15 June 2012

Mobile-Phone Radiation Safety to Be Reviewed in US

Mobile-Phone Radiation Safety to Be Reviewed in US by FCC
Washington Post
June 15 (Bloomberg) -- The US Federal Communications Commission plans to ask whether its standards protect people from mobile-phone radiation, a question it hasn't posed in 15 years, as people use smartphones for longer, more frequent calls.

Why I had it all wrong about Boston's high-tech scene
I'm at a crowded tech schmoozefest, and Tim Rowe, the pied piper of local ... This neighborhood right next to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has more ...

Vizio's Ultrabook PCs: Real MacBook Air Rivals, at Last?
By Jared Newman, PCWorld Jun 15, 2012 9:36 AM Vizio Ultrabook PCFive months ago, Vizio impressed us with a line of slick new laptops--the first PCs by the company known best for its televisions. Now, Vizio is taking pre-orders on its “Thin + Light” ...

Apple, Motorola Patent Spat Revived
Judge grants June 20 hearing that will give both sides a chance to argue why the other's mobile products should be barred from sale. By Paul McDougall InformationWeek A judge who effectively tossed patent claims and counterclaims between Apple and ...

SEC spooked by Facebook's pre-IPO mobile numbers
The Securities and Exchange Commission in February asked Facebook to clarify how the mobile market could impact its revenue, among other issues. by Don Reisinger The Securities and Exchange Commission's pre-IPO correspondence with Facebook makes it ...

China sending its first female astronaut to temporary space base
Fox News
JIUQUAN, China – China will send its first woman and two other astronauts into space Saturday to work on a temporary space station for about a week, in a key step toward becoming only the third nation to set up a permanent base in orbit.

Dropbox Updates iOS App, Ditches Public Folders
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Dropbox today issued an update to its iOS app amidst reports that the cloud storage service is dropping support for public folders. The iOS update lets Dropbox users manually or automatically upload photos and video from the phone ...

Yelp Reviews Head to Bing Search Results
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Finding reviews of local restaurants on Microsoft's Bing search engine just got a little easier, thanks to a new partnership with business review site Yelp. Microsoft and Yelp this week announced the partnership, which will bring ...

Analysts upgrade Nokia on cost-cutting plans
The Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) — Nokia shares partially recovered from a massive sell-off from a day earlier, with at least two Wall Street analysts upgrading the telecom after it said it would slash 10000 jobs and close plants in an effort to turn around its business.

Retina MacBook Pro listed at nearly double retail price on EBay
Los Angeles Times
Anyone in the US who wants a MacBook Pro with Retina is going to have to wait a couple of weeks for it to ship. That is unless you go on EBay and spend a couple thousand more bucks than it's worth. Apple's brand new computer has been a hit with users, ...

Apple 1 computer and Steve Jobs Atari memo sold at auction
BBC News
A rare functioning Apple 1 computer - the company's first product - has been sold at an auction for $374500 (£240929). The price was more than double Sotheby's high estimate and sets a new record for the collector's item. A memo written by the firm's ...

BBC News

Western Digital Releases New Series of "My Net" Wireless Routers
Western Digital has entered the home networking business with a new line of wireless routers that aim to enhance HD streaming media like movies and gaming. The new routers, called My Net, are part of a family of home networking products that accelerate ...


The Importance of Facebook's New Real Time Advertising auctions
As we know, Facebook has a problem with advertising. Click through rates are dismal by the standards of other advertising outlets. And actions after click through are pretty dire as well. For all the information that an advertiser can get about someone ...

Déjà vu? Microsoft Reportedly Making Its Own First Party Tablet
But on the flip side of the coin that means the market is wide open for operating system veteran Microsoft Corp. (MSFT). With the slew of Windows 8 tablets and hybrids announced in recent weeks, one would think that Microsoft was set in a strategy of ...


PopCap, Wooga Drop Games From Google+
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Two major social game developers are pulling out of Google+ after less than a year on the search giant's social network. Wooga and Electronic Arts-owned PopCap will both pull their titles from Google+, according to the Wall Street ...

LulzSec hacker vows to fight American extradition
TG Daily
A British citizen accused of hacking a number of Hollywood websites has vowed to challenge any possible extradition to the United States. 20-year-old Ryan Cleary - who stands accused of targeting PBS, Sony Pictures and Fox - was indicted yesterday by a ...

Star Wars: The Old Republic Looking at Free to Play?
The trials of Star Wars: The Old Republic are no secret. One of the most ambitious games ever made, Bioware's massively multiplayer space epic has already shed around 400000 subscribers from its post-launch peak, and the team responsible for the world ...


ICANN apologises for publishing contact details of generic TLD applicants
By Lee Bell INTERNET GOVERNING BODY ICANN has apologised for inadvertently revealing contact details of generic top-level domain (gTLD) applicants. After admitting that it accidentally published the postal addresses of some primary and secondary ...

The week in tech: 5 must-know things
Is Verizon's new "Share Everything" plan good for consumers? What's the deal with Siri? Here are this week's must-know tech stories. 1. Verizon changing its data plans Verizon Wireless will charge customers based mostly on the amount of data they buy, ...


Voyager space probe reaches edge of solar system
By Chris Wickham | LONDON (Reuters) - The Voyager 1 space probe has reached the edge of the solar system, extending its record for being the most distant man-made object in space. According to a statement from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in ...

With Science, New Portrait of the Cave Artist
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD / The New York Times Stone Age artists were painting red disks, handprints, clublike symbols and geometric patterns on European cave walls long before previously thought, in some cases more than 40000 years ago, ...

Microsoft and Yammer Face a Sliding Doors Moment
By Rob Koplowitz Rob Koplowitz is a Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, serving CIOs. Follow him on Twitter @rkoplowitz. In the wonderful movie Sliding Doors, Helen runs for a train and just makes it on as the doors are closing.


Humongous near-Earth asteroid will miss Earth: NASA
The Capitol Column
A massive asteroid, named 2012 LZ1, will buzz Earth Thursday. Interested parties can watch the asteroid fly by the planet on the Slooh Space Camera's website. It will be a close brush in astronomical terms, but a massive asteroid discovered just days ...

The Capitol Column

Ethiopia to send Skype users to the slammer
Reg Hardware
By Caleb Cox • Get more from this author The Ethiopian government has outlawed Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Those who disobey and continue to use programs such as Skype face up to 15 years in chokey. The law, passed last month,...

Xbox tablet? I don't think so
ZDNet (blog)
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes | June 15, 2012, 9:39am PDT Summary: Gewirtz's reasoning is that he puts too much stock in “Xbox the brand” as opposed to “Xbox the console”. Could Microsoft be getting ready to unveil an Xbox branded tablet at next week's ...

ZDNet (blog)

Grasshoppers Frightened by Spiders Affects Whole Ecosystem
Latinos Post
What brought the kindred spider to that height, Then steered the white [grasshopper] thither in the night? What but design of darkness to appall? If design govern in a thing so small--Robert Frost Flickr Humans tend to believe that we are the sole ...

Latinos Post

iPhone 5 Release Date and Rumors - New Back Panel?
According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has a patent application for a device that features a removable back panel, allowing for easily replaceable parts. What's the device? Apple's not saying. It could be for anything from a camera, ...


CDC: Motorcycle helmet laws reduce deaths [POLL]
by Mike Stobbe, AP Medical Writer ATLANTA (AP) -- Fewer motorcyclists die in states that require helmets, and the costs to society are lower too, according to a new federal study released Thursday. About five times as many no-helmet biker deaths occur ...

Scientists map DNA of bonobo, our peaceful ape kin
The Associated Press
By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer – 1 day ago WASHINGTON (AP) — Behold the bonobo, our ape cousin that's kinder and gentler than the chimp or, well, us. Now scientists have mapped the primate's DNA, and some researchers say that may eventually ...

The Associated Press

ACER Iconia Tab A700 Goes on Presale
By yodee A lot of Android tablets have been dubbed as a potential iPad killer. However, it looks like the ACER Iconia Tab A700 will be the first to get close to it. The latest Android tablet is packed with tons of impressive specs, which includes 1920 ...

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