suspends Wallets
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Apple's patent battle against Samsung was the big news of the tech world this weekend. Meanwhile, Google also piqued interest with a post on its official Facebook page for Google TV, calling for some "big announcements" on Monday.

EA and Tencent to take The Sims Social game to China
Electronic Arts and Chinese social network Tencent are taking EA's The Sims Social game to China. Beijing-based Tencent, which has hundreds of millions of users, will publish the game on the Tencent Open Platform under the Chinese name Mo Ni Shi Guang.

Apple Crosses $500
Helped by a positive market opening, the stock of Apple(NASDAQ: AAPL) crossed the $500 mark this morning, reaching a new all-times highs of $503.83 —well above its 200, 100, and 50-day moving averages, gaining 25 percent since December 22, ...

Membership boost at MySpace could signal trouble for music discovery sites
MySpace is set to announce the site has attracted 1 million new members since December, which coupled with its extensive music library and aggressive future plans, could spell trouble for subscription music sites. MySpace's fall from grace can be ...

Chinese Authorities Seize iPads Over Trademark Dispute
PC Magazine
By Adario Strange The battle for the iPad name in China hit a new and potentially catastrophic level for Apple in the last few days. According to a new report, Chinese authorities have begun removing iPads from store shelves in certain parts of ...

Steam Hack Worse than Thought…Three Months Later
By Matt Peckham | @mattpeckham | February 13, 2012 | + Is this how you allay customer anxiety — by drizzling information about your service's security problems? Valve's Steam gaming service forums were hacked in early November, but the company didn't ...


High-tech car gadgets distracting, experts say
Chicago Daily Herald
By Marni Pyke One of the best things about media day at the Chicago Auto Show is the hyperbole. Where else would you hear “it's got Alfa Romeo DNA with Dodge passion” to describe the reinvented Dodge Dart? Roses are red, violets are blue.

Cracking Open Google Wallet
By John P. Mello Jr. It turns out that stealing someone's Google Wallet funds isn't that much more difficult than stealing that person's actual wallet, according to a few recently publicized exploits. "I think these types of vulnerabilities threaten to ...

Apple Files Complaint against Motorola in US to Prevent IPhone 4S Litigation
By John Ribeiro, IDG News Apple has asked a federal court in California for an order enjoining Motorola Mobility from suing the company in other courts for patent infringement in connection with its use of chips from Qualcomm in its products.

Traditional news still lags in online advertising, study says
Los Angeles Times
By James Rainey Traditional media outlets “have had little success” getting advertisers to move from their legacy businesses to their online news sites and relatively few of the ads they create for the Web are targeted to customers based on their ...

Los Angeles Times

NOAA defection is another big loss for RIM
RIM's going to have to trumpet its holiday success in England more loudly than ever if it hopes to drown out the sound of feet marching away from the BlackBerry encampment. Earlier this week, oilfield services titan Halliburton pulled the plug and ...

After Anonymous Hacking, Boston Cops Release Quirky Video
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
By Daniel Arkin AP The international anarchist-activist group Anonymous, which uses the iconic Guy Fawkes mask as an insignia, recently defaced the Boston Police Department website. The Boston Police Department tipped a hat to comedy nerds everywhere ...

Upcoming quad-core HTC Endeavour to have NFC?
By Aloysius Low on Feb 13, 2012 The leaks for HTC's upcoming smartphone, the Endeavor, are coming in fast and furious, even before its scheduled announcement at the upcoming Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona. The name of the phone is also ...


Blizzard opposes Valve's attempt to trademark DOTA
Blizzard has appealed Valve's attempt to trademark "Defense of the Ancients" (DOTA) in the lead up to the latter's release of DOTA 2. DOTA is a highly popular mod of Blizzard's Warcraft III. Valve hired the longest-serving designer of the mod, ...

DarwinBot: The Robotic Dog Sitter
Technabob (blog)
You've heard of telepresence, where you can attend meetings while not actually there by using a robot proxy, but using a robot proxy to play with Fido is a new one to me. That's just what Jordan Correa and his wife have done here.

Technabob (blog)

DuPont brings proven Alkylation Technology to 2nd Middle East ...
DuPont, is presenting its latest developments in Sulphuric Acid Alkylation - STRATCO AlkylationTechnology at the 2nd Middle East Technology Forum 2012 (ME-TECH) hosted in Dubai, United Arab...

Shell Highlights Importance of Technology and Partnerships at ...
By LNG World News
John Barry, Shell's Vice President - Technology and Production for Middle East and North Africa, outlined Shell's view of the importance of technology and.
LNG World News

KW Technology Breakout Session: What's New with eEdge at
By Keller Williams Realty
He said, “It is the collaboration of our associates that has fueled the innovative technology that is eEdge and our eEdge Ambassadors are the drivers. These influential individuals have voluntarily stepped up into this leadership role and have ...

Nigeria has technology that can remove tumours without open ...
By adekunle
Abuja – Dr Celsius Undie, a Consultant Urological surgeon, has said that the technology that can remove cancer tumours without cutting open a patient, is available in Nigeria . Undie, who disclosed this in Abuja on Monday, decried a situation ...
Vanguard News

Is UMC Condemned To Be A Technology Follower? - Mannerisms
By David Manners
It has been looking for some time that UMC would have to be content with a policy of being a technology follower. It is said that UMC has started sample production of a 28nm part - believed to be a TI OMAP5 - but this puts UMC a year behind ...

The Swarming Boat Problem –What Does it Mean? « Technology ...
By technologysecurity
The US Navy has been concerned for some time about the threat of “swarming” boats. This threat is seen as very strong where American warships go through narrow passageways like the Strait of Hormuz, or around important anchorages, ...
Technology and Security

SAP Newsroom – Technology Alone is Not the Answer to Big Data
By Byron Banks
For example, technology has allowed people to spend entire days reading email, scanning Facebook and staying current with what's happening on the Web. But does this make them more productive at work? Yes and no. No in the sense that ...
SAP Newsroom

ComEd upgrades technology to respond to power outages ...
By Heather MacDonald
ComEd plans to use technology to beef up its response to power outages caused by severe weather. Last year, hundreds of thousands of customers were left without power after a blizzard pummeled the area in February and summer storms ...
TribLocal - Aurora

Spray-On Antenna Technology Shown at Google Conference
Spray-On Antenna Technology Shown at Google Conference.
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