27 June 2012

Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus Q media player

Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus Q media player
Google introduced a new tablet computer and a media player today, expanding its hardware business exposure in hopes of competing more directly with Amazon's Kindle Fire, Apple's iPad and other popular tablets. Unveiled at the Google I/O conference in ...


Google+ Events: Cinemagraphs, Party Mode, post-event reminders
As expected, today has been a big day for Google. In addition to the new Nexus 7 tablet, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google Play updates, and the Nexus Q media player, the Mountain View, California, technology giant unveiled a new feature for its social ...

T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm Resigns, Joining Deutsche Telekom Rival
Philipp Humm, the man Deutsche Telekom sent to the US to straighten out T-Mobile, has abruptly resigned. T-Mobile says Humm is reuniting with his family in Europe. The Journal says he's joined a rival carrier. T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm has resigned, ...

Dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded after all
Fox News
Dinosaurs may not have been the slow, sunbathing reptiles researchers used to think. In fact, they may have been warm-blooded, new research suggests. The researchers studied the "growth lines" on animal bones, which are similar to the growth rings in ...

Pre-human's unusual diet gives researchers something to chew over
Los Angeles Times
A 2-million-year old hominid from South Africa had a very unusual diet, an international team of researchers has found. Instead of living on grasses and wild animals from the nearby savannas, like modern humans and pre-humans that have previously been ...

Google's artificial brain watches YouTube, learns to see cats
Los Angeles Times
Google researchers and Stanford scientists have discovered that if you show a large enough computing system millions of images from random YouTube videos for three days, the computer will teach itself to recognize ... cats.

Asana looks to cut down the noise in your in-box
The task-management company has unveiled a new feature called Inbox that's designed to show users only important e-mails. by Don Reisinger Task-management company Asana has unveiled a new way for its users to handle the e-mail overload in their in-box.

Google Glass: $1500 for developers, shipping next year
Co-founder Sergey Brin shows off Google's computerized glasses -- but they're only for Google I/O attendees who are on the "bleeding edge." by Stephen Shankland SAN FRANCISCO -- The first Project Glass products -- Google's network-enabled, ...

Samsung unhappy with court's ban on US sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1
Los Angeles Times
Samsung Electronics said it is disappointed with a court's ruling that prevents the company from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in the US while its patent infringement lawsuit with Apple plays out. The South Korean company said in a ...
Sprint 4G LTE Launching in 5 Cities July 15
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot In a blog post, Sprint announced that Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, and San Antonio will receive the first wave of service, while additional market launches will be announced later this year. "While other carriers are simply ...

Global Tablet Usage for Viewing TV/Video Content Doubles Y/Y, NPD ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Use of tablets such as the iPad and Android-based devices by consumers for viewing TV/video content more than doubled in 14 regional markets surveyed, according to the latest Global TV Replacement Study, conducted by NPD DisplaySearch.

San Francisco Chronicle

Robot beats human at rock, paper, scissors. Every time.
Christian Science Monitor
Apparently what most of us had assumed was an innocent game of chance, an equitable way of say, determining who gets to ride shotgun, is actually a computational problem that can be measured, analyzed, and, if your'e a robot with a high-speed camera ...

Christian Science Monitor

New method reveals atmosphere on 'Hot Jupiter'
Christian Science Monitor
Using a ground-based telescope to probe exoplanet atmospheres, which were visible only when illuminated by stars, scientists say they hope to study much cooler planets. By Charles Q. Choi, SPACE.com / June 27, 2012 Artist's impression of the alien ...

Christian Science Monitor

What's wrong with Google's Larry Page?
Google will kick off its annual I/O developers' conference Wednesday in San Francisco, but CEO Larry Page won't be speaking there. He also was a no-show at Thursday's annual stockholders meeting and is expected to miss the company's quarterly earnings ...

HP Releases webOS Community Edition
Tom's Guide
Here's a Community Edition of webOS meant to be used on the TouchPad, extending its lifespan. Separate from the Open webOS project, HP has released webOS Community Edition (WOCE) for use on the failed TouchPad tablet. This first release is based around ...

In European Court, a Small Victory for Microsoft
New York Times
BRUSSELS — A European Union court on Wednesday largely upheld a billion-dollar penalty against Microsoft, a decision that could mark the end of an era in antitrust law in which regulators used big fines to bring technology giants to heel.

Airbnb introduces Wish Lists for vacation planning fantasies
Today, Airbnb launched Wish Lists to help travelers plan their dream vacation in weeks, months, or even a year ahead of time. Admittedly, despite the horror stories, Airbnb is still one of my personal first choice when it comes to finding ...

FarmVille 2 brings the usual sequel upgrades, but it may not be enough to save ...
FarmVille 2, a sequel to Zynga's flagship game, was announced on Tuesday but can it turns things around for the troubled company? If you thought you were done helping friends bring in their Facebook crops, you were dead wrong. Zynga's FarmVille may not ...

Epic's Tim Sweeney Says Free-To-Play Is The Future Of Gaming Industry
Will Western video game developers mimic the largely Asian business model of free-to-play games built around micro-transactions? Almost certainly says Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic. And he's not alone. Epic, the developer behind Gears of War and the Unreal ...


What's Really, Truly Going On With Facebook?
On Sunday, it was discovered that the 900 million-person social network was “testing” a feature that would let people see a digital list of the people who were nearby in real life. Called “Find Friends Nearby,” the app was pulled down by Tuesday ...


New mineral found in Allende meteorite from 1969
The Bunsen Burner
A Caltech scientist has discovered a new mineral called "panguite" in the fragments of a meteorite from 1969. Scientist Chi Ma of Caltech's Geological and Planetary Sciences Division's Analytical Facility, and also coauthor of the new paper, ...

The Bunsen Burner

One more reason to use Windows -- get better travel deals from Orbitz
Computerworld (blog)
By Preston Gralla If you're looking for the best travel deal possible, it pays to be a Windows user, because Mac owners are steered to higher-cost hotels at Orbitz. And that's likely just the beginning -- expect other sites to follow Orbitz and show ...

Apple iPhone Has Generated $150 Billion
Latinos Post
This Friday will mark the fifth anniversary of the Apple iPhone. From its explosive launch to its everyday presence in our lives, the iPhone marks a landmark achievement in mobile computing. For Apple, it has meant an incredibly large and loyal ...

Latinos Post

Researchers delve into airborne particulates
Nanowerk LLC
(Nanowerk News) For the first time, Lawrence Livermore researchers and international collaborators have peered into the makeup of complex airborne particulate matter so small that it can be transported into human lungs -- usually without a trace.

Rising sea level a threat to East
As temperatures are projected to climb, polar ice to melt, and oceans to swell over the coming decades, Boston is likely to bear a disproportionate impact of rising sea levels, government scientists report in a new study. The seas along the East Coast ...


iTunes expands to 9 countries in Asia but leaves India, China out
Los Angeles Times
Apple expanded its iTunes Store to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and nine other countries Wednesday, but the tech giant did not include India or China in its latest expansion into Asia. The Cupertino, Calif., company announced the expansion of the...

Microsoft, Yammer Deal Turns Enterprise Social Media Partners Into Rivals
Enterprise social media vendors who partner with Microsoft have been transformed into market rivals now that Microsoft is acquiring Yammer. One industry analyst says the market dynamic for the erstwhile social media partners “changes dramatically” ...

SpaceX Joins Aerospace Elites to Test New Engines
Wired News
By Jason Paur SpaceX is upgrading its engines. A month after the company's historic trip to the International Space Station, SpaceX says a new and improved version of its Merlin rocket engine has passed initial testing at its development facility in ...

Wired News

Sheryl Sandberg Joins Facebook Board
Wall Street Journal
By SHAYNDI RAICE And JOANN S. LUBLIN The social-networking company announces that CEO Mark Zuckerberg's top lieutenant, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, is joining Facebook's board of directors, making her its first female member.

Wall Street Journal

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