21 October 2014

China, Great Firewall, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Accounts, and a BoomBust Video

China is staging a nationwide attack on iCloud and Microsoft accounts | The Verge: "... a new report from web censorship watchdog Great Fire indicates Chinese users may be facing an unpleasant surprise when they try to connect to Apple services at large... the Chinese firewall is blocking all local connections to iCloud.com, redirecting those connections to a dummy site designed to look exactly like Apple's login page. If you're using Firefox or Chrome, you'll land on a warning page... but if you're using Qihoo, the most popular browser in China, you'll be routed straight to the dummy site with no indication that it's not being run by Apple. A similar attack is also being leveled against Microsoft's Login.live.com, the company's gateway for all account logins...." read more: https://en.greatfire.org/blog/2014/oct/china-collecting-apple-icloud-data-attack-coincides-launch-new-iphone

[219] Apple, Amazon and Raoul Pal on the financial Internet & Jim Bruce on the Fed
Boom Bust - YouTube: BoomBust is broadcast Live on RTAmerica M-F at 4:30 pm ET
On Monday, Apple rolled out its mobile payment platform Apple Pay. The new payment service will enable shoppers to buy items at more than 220,000 stores and has secured the six biggest card issuers, accounting for roughly 83% of credit card transactions. So are smartphones the new cash? Well, Apple is certainly hoping so. Erin Ade weighs in. Then, Erin sits down with Raoul Pal – founder of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Television – to talk about his startup business network. Raoul tells us how he thinks the internet will change financial services demonstrably. He is big on the potential for Bitcoin in this context. He also gives us his take on the biggest retail investing pitfalls. After the break, Erin talks to Jim Bruce, director of the documentary “Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve.” Following last week’s market selloff, there has been a lot of speculation about future of the Fed. Jim tells us what he thinks will happen next. And in The Big Deal, Erin and Edward Harrison are discussing Amazon, where it derives its value and recent speculation that it has developed monopoly power in the Internet retail arena. Published on Oct 20, 2014--total program 28:04

Apple Q4 Earnings LIVE! Revenues Soar To $42B On Strong iPhone, Mac Sales
Apple reported fourth-quarter revenues of $42.1 billion and earnings per share of $1.42, ... He also says Apple has global designs on the technology.
Apple iPhone 6 Propels Earnings - Wall Street Journal
5 Things To Look For Ahead Of Apple Earnings - Forbes
Apple Posts Record Profit on Strong iPhone Sales - New York Times


Spotlight: Privacy Advocates Furious As Apple Feature Siphons Off Location Data of Yosemite 
The same data will also be sent to Microsoft Microsoft, as Apple freely admits in its terms of service for both its desktop and mobile operating systems.

Wall Street Journal

Yahoo CEO Set to Refresh Turnaround Plan
Wall Street Journal
Yahoo is considering acquiring one or more large technology startups with some of the $5.8 billion it made from the initial public offering of Alibaba ...

New York Times

Stephen Colbert Has a Mock Feud With Google Over Search Results
New York Times
In Google's mock feud with Stephen Colbert over his listed height, the ... He noted that Bing, Microsoft's search engine, also listed Mr. Colbert as 5-10 ...

Apple crushes Sept. quarter record, earning $8.5B profit on sales of 39M iPhones, 5.5M Macs
Apple officially closed out fiscal 2014 on Monday with the results from another record setting quarter, with the just-concluded September frame ...

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