02 October 2014

How Disastrous was Windows 8? One Clue: It Killed Windows 9

Don't go looking for Windows 9--it doesn't exist--Microsoft officially unveiled the name of its next of Windows on Tuesday, and for some reason Microsoft decided to skip "9" and go straight to 10--"Windows 10." read more at: Windows 10 is the official name for Microsoft's next version of Windows | The Verge. And unfortunately for Microsoft, Windows 8 did a lot more damage than just kill the idea of Windows 9, it alienated millions of loyal customers who have since moved on to Google (Android and Chrome OS) and Apple (iOS and OS X). Here's the hard truth for Microsoft: with the advent of the Cloud and the ubiquity of connectivity, there's decreasing need for a Windows PC--a good Chromebook [tip: always get 4GB RAM] costs less, is more secure, and can satisfy all needs of over 90% of all users (consumers and knowledge workers), and Chromebooks can now work offline.


Microsoft unveils its new Windows 10 operating system
Microsoft has unveiled its new Windows operating system, and has given it a surprising name: Windows 10. Most in the techie media had expected ...
Microsoft Offers First Peek of Windows 10 - Wall Street Journal
5 things Microsoft users should know about Windows 10 - USA TODAY
Why Did Microsoft Brand Its Next OS Windows 10? - Forbes

Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Skips Windows 9 to Emphasize Advances - ABC News
Microsoft unveils first look at Windows 10 - USA TODAY

New York Times

As PayPal Spins Off, Apple Pay Signals New Era at Cash Register
New York Times
But the service, expected in the coming weeks, already has the technology industry ...Google Wallet, for example, was hamstrung by limitations on the types of ... And other competitors to Apple — like Samsung or Microsoft, which ...
Will Google Buy PayPal? - 24/7 Wall St.

Slate Magazine

Facebook Atlas ad platform: Your data will follow you across Web, apps, devices."... a new advertising platform called Atlas. ... they’ll be drawing on all of Facebook’s knowledge of you as an individual in order to target you. They’ll be able to do that even if you’re not logged into Facebook and have cookies turned off... Facebook [is now] in direct competition with Google’s DoubleClick service, offering advertisers the chance to target users and measure their ads’ reach on a potentially wide array of sites as well as mobile apps... Atlas won’t rely on browser cookies... they’re notoriously ineffectual on mobile devices. Google has been working to address this problem... If you’ve ever logged into Facebook on your phone, Facebook has linked your phone’s unique identification number to your Facebook account. So when you use another app or a different browser on the same device, Facebook’s computers still know it’s you..."

The New Yorker

Does a Yahoo–AOL Merger Make Sense?
The New Yorker
In a profile of Yahoo C.E.O.'s, Marissa Mayer, from August of 2013, Vogue suggested that, since leaving Google to join Yahoo the previous year, ...


Google searches for right note in online music business
Google's YouTube service has become a low-profile titan in streaming ... The new version will incorporate technology acquired by Google with the ... going to continue to see the big players like Apple and Google experiment,” ... E-commerce giant Amazon launched its music service in June, providing ...

We Now Know Nearly Everything About Google's Giant New
Lisa Eadicicco
Google hasn't confirmed its new smartphone yet, but we may have a pretty good ...

Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Golden Master Candidate to Developers
Eric Slivka
Apple today released a candidate golden master version of OS X Yosemite to developers, just over two weeks after releasing the eighth Developer ...

Google announces Drive for Education: free, unlimited storage & more security
Harrison Weber
... Drive for Education, a new service that bolsters Google's existing Google Apps for Education service with unlimited storage, ...

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