07 October 2014

HP To Split, Last Gasp for Old HPQ? (video)

Hewlett-Packard Splits Into Two Companies, Meg Whitman to Lead HP Enterprise -

Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson examines Hewlett-Packard’s split into two companies and a potential investment in Snapchat by Yahoo. He speaks with Betty Liu on “In the Loop.” (Oct. 6 -Bloomberg)

Hewlett-Packard Breaks Into Two Units to Stay Competitive - Bloomberg"Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) is splitting into two companies, using a breakup to become nimbler after failing to keep up with the shift away from the printing and personal-computing businesses it pioneered." see also: Meg Whitman will be CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and nonexecutive chairman of HP Inc.

Expri's analysis: One big Silicon Valley dinosaur, splits into 2 dinosaurs? One for enterprise in the model of IBM, and one for printers (2/3) and PCs. Doesn't sound like "innovation" but it may improve "shareholder value." Hard to see how HP is going to effectively compete against the likes of Lenovo, Oracle, Google, Amazon. Microsoft, et al.

How Google Could Easily Become A Dominant Investment Manager: Google has been making some waves recently over reports that it intends to enter the asset management industry following recent suitability studies the firm has conducted. Facebook has recently explored entering the financial services industry as well, as the company is reportedly seeking to set up an international monetary transactions service for Facebook users. However, what really sets Google apart in its foray into the financial services industry are its advanced analytics capabilities from Google keyword search volume to advanced satellite imagery that could be leveraged to predict macroeconomic and company trends, which could ultimately be applied to developing highly advanced investment strategies....


Why Microsoft Doesn't Care About Windows 10...And Neither Should You
Last week Microsoft announced the forthcoming release of its next Windows 10 operating system. And even though the system is still very much in an ...
Windows 10 may be the last piece of Microsoft's cloud puzzle - ZDNet

New York Times

Facebook's Bus Drivers Seek Union
New York Times
A Teamsters official said the union was first seeking to unionize Facebook drivers, and then hoped to organize drivers for Google, Apple and other ...


Supreme Court To Weigh Facebook Threats, Religious Freedom, Discrimination
The U.S. Supreme Court opens a new term Monday, but so far the justices are keeping quiet about whether or when they will tackle the gay marriage ...

New York Times

Technology Takes the Wheel
New York Times
DETROIT — Google's driverless car may still be a work in progress, but the potential for semiautonomous vehicles on American roads is no longer the ...


Jeff Bezos's New Plan for News: The Washington Post Becomes an AmazonProduct
It will eventually be available for download on other Kindles as well as to owners of Apple's (AAPL) iPad and various Android devices, and it will carry ...

Facebook looks set to launch mobile payments - CNBC.com


Apple Supplier GT Advanced Technologies' Stock Dives 90% After Bankruptcy Filing
Shareholders in GT Advanced Technologies GT Advanced Technologies took a massive hit Monday as the manufacturer of sapphire glass used in ...
Apple sapphire crystal supplier GT Advanced files for bankruptcy - 9to5Mac
Apple Watch may be in short supply as GTAT goes bankrupt - SlashGear

Google's Software Removal Tool Removes Crapware, Resets Your Browser
The Coolest Windows 10 Features Microsoft Didn't Announce ... Google's Software Removal Tool Removes Crapware, Resets Your Browser. more info: https://www.google.com/chrome/srt/

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