23 February 2012

Google, HP, Microsoft behind surge in tech M&A deals; Apple and Proview trade blows in a Shanghai

Google, HP, Microsoft behind surge in tech M&A deals
CGMA Magazine
Cross-sector and cross-industry blur refers to technologies that are breaking down, or blurring, the economic, geographic and other boundaries that have separated economic sectors and industries. The impact of disruptive innovations, ... Global Technology M&A Update from Ernst & Young-- tech M&A growth since 2009 has been driven by five tech “megatrends”: smart mobility, cloud computing, social networking, “big data” analytics, and “cross-sector and cross-industry blur.” Smart mobility refers to smartphones and other mobile devices that connect to the Internet. Cross-sector and cross-industry blur refers to technologies that are breaking down, or blurring, the economic, geographic and other boundaries that have separated economic sectors and industries. . . .

Apple and Proview trade blows in a Shanghai ... - Fortune Tech - CNN
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
In a fractious four-hour hearing, both sides were admonished by the judge . . . . Apple claims it bought worldwide rights for the trademark three years ago for $55,000. Proview, which briefly partnered with National Semiconductor to market the i-Pad, a low-cost knock-off of Apple's iMac, claims Apple slipped up and neglected to buy the rights from Shenzhen Proview, the company's Chinese subsidiary. . . .
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,... 

Views under the Palm - johnmpoole.com: Living in an Age of Digital Espionage: "Traveling to China or Russia? Better go lean and light--leave your cellphone and laptop at home and instead bring “loaner” devices, which you erase before you leave and wipe clean the minute you return. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, never let your phone out of sight and, in meetings, not only turn off the phone but also . . . "

Air Force Eyes Nuclear Reactors, Beamed Power for Spacecraft
In the long term, the report says, increased solar cell efficiencies and revolutionary materials foreshadow the potential of 500 kW on-orbit power generation technologies, "which would be transformational for performing missions from space-based ...

Generating High-Tech Ideas Ensconced in Historic Stamford
New York Times
The company, a subsidiary of United Technologies, has leased 2000 square feet on the building's second floor, and will coach tenants and may even invest in them, said Chris Van Buiten, the vice president for Sikorsky Innovations, a network of employees ...

New York Times

Toronto tech jobs in high demand but geek factor drives candidates away
Toronto Star
That's not likely to change any time soon as more students pursue degrees in business and health sciences than in engineering and information technology, the study by the Toronto Regional Research Alliance found. Jobs in information technology “weren't ...
mPhase Technologies, Inc. Files Drug Delivery Patent | NJTC ...
By New Jersey Technology Council
mPhase Technologies is introducing a revolutionary Smart Surface technology enabled by breakthroughs in nanotechnology, MEMS processing and microfluidics. Our Smart Surfacetechnology has potential applications within drug delivery ...
NJTC TechWire

Cars, Tech and Your Mobile Business - Small Business Technology
By Ramon Ray
Today your average car is tech savvy but it's not made for business especially those of you with very long commutes or who are in their car for just as much.
Small Business Technology

Military Technology News » Blog Archive » Harris ... - mil tech
By Artur Nowak
Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), an international communications and information technologycompany, has introduced the Harris Ruggedized Tablet, a secure, portable device that delivers a “smartphone-like” experience to military ...

Tech-Savvy Students Get STEM Learning with New Technology
By lowes1
Tech-Savvy Students Get STEM Learning with New Technology. by lowes1 on February 22, 2012. DALLAS, Feb. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Harmony Science Academy Biomedical students are spending classroom time learning live from top ...
Tech Hiring in the Silicon Valley vs. the Silicon Alley – Jobs. Trends ...
By Abby Lombardi
Hiring Demand for Tech Professionals in the Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley – 4 Year Hiring Trend. Hiring Demand for Tech Talent in the Silicon Valley vs. Silicon Alley. Source: WANTED Analytics. The 10 most demanded technology jobs in ...
Jobs. Trends. Insight.

What Are You Doing!? | Tech the Future
By Tessel Renzenbrink
Computing power and global interconnectivity are pushing tech innovation into overdrive. Pioneering technologies and creative workarounds affect all corners of society. Tech the Future reports on technology that shapes the future — yours ...
Tech the Future

Dr. Steven Knapp: Let's make D.C. area into high-tech hub ...
By Tommy Cornelis
The 14 members of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area infuse the area with more than 150000 students. They employ a legion of faculty members offering licensable ideas and technical expertise on everything ...

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