24 June 2012

Ahead of Google I/O, Android is the tortoise winning the race‎

Ahead of Google I/O, Android is the tortoise winning the race
BetaNews - 1 day ago
The annual Google developer convention I/O will take place next week. Like Apple's WWDC and Microsoft's TechEd, it is the big summer event ...


The best places to find audiobooks
More from Tecca: Travel Tech Guide: How to travel well with technology · 5 under-the-radar travel sites that will help save you money · 6 excellent online sources ...

The best tech writing of the week, June 24th | The Verge
The best tech writing of the week, June 24th ... out our weekly roundup of essential writing from around the web about technology, culture, media, and the future?

Reading Rainbow is Back: Can it Do for the...
ABC News
Reading Rainbow began its 26-year run on PBS as a way to combat summer mind decay. Now it's taking the same goal to a different medium. "What were [kids] doing in the 80s? Sitting in front of the television," explains Levar Burton, who hosted the show.

ABC News

Twitter quietly grows up; handles its scandal
While no one was looking, Twitter grew up. Amid an outage on a scale its users had not seen in months, the microblogging site shows how it has reached tech maturity. by Zack Whittaker Amazon and Twitter both saw this week how much the world relies on ...

Microsoft's long and tortured history in tablets - Tech News Today
San Francisco Luxury News
Microsoft's long and tortured history in tablets – Tech News Today ... For decades, the tablet computer was like a mirage in the technology industry: a great idea, ...

Google CEO says "nothing seriously wrong" -source
* Page reassures staff, Schmidt says Page has lost his voice * Page to be sidelined from two more events * Governance experts say Street may need more details later * CEO's medical condition still not known By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO, ...

Nintendo 3DS XL coming to US this summer
Washington Post
Nintendo of America confirmed that the XL-sized Nintendo 3DS will be coming to North America this summer. Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, confirmed the August 19th launch date during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

Samsung's Galaxy S III Launch Is A Giant Mess (T, VZ, S, DT)
San Francisco Chronicle
Last Wednesday may have been the officially US launch of Samsung's Galaxy S III, but carriers seems to be having a lot of trouble shipping the phone on time. It doesn't help that each carrier already had different pre-order dates for the phone.

Chinese spacecraft docks with orbiting module
AP In this image made off the screen at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center in Beijing and released by China's Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and Tiangong-1 lab module, partly seen on left, are conjoined again Sunday.


Mysterious Stonehenge a symbol of unification for Britain
TG Daily
Researchers have concluded that Stonehenge was built as a monument to unify the peoples of Britain after an extended period of conflict and regional difference between east and west. Indeed, its stones are believed to have symbolized the ancestors of ...

TG Daily

Telsa Model S arrives with big hopes riding on it
TG Daily
It's been nearly four years in the making but it's finally arrived. And now Tesla Motors, which has staked its future on its Model S sedan, must be hoping that the car buying public believes, like them, that good things are worth waiting for.

RIM considers splitting business in two -paper
| LONDON, June 24 (Reuters) - BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is considering splitting its business in two, separating its struggling handset manufacturing division from its messaging network, The Sunday Times reported. RIM, which last month said...

Mystery of Easter Island statues may be solved
New York Daily News
Scientists may have solved an ancient mystery: How were those gigantic stone heads on Easter Island moved without the help of wheels or animals? A new theory suggests that the massive statues were simply “walked” by the island's native inhabitants from ...

New York Daily News

New York Times Adds Tech-Savvy Directors to Its Board
(NYT) (NYT), adding technology experience to its board to help with its shift to the Internet, named the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Joichi Ito and ... 

Online Safety for Teens (Grades 6 - 8) | Kids.gov
Imagine Engineering - Math, science and technology are as varied as they ... Whatis.com - The IT-Specific Encyclopedia - Whatis.com is a glossary of tech terms.

Reasons to fear Wall Street's high-tech traders - Fortune Features
By Fortune Editors
Reasons to fear Wall Street's high-tech traders. June 22, 2012: 5:00 AM ET ... On the other, their opaque technology has given us episodes like the Flash Crash. Patterson, a wonderfully numerate financial journalist, is good at ferreting out ...
FORTUNE Features 

Dancing planets spotted by NASA's Kepler
The Bunsen Burner
NASA's Kepler space telescope has spotted two planets engaged in an odd dance with each other, say scientists, a finding that is a first for the US space organization and astronomers everywhere. The finding, which was first reported in the June 21st ...

The Bunsen Burner

Three awesome-sounding on-ear headphones
CNET (blog)
The Audiophiliac checks out the Bowers & Wilkins P3 & P5, and the V-Moda M-80 Crossfade headphones. by Steve Guttenberg I was shaken and stirred by the Bowers & Wilkins P5 on-ear headphones back in 2010. It set a new standard for sumptuous sound and ...

Project would save endangered languages
Sacramento Bee
By CHRISTINA HALL DETROIT -- Of the approximately 7000 languages spoken in the world, experts say about half could disappear by 2100. When a language dies, experts say, so does a cultural heritage; spiritual, scientific, medical and botanical knowledge ...

How will you buy Microsoft's Surface tablet?
The Driod Guy
Microsoft's new Surface tablet for Windows 8 and Windows RT are two good tablets. Microsoft has indeed done a good job with the design and development of the tablet. Now, the tablet is all set to be sold by the company. And according to a statement ...

The Driod Guy

Alan Turing: Inquest's suicide verdict 'not supportable'
BBC News
By Roland Pease BBC Radio Science Unit Alan Turing, the British mathematical genius and codebreaker born 100 years ago on 23 June, may not have committed suicide, as is widely believed. At a conference in Oxford on Saturday, Turing expert Prof Jack ...

BBC News

Facebook will change ad service to settle lawsuit
By Dan Levine (Reuters) - Facebook Inc has agreed to allow users more control over how their personal information is used in its "Sponsored Stories" ad feature, part of a deal to resolve litigation against the social networking company.
Google's Motorola Mobility Offers to End Microsoft Cases
Google Inc. (GOOG)'s Motorola Mobility unit said it made a new offer to settle its patent-infringement disputes with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) over the Xbox gaming system and smartphones. Microsoft questioned whether the offer was serious.

Don't Delete Your Stupidity. Fix it. Facebook Rolls Out Comment Editing and ...
No more “Arggh! Copy, delete, paste, edit, post.” Facebook is now rolling out the ability to edit comments, but users will be able to see the full edit history of a thread. This is just one more feature that I really liked about Google+, since I could ...

Mars Water: Parts Of Red Planet's Interior As Wet As Earth's, Scientists Say
Huffington Post
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope took this close-up of Mars when it was just 88 million kilometers away. The interior of Mars holds vast reservoirs of water, with some spots apparently as wet as Earth's innards, scientists say.

Vocado Executive To Become New ICANN CEO
The organization which oversees website domain names has chosen a little-known executive as the successor to departing chief executive Rod Beckstrom, according to various media reports published this weekend. Beckstrom, who is departing ICANN (the ...


HTC working on Siri rival?
Times of India
NEW DELHI: If a post on HTC's Facebook and Twitter page is anything to go by, the smartphone-maker is likely working on a voice-controlled personal assistant for its handsets which could rival Apple's Siri and Samsung's S-Voice.

How the Mac finally won me away from Windows
After two decades of using Windows, the Mac -- with a little help from the Web -- wins away a user. by Danny Sullivan Windows 3.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7. Once I left DOS, I went Windows and kept with it, never feeling a need to...

Wait for Windows Phone 8 or buy a Samsung Galaxy S3?
CNET's Marguerite Reardon helps one reader decide if he should wait for new Windows Phone 8 smartphones or buy the Google Android smartphone du jour. by Marguerite Reardon Microsoft's newest mobile OS -- Windows Phone 8 -- will add some key ...

Flipboard Now Available for Grabs on Play Store
The Driod Guy
Have you heard of Flipstore? If you have an android phone and you follow android news, then you must have heard of this application, maybe even used it on iDevices at one time or another. This is a popular social network aggregation application ...

The Driod Guy

Facebook Starts Ads on Zynga to Expand Marketing Reach
Facebook Inc. (FB) has started showing advertisements on Zynga Inc. (ZNGA)'s website as the company looks to find new ways to help marketers reach users of the world's largest social network. Some visitors to Zynga's site are being shown what Facebook ...

What we might get for Android at Google I/O 2012
As usual, there's no shortage of Android rumors leading up to the annual Google conference. by Scott Webster With Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, fast approaching, it's time to once again predict some of the Android-related items that ...

Mass Effect 3 Gets Expanded Ending Sequence; Available June 26
By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld Jun 23, 2012 8:11 AM Image from BioWare website.Game developer BioWare is releasing an expanded ending sequence for Mass Effect 3 following negative feedback from players. The free downloadable content pack for Xbox 360, ...

Amateur radio broadcasters compete
ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) - The South Baldwin Amateur Radio Club will be demonstrating emergency radio communications at the Orange Beach Waterfront Park on Canal Road June 23 and 24. The demonstration is a part in a nationwide event, the American ...

China submersible breaks 7000-metre mark
By Bill Savadove (AFP) – 13 hours ago BEIJING — A manned Chinese submersible broke through the 7000-metre mark for a new national record on Sunday, state media said, as the rising Asian nation showed off its technological might.

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