01 June 2012

Oracle CEO Ellison on Google Suit and Steve Jobs (audio)

Tech Report: Oracle CEO Ellison Discusses Google Suit, Steve Jobs ...
By Andre Torrez
As the All Things Digital Conference came to a close, a federal judge delivered a setback to Oracle in its lawsuit against Google. Nonetheless Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has fond memories of his highly influential friend.
CBS San Francisco

Microsoft Windows 8 Seen Tapping $58 Billion App Market: Tech
San Francisco Chronicle
As Microsoft struggles to keep up with a technology landscape that is moving beyond personal computers into a future defined by mobile devices, the company is under pressure to gain a toehold in tablets. Demand for these handheld machines is driven by ...

Tech a top priority for Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
South Florida plays a large role in Latin America's technology sector, but lacks the kind of high-profile business leaders want for the industry. The Chamber of Commerce hopes to change that. High-tech yachting, anyone? By Douglas Hanks As the new head ...


Microsoft turns on 'do not track' by default in IE10
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Technology that prevents advertisers from following your online footprints has been around for a couple years, but Microsoft became the first browser maker to turn that feature on as the default setting.

Update: Metric firm changes numbers, Chrome still behind Firefox
US-based Net Applications pegged Google's browser as No. 2 earlier today, but later revised the data By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Google's Chrome passed Mozilla's Firefox in May to become the world's second-most-popular browser, according to data ...

Top 6 New Features of Windows 8 Release Preview
PC Magazine
By Michael Muchmore Many analysts, including yours truly, were somewhat surprised to see how few changes were made between Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 8 Release Preview. Normally, at this point in the process, you'd get a "Release Candidate" ...

Facebook Boosts Pages Security, Adds Scheduled Posts
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot Facebook this week upped its security capabilities by delegating restricted Pages administrator rights, allowing Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga a sigh of relief. The Pages entity is used by businesses and personalities like Disney, ...

Twitter Usage Doubles in a Year
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Have you been tweeting more lately? Because a new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project indicates that there has been a huge uptick in usage of the popular micro-blogging site. As of Feb.

Judge Allows Class-Action Status for Google Books Case
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius A California district judge this week ruled that a lawsuit against Google over its book digitization effort can be designated as a class action. The decision means that authors will not have to sue Google individually for copyright ...

iPhone 5 Predictions: The Best And Worst
Jeff Bertolucci 06/01/2012 Apple's next iPhone will likely arrive in September or October. As the rumor machine cranks into high gear, we sort the solid predictions from the silly. As the unveiling of Apple's next iPhone draws nigh, the rumor mill is ...

Google to charge companies for product search listings
BBC News
Google is to start charging for listing products in its Product Search service. From autumn, only retailers who have paid a fee will appear. For the past 10 years the price comparison service's results were based soley on relevance.

BBC News

Leap shares down on concerns about iPhone subsidies
(Reuters) - Leap Wireless International Inc's (LEAP.O) plan to sell Apple Inc's (AAPL.O) iPhone raised investor concerns about margins at the US provider of prepaid mobile services, sending its shares down 10 percent. Leap said on Thursday that it ...

Nokia: Google Patent Accusations 'Wrong,' Company Has Plenty of IP
Google has accused Nokia and Microsoft of colluding to raise costs by hiring unsavory firms to help them make money off of patents. Nokia responded that it runs independently of Microsoft and each has plenty of IP. An analyst called the Google ...

Google Search Users in China to See Censorship Warnings
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Google on Thursday announced that it will display warnings to Search users in mainland China when their query is likely to result in an error beyond the search giant's control. In recent years, Google has received a number of ...

Court Ruling: No Copyright Violations In Oracle-Google Java Case
By Rick Whiting, CRN Oracle is vowing to appeal a judge's ruling Thursday that Google did not violate Oracle's Java copyrights when it used Java application programming interfaces in its Android mobile operating system.

Flame's Bluetooth Functionality Could Help Spies Extract Data Locally ...
By Lucian Constantin, IDG-News-Service:Romania-Bureau The Bluetooth functionality of the Flame cyberespionage malware could potentially be used to pinpoint the physical location of infected devices and allow local attackers to extract data if they get ...

Nokia acknowledges nano-SIM decision, now says it's 'prepared' to license...
The Verge
By Chris Ziegler on June 1, 2012 10:30 am 25Comments Nokia had been waging the loudest opposition in recent months to Apple's nano-SIM proposal, a mild evolution of the micro-SIM currently found in the iPhone 4 and 4S (among others).

Cyber-stalking: The big boss may turn into Big Brother, report warns
Los Angeles Times
By Michelle Maltais Your Facebook password may be safe and off-limits, but your boss may soon cyber-stalking you -- legally. It's not that your digital life is so riveting, but frankly, you pose a threat as an insider talking freely on social media.

Anonymous Claims Responsibility For Facebook Website Crash
The Hacking group Anonymous posted the claim on Twitter that it was behind the incident, and Facebook did not deny the claim. This was followed by 'Oh yeah … RIP Facebook a new sound of tango down, b*tches.' Shortly after the term 'RIP Facebook' was ...

Microsoft has more to gain than lose from IE10′s default 'Do Not Track' option
Microsoft's web browser Internet Explore 10 will include a default “Do Not Track” feature that allows users to stop advertisers from tracking and collecting their personal data while surfing the net, the company announced late yesterday.


Infinity Ward Founders and Activsion Settle at the Last Minute
For those of you hoping for a big brawlfest of a trial between Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella and their former overlords at Activision, you're about to go home disappointed. The two party's lawyers have been in talks all week ...


Milky Way doomed to head-on crash with Andromeda
CBS News
(Space.com) Four billion years from now, the Milky Way galaxy as we know it will cease to exist. Our Milky Way is bound for a head-on collision with the similar-sized Andromeda galaxy, researchers announced today (May 31). Over time, the huge galactic ...

CBS News

Looking Up: Venus crosses the sun
White Hall Journal
The Sun's image may be safely viewed, projected onto a white screen through binoculars. Line up the binoculars to the Sun by watching the shadow. Having the binoculars on a tripod is advantageous. By Peter Becker Whatever happened to Venus?

SpaceX Dragon Completes Historic Flight
Flying Magazine
By Stephen Pope / Published: Jun 01, 2012 The first privately built spacecraft to travel to the International Space Station returned home on Thursday after successfully completing a historic mission that proved commercial firms can indeed take over ...

Verizon Wireless's Viewdini Makes Its Escape
Multichannel News
By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, 6/1/2012 10:39:14 AM In a move to spur usage of its 4G network, Verizon Wireless on Friday officially launched viewdini, its mobile video portal that provides access to movies, TV shows and other content from ...

Multichannel News

Acer, Toshiba to Take on IPads With Windows 8 Tablets
Acer Inc., Toshiba Corp. (6502) and Asustek Computer Inc. (2357) will unveil tablets running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 8 operating system next week, people with knowledge of the matter said, challenging the dominance of Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s iPad.

'Greatly enhanced' iOS Maps, upgraded Camera & Photos apps expected at WWDC
Apple Insider
By Neil Hughes New software features in iOS, as well as OS X, are likely to be the main highlights at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, though Apple is also expected to refresh a significant portion of its Mac hardware lineup.

"Livermorium" Joins the Periodic Table of Elements
by Peter Jon Shuler | June 1, 2012 — 7:14 AM An international agency has approved new names for the two most recent elements to be added to the periodic table. One of the newly-added elements was synthesized by researchers at Lawrence Livermore ...

Birds may be dinosaurs that never grew up
Los Angeles Times
By Thomas H. Maugh II Modern day birds may simply be dinosaurs that never grew up, researchers say. A comparison of fossilized skulls of juvenile dinosaurs with those of birds shows remarkable similarities, adding further evidence to the growing ...

$8.5 Billion Deal for Calling Service Presents a Puzzle
New York Times
PALO ALTO, Calif. — By some measures, Tony Bates has accomplished a lot at Skype since Microsoft paid $8.5 billion for the Internet calling service. The statistics tell the story. In seven months, the number of people using the service each month has ...

New York Times

top level domains
It's now too late to apply to ICANN to create new generic top-level domains (think .com, .net, .org, .gov, .xxx, etc.), but Google evangelist Vint Cerf says the company turned in a bunch of applications, including at least one with some great humor ...

Last month's solar flare created a mysterious pulse on Earth that seemed to ...
Daily Mail
By Rob Waugh After an unusually long quiet period, the sun unleashed a solar flare on May 17 this year - but scientists are now puzzling over what happened on Earth. Neutron monitors all round the world lit up in response to the blast for the first ...

Daily Mail

E3 2012: What to expect from Sony
by Jeff Bakalar | 1 June 2012 8:57am SGT Coming off what many think was the "winning" press conference at E3 2011, Sony will take the stage Monday night to tell the world what the future holds for the company behind the PlayStation 3.


Small-scale fuel cell designed for the home
TG Daily
Individual homes could soon be powered with their own solid oxide fuel cell systems, thanks to a breakthrough in performance. The new system, from the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), achieves up to 57 percent ...

London's Emerging Tech Cluster Goes to School at Google's ...
By Hamish McKenzie
Called Campus, the five-storey building hosts more than 90 startups and is helping to consolidate and feed an emerging tech cluster that Startup Genome recently said is the third most active in the world, behind only Silicon Valley and New ...

RIM loses Canada's top tech title to CGI
Financial Post
CGI Group Inc.'s US$2.6-billion bid for Logica Plc catapulted it past Research In Motion Ltd. to become Canada's most valuable technology company as investors embraced its bet on Europe. “Multiples of European companies have been dropping, ...

Your Tech Questions, Answered
New York Times (blog)
By SAM GROBART Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Sadly, that's not always the way it works. Sometimes, technology's promise of an easier, more productive life is hidden behind walls of jargon, settings and hardware adjustments.

Chic geeks give San Francisco a new tech grooveReuters
More than ever, technology entrepreneurs, and their investors and employees, are choosing the urban charms of San Francisco over the sprawl of neighboring Silicon Valley. In the South of Market district, the nexus of the city's tech industry, ...

[Infographic] Patent Wars Turn Tech into a Battlefield
One company, backed by some of the largest names in technology, exists almost entirely for this purpose. Rockstar Consortium came together to buy Nortel's 6000 mobile-related patents for $4.5 billion last year. Backed by Apple, Microsoft, Sony, ...

D10: Mayor Bloomberg On Why Tech is Harder in Government than Business
PC Magazine
He said government, like business, has the ability to use technology for all sorts of things, such as to converse with people and to gather data. It's harder, however, to explain the life cycle oftechnology in government, where "mission creep" ...

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