14 October 2014

Google Tests Live Chats With Doctors (video)

Better Co-Founder Geoffrey Clapp discusses the company’s health care product on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg  Oct 13)


Google test provides live chats with doctors
(CNN) -- People using Google to search for information about their medical problems may soon get another source of information: a real-time chat with ...
The Google Doctor Will See You Now - Mashable
Google testing service to connect patients with doctors over video chat - The Verge
Google test provides live chats with doctors - CNN.com


Apple and retail partners prepare for launch of Apple Pay
The Verge
It's almost time to start paying for things with your iPhone 6 instead of plastic. Last month, Apple said its Apple Pay mobile payments service would ...
Apple Pay details leaked in alleged training documents - CNET

How to Optimize Your Business Page for Facebook Search
As Jennifer Beese from Sprout Social states, “Facebook Page SEO isn't new; Google has been indexing the social network for quite some time.”.

Yahoo Tech

Google Rumor Roundup: Nexus Phone, Tablet, and New Android Version Could Come This Week
Yahoo Tech
It looks like Apple won't be the only company to unveil new tablets, smartphones, operating system updates, and smartwatch goodies by the end of the ...


iPhone Leaks Cost $50M. Sapphire Maker Reveals Contract With 'Oppressive and Burdensome ...
Last week the tech sector was stunned by the news that Apple Apple partner ... Having waded through the GT Advanced Technology court filings the ...

Apple will not unveil MacBook Air with Retina display at Thursday event
Though Apple has been rumored to be working on a redesigned MacBook Air with a high-resolution Retina display for some time, the device will not ...

Will Ads Become the Next Net-Neutrality Battle? - WSJ: "...In the coming months, Mr. Carthy claims, some of his customers—which, he says, include wireless carriers in Europe, South America, Asia and the U.S.—plan to use the technology to block certain ads as a way to bring the ad providers to the negotiating table to win a cut of the fees...."

"... others estimate that Kroger rakes in $100 million a year from data sales. But Kroger executives are mum on the subject...." What’s All That Data Worth? - WSJ: "Among the issues: how to account for time employees spent gathering data—as an expense or a capital investment? Companies also would have to estimate the shelf-life of their data, figure out its future worth and track and report any changes in its value. Crunching those numbers would be relatively easy for a physical asset like a factory. But in the squishy world of intangibles, there’s little precedent for such calculations."

Content companies prosper from unauthorized YouTube videos - Google Inc. --Seeking Alpha"YouTube's payments to media firms using its Content ID technology, which was set up in 2007 to allay fears about the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, has hit $1B.Content ID enables media companies to monitor when video they own has been uploaded onto YouTube without authorization and gives them the option to sell advertising on the content and make money from it or to have it taken down."The vast majority choose to monetize and track rather than block the videos," Google's Fred von Lohmann tells the FT. FremantleMedia, which is behind "The X-Factor" and "Britain's Got Talent," has made Content ID "a core part of our digital business," the company says."

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