07 June 2012

How to stay safe online with a click-quick mentality

Tech Savvy: How to stay safe online with a click-quick mentality - latimes.com: "If you're on Facebook you've probably seen the tantalizing come-on: full downloads of the just-released blockbuster movie, free gift cards at your favorite store, and even a look at who is peeping at your profile. The only thing these promises fulfill is making a sucker — and victim — out of you with a click that takes a nanosecond. The result can range from annoying to devastating, from a hacker hijacking your email to send nefarious offers to your friends to implanting a virus that can knock out your computer. Knowing that danger potentially lurks with every click could be enough to make you unplug. So how do you avoid being taken without going offline? To be blunt, the best overall approach is to be a bit antisocial in a social world, said Phil Lieberman, president and chief executive of Lieberman Software. Although many of us click "likes" and links as automatically as we blink, you should trust no one enough to click without thinking. Sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook encourage just the kind of click-quick mentality that works in the favor of thieves. . . " 
Internet Crime Complaint Center

Sprint to Offer Prepaid iPhone With Cheaper Data Plans
Wall Street Journal
By THOMAS GRYTA Sprint Nextel Corp, in unveiling its plans to offer the Apple Inc. iPhone through one of its pay-as-you-go businesses, announced a pricing structure that may change how users buy and pay to use the popular smartphone.

Citrix Moving Into Mobile Network Space With Bytemobile Buy

The deal will give Citrix access to mobile network operators, who are under increasing pressure from traffic growth fueled by more mobile devices and greater use of video. Citrix Systems, known for its virtualization and cloud computing offerings, ...

Nokia Scoffs At Google's Offline Maps
Nokia says it's been doing offline maps for years, and that it offers much more than just locally cached maps. Google has announced that several new features are coming to its Google Maps for Mobile and Google Earth products in the coming weeks.

Acer Aspire V5 Runs Intel Ivy Bridge, Is 30 Percent Thinner
Acer, like Dell, has released notebooks for back-to-school shoppers. The Acer Aspire V5 runs Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 or i5 processors, comes in four color options, is 30 percent thinner than its 2011 counterpart and starts at $630.

How Airtime keeps chats clean
By Zach C. Cohen, USA TODAY Airtime, which launched this week on Facebook, offers a way to match people in video chats at random, similar to Chatroulette. But unlike Chatroulette's laissez faire approach, the creators of Airtime are carefully ...


FTC: Patent-Related Gadget Bans Cause 'Substantial Harm'
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius The Federal Trade Commission this week urged the International Trade Commission (ITC) to avoid implementing a patent-related ban on Microsoft's Xbox gaming console or other gadgets covered by standards-essential patents.

Space Pictures This Week: Venus Transit, Shuttle Trek, More
National Geographic
A distorted sun with a "blemish" on its face rises over the Caspian Sea in a picture of the 2012 transit of Venus taken from the shores of Azerbaijan on Wednesday. During the transit—the last one until 2117—Venus crossed between Earth and the sun, ...

National Geographic

Video of 'iPhone 5' back cover emerges, indicates numerous changes
Los Angeles Times
A second video has emerged with what is believed to be a part of the next iPhone; this time it's the back cover. The video, which was posted on YouTube Wednesday by ETrade Supply, appears to confirm various rumored changes expected to be coming to next ...

Microsoft Office first desktop app to hit Windows 8 store
Microsoft's own Office suite has been given the honor as the first desktop, or non-Metro app, to grace the Windows 8 Store. by Lance Whitney Dominated by Metro apps, the Windows Store has landed its first desktop program. Office 2010 is now available ...

10m years ago there was less CO2 - but the Earth was WARMER
By Lewis Page • Get more from this author Scientists are puzzled today by the discovery that millions of years ago levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were lower - and yet, temperatures were higher than today's. The revelations come in a new ...

Google lends name to its trusted online merchants
The search giant wants to expand its merchant approval program to any US businesses worthy of Google's stamp of approval. It's all a part of the company's new shopping experience. by Donna Tam Google is opening up its Google Trusted Stores program ...

Oracle's Cloud Rivals: Reality Check
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison talks like no one else is doing cloud right. Here's the reality on what SAP, Infor, and Microsoft have to offer. By Doug Henschen InformationWeek Oracle unveiled its public cloud on Wednesday, and CEO Larry Ellison dished out ...

Iowa farmer makes mammoth discovery ... of a mammoth!
Christian Science Monitor
By David Pitt, AP / June 7, 2012 In this frame grab provided by the television station WOI-DT, a man carries a mammoth bone on Saturday that was found on his rural farm near Oskaloosa, Iowa. The find is rare because it appears that much of the animal's ...

Christian Science Monitor

Samsung 'to launch Galaxy S III in US', snubs Apple's ban bid
By Brid-Aine Parnell • Get more from this author Samsung has said that its Galaxy S III smartphone will launch in the US, despite Apple's attempts to get it banned. The fruity firm moved to tack the S III onto its preliminary injunction request against ...

Who needs MTV? VJay for iPad lets you mix your own trippy music videos
Your parents told you to be in the house by 11 pm No worries, though. Just pull out your iPad and bring the party home with Algoriddim's latest DJ app, Vjay. Vjay allows users of any experience level to mix and record their favorite videos, songs, ...


60% of leaked LinkedIn passwords cracked
More than 60-percent of the LinkedIn passwords leaked have already seen their encryption cracked, security experts say, though the business-centric social site is yet to confirm whether any users had their accounts infringed.


Twitter Unveils New Logo as Mobile Revenue Soars
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Twitter's famous blue bird is ready to leave the nest. This week, the company revealed its universally recognizable symbol, without any frills. "Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter," the company's creative director Doug Bowman ...

Quixey closes $20m for finding apps based on what they do
Digital Media Wire
App search platform Quixey today announced it has closed a $20 million Series B funding round that it will use to continue growing the company and developing its technology. This round includes new investors Atlantic Bridge, SK Planet and TransLink ...

Digital Media Wire

Samsung Moves CEO Choi to New Role
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Samsung today confirmed an executive shake up that includes a new CEO for the consumer electronics giant. Vice chairman Oh-Hyun Kwon was named as Samsung's new chief executive officer. "As before, Vice Chairman Kwon will oversee the ...

Foursquare 5 Gets New Interface, More
The Mac Observer
The social networking service Foursquare announced the immediate availability of its self-named iPhone app on Thursday. The updated version of the app gained a redesigned interface that the company says will make it easier for users to check in at ...

Robots Mimic Disappearing Cockroaches
Discovery News
The cockroach uses its legs as grappling hooks to pivot quickly over the edge of an object and disappear underneath. A robot that copies how cockroaches and geckos can disappear under ledges in the blink of an eye could lead to search-and-rescue droids ...

So, Did Anything Actually New And Interesting Turn Up At E3?
This was always going to be a pretty quiet E3, inasmuch as an event based around getting audiences to whoop like seals at the sound of gunfire can be said to be quiet. With Microsoft and Sony refusing to disclose any of their next-generation console ...


HTC: Our phones don't infringe Apple patent
In the face of ongoing claims by Apple of patent violations, HTC insists that it's playing by the rules. by Lance Whitney HTC believes it's free and clear of infringing on a key Apple patent despite allegations to the contrary by the iPhone maker.

Microsoft 'hardens' Windows Update from Flame penetration
By Team Register • Get more from this author Microsoft has "hardened" its Windows Update system after researchers discovered the Flame virus can infect PCs by offering itself as an update masquerading as official Microsoft software.

User vote on Facebook privacy policies hasn't stemmed criticism
by Cameron Scott, IDG News Service Facebook is conducting a massive user referendum this week, asking its 900 million-plus users to approve or reject changes to its privacy policy that it first proposed on May 13. Facebook says the result of the vote ...

Why the FBI wants IPv6: It's better for tracking criminals
By William Jackson There are plenty of reasons to like or hate Network Address Translation. Network administrators like it because it provides a way to eke out small pools of IP addresses and allows them to hide portions of their networks from the ...

Biodiversity loss leaving us high and dry
Futurity: Research News
"As much as the consensus statements by doctors led to public warnings that tobacco use is harmful to your health, this is a consensus statement by experts who agree that loss of Earth's wild species will be harmful to the world's ecosystems and may ...

The WiiU Needs Exciting Launch Titles, Or Else
E3 2012 didn't exactly make any of the big three, Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, look terribly good, or place any of them at a significant advantage over one another. Unfortunately, while Sony and Microsoft's disappointment stemmed from the fact they...

Netgear Intros NeoTV Pro, Includes Wireless Display Support
Intel WiDi lets owners stream any on-screen content from their computer to their television. By Troy Dreier Netgear announced the NeoTV Pro today, a set-top box that goes even farther in bridging the television and computer.

Space shuttle Enterprise makes final voyage – to New York
By Brid-Aine Parnell • Get more from this author Crowds of locals and tourists turned out yesterday to see space shuttle Enterprise come to her final rest at her floating museum home. After a day's weather delay, the shuttle set out from New Jersey ...

Lawsuits Highlight Tech's Fine Line
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Harriet Torry Apple's court battles against Samsung and Motorola over alleged iPad copying continue to raise questions over how similar two products can look before one infringes another's copyright. Apple isn't the first multinational to pursue ...

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