27 October 2014

Zuckerberg Speaks Mandarin but Can Facebook Speak Chinese? (video)

Speaking Mandarin: Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, (video above)--Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg impressed audiences at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Wednesday by answering questions in Mandarin. How well does Zuckerberg speak Chinese? Jeff Wang, the director of education and China Learning Initiatives at the Asia Society, grades Mark's Mandarin. (Oct 24, 2014-Bloomberg)


Mark Zuckerberg Knows Chinese, But It's A Long Road To Export Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg has impressed the world with his almost-fluent Chinese, but can his effort translate into Facebook's success in China? In a 30-minute ...

China's Massive iCloud Hack Is So Obvious It May Be a Message to Apple | Motherboard"China is trying to hoover up its citizens’ iCloud passwords, according to various reports, and it's doing so in a rather brazen way. The hacks are so blatant that it appears China doesn’t even care who catches it spying. Onlookers have suggested that either the Politburo isn’t worried about being seen as a digitally repressive state, or it’s sticking its middle finger up at Apple. It could well be both...."

Say hello to Microsoft Lumia - [Microsoft site] Conversations"When we announced that the Nokia Devices & Services business would become part of Microsoft, we also shared that Lumia, our smartphone brand, would become part of the Microsoft family. Since then, we have naturally been making the change from Nokia to Microsoft in our websites, packaging and other consumer touch points...."

The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed | WIRED"... the image on Baybayan’s screen does not resemble typical startup work: It appears to show a super-close-up photo of a two-pronged dildo wedged in a vagina. I say appears because I can barely begin to make sense of the image, a baseball-card-sized abstraction of flesh and translucent pink plastic, before he disappears it with a casual flick of his mouse...."

New York Times

Microsoft Offers Tantalizing Signs of Progress
New York Times
And many venerable technology companies are struggling to leap from the ... 30,Microsoft's fiscal first quarter, the company said its net income was ...
Microsoft sales beat Street hopes, cloud profits up - Reuters
Microsoft Bucks Trend as Sales Defy Expectations - Wall Street Journal
Microsoft's Q1 2015: Surface growing strongly and Lumia sales up - The Verge

Microsoft Shipped 2.4 Million Xbox Consoles In Q1 FY15
Microsoft's fortunes are turning around with regard to the gaming division, shipping 2.4 million Xbox consoles in the company's first quarter of the new ...

Play Your Android Games and Videos on the TV with Google Chromecast
There's a lot you can do with the Google Chromecast but did you know you can cast your screen from your Android phone or tablet to any ...

How Is Google Analytics So Damn Fast?
TL; DR: Google Analytics stores a massive amount of statistical data from web sites across the globe. Retrieving reports quickly from such a large ...

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