15 March 2012

Reasons you should and shouldn't buy the new iPad

The new iPad: Reasons you should and shouldn't buy it
Washington Post
Here are five reasons to buy — and not to buy — Apple's latest iPad, according to Washington Posttech blogger Hayley Tsukayama. If you're really into photos or video, then the screen is probably the single-most compelling reason to upgrade. . . . 

Apple iPad review: 'Retina Display' technology makes screen look like glowing paper
Washington Post
The tablet also offers a greatly improved camera on its back (a 5 megapixel shooter with technologysimilar to the one featured on the iPhone 4S), new 4G LTE options (for both Verizon and AT&T), and a considerably more powerful processor. . . .

IPad Maintains Apple's Lead: Tech by Rich Jaroslovsky
By Rich Jaroslovsky on March 14, 2012 Let's get right to the point: If you don't already have an iPad, chances are you'll be very happy with the third-generation model that goes on sale Friday. If you already have an iPad 2, there's little need to ... 

How to Use Technology to Beat Obama's March Madness Bracket
By Sam Laird
If you trust in tech, Pick My Bracket could give you a leg up on President Obama. It's fun to compare your picks against his in the bracket challenge, but also ends with a bit of a letdown. After finishing your picks, the site whisks you away to a ...
Mashable » US & World

iPad reviewed: "Like getting a new eyeglasses ... - Fortune Tech - CNN
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
The Wall St. Journal's Walt Mossberg: A Million More Pixels Than HDTV. "The key upgrades are to those core features — the 9.7-inch screen and the data speed over cellular networks. These upgrades are massive. Using the new display is ...
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

Dissected iPad reveals Samsung, Qualcomm parts
By Noel Randewich and Poornima Gupta | SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple's new iPad uses chips made by Qualcomm, Broadcom, Samsung Electronics and other semiconductor makers, according to a firm that cracked open one of the devices.

New NASA Video Depicts the Moon's Fiery History
Wired News
By Adam Mann The man in the moon might not change from month to month, but the lunar surface didn't always look this way. A new NASA video depicts the fiery history of the moon, showing how the familiar shapes we see each night were actually caused by ...

New iPad foils reviewers' attempts to find legitimate faults
The new iPad will be available on Friday, but reviews of it are already floating around — courtesy of those lucky enough to chosen by Apple for a sneak peek of the device. So what's being said about the latest Apple gadget?

Record-seeking skydiver makes 13-mile test jump
The Associated Press
Skydiving daredevil Felix Baumgartner is more than halfway toward his goal of setting a world record for the highest jump. Baumgartner lifted off Thursday for a test jump from Roswell, NM, aboard a 100-foot helium balloon. He rode inside a pressurized ...

The Associated Press

Google Hires Rose, Entrepreneur Founder of Digg
By Brian Womack on March 15, 2012 Google Inc. (GOOG), the world's largest Web-search provider, is hiring Kevin Rose, the founder of news- aggregation service Digg Inc., according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Gas prices spike, and American motorists rumble with anger, frustration
Washington Post
Stephens City, Va. — Long before the coming of the internal combustion engine, Route 11 was a pioneer track known as the Great Wagon Road. Eventually the interstate highway stole the long-distance traffic, and Route 11 became a byway,...

'Diablo 3' finally gets a release date
Blizzard's long awaited dungeon crawler, and one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2012 in general, finally has a release date. "Diablo 3" will arrive on both physical and digital store shelves on May 15. Knowing that demand for the game spans ...

Boffins build cyborg snails to generate electricity
A team of scientists have successfully implanted a bioelectronic fuel cell into a living organism and used its blood sugar to charge a battery. The team from Potsdam, New York's Clarkson University (thankfully nothing to do with Top Gear) implanted a ...

ACM Awards Judea Pearl the Turing Award for Work On Artificial Intelligence
PC Magazine
By Michael J. Miller Artificial intelligence has recently seen some great developments: better search engines, improved speech recognition programs, IBM's Watson project, and more. Underlying all of these advances are models of machine learning.

'Deathstar' like object spotted near sun
The West Australian
A NASA video of a dark, disc shaped object hovering near the sun has set off a wave of speculation online as amateur astronomers try to figure out what the object could be. The video, taken from a NASA satellite and uploaded to Youtube by a man calling ...

Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 4G 16GB (2012)
With its much-touted Retina Display, better graphics and 4G support, is the new Apple iPad a worthy successor to the iPad 2? S/n Audio Video Sub text 1 CNET Asia 'video' logo 2 Apple's new iPad has arrived. The company calls it Resolutionary for its ...

Giant Squid's Basketball-Size Eyes Have Sperm Whale Vision
National Geographic
A museum technician shines a light on an eye of a dead colossal squid four years ago. Colossal squid corneas—relatively small parts of the animal's basketball-size eyes (file picture). Photograph by Marty Melville, Getty Images.

National Geographic

Lame hacker tool or trojan delivery device? Hands on with Anonymous-OS
Ars Technica
By Sean Gallagher | Published March 15, 2012 4:55 PM On March 13, an anonymous benefactor announced the availability of Anonymous-OS, a new live-bootable Linux distribution tailored for a... particular class of user. The package was posted on ...

ESP study debunked: Steer clear of rabbit hole, psychologists say
Los Angeles Times
By Amy Hubbard Psychic ability is real, and here's proof, Daryl Bem said in 2011. It was an exciting claim, but excitement fades with time -- and, often, with further investigation. The social psychologist at Cornell University did research that he ...

Los Angeles Times

Bioware to Fans Protesting Mass Effect 3's Ending: We're Listening
The fan community has exploded with rage, the internet has been filled with competing op-eds, a petition has been started, and in a wonderful twist, thousands of dollars have been raised for sick children. Now, Bioware is beginning to respond to the ...


Sprint Galaxy Nexus gets approved by FCC, one step closer to daylight
By Brad Molen posted Mar 15th 2012 3:56PM The Samsung SPH-L700. It may sound like a silly combination of letters and numbers, but it just so happens to be the model number for Sprint's version of the Galaxy Nexus -- and it's officially made it through ...

iPad vs. iPad: Which 4G tablet should you choose?
By Kevin Fitchard Mar. 15, 2012, 3:51pm PT No Comments 3G and 4G tablets haven't exactly been hot sellers since their introduction two years ago. Driven by the big markup for the extra radios as well as the cost of the mobile data plans, customers are ...


Hey HTC Vivid Owners, Go Download Your Ice Cream Sandwich Update
Despite launching last October, the Ice Cream Sandwich club is still a pretty exclusive one, and even moreso in the United States. Let's see, there's the Galaxy Nexus… and, yeah, that's really it. Surprisingly though, while HTC mentioned earlier this ...


Human fossils hint at new species
BBC News
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News The remains of what may be a previously unknown human species have been identified in southern China. The bones, which represent at least five individuals, have been dated to between 11500 and 14500 ...

BBC News

SEC probes trading in pre-IPO tech shares
Washington Post
They've been some of the most coveted investments of recent years — pre-IPO shares oftechnology companies such as Facebook and Twitter — and the demand for them has spurred the emergence of a hot new private marketplace. But some investors in that ...

Cisco to acquire video technology company NDS Group for about $5B, including debt
Washington Post
Cisco Systems Inc. said Thursday that it will buy digital video technology company NDS Group Ltd. for about $5 billion, including debt. Cisco said buying NDS will accelerate the delivery of its Videoscape entertainment platform and help it grow in ...

How To Get Your Music & Tech Startup Funded Panel @ SXSW ...
By Dan Rys, Austin
SXSW's Getting Your Music/Tech Startup Funded panel brought together a spectrum of financial backers, from the bottom level to the very high end. Moderated by the...
DOPNEWS: Billboard

Tech Report: Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops Print Editions « CBS ...
By Keith Mizuguchi
It really shows that people no longer want printed editions.” KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid :Tech Report: Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops Print Editions. Magid said that people are not willing to spend the amount of money and find the ...
CBS San Francisco

Ask The Readers: What's Your Tech Spring Cleaning Routine ...
By Jason Fitzpatrick
Whether you actually time your technology cleaning with the first blooms of spring or not, we're interested in hearing all about your routines for keeping your machines clean and organized both inside and out.
How-To Geek

How floating touch technology works | Ubergizmo
By Edwin Kee
Remember our announcement on the Sony Xperia sola yesterday? Well, surely one of the biggest featuers of the Xperia sola would be the new touch sensor technology known as “floating touch”, where it lets you interact with the phone's ...

10 ways technology will change travel by 2020 | Matador Network
By Jason Wire
The way you travel today will not be the way you travel tomorrow.
Matador Network

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