30 March 2012

Cook More Popular Than Jobs at Apple? So what!

Editorial: The implication of the following story is that popularity determines success, or is equal to effective "leadership." There is no such correlation in the real world despite the desires of journalists or employees. Cook, in particular, has already made a mistake by taking such high profile positions in the media (China trip etc.)--it may satisfy his ego, or be pleasing to his personal supporters, but he's no "Steve Jobs." In fact, the more he asserts his personality over the legacy of Jobs and the inherited culture of Apple, he damages the Apple brand. In the meantime, quality issues accompanying the release of the "new iPad" indicate a lack of both attention to detail and the quality of leadership that Jobs provided.  At some point, the pipeline of products that Apple built up under Jobs' leadership will end, then what will be the judgment of Cook? Remember, even Jobs knew that Cook is not a "product guy."

Cook More Popular Than Jobs At Apple
It hasn't taken long for Tim Cook to capture the hearts and minds of the Apple faithful. By John P. Mello Jr. TechBriefcase is a new, free service where IT Professionals can Search, Store and Share IT white papers and content like this.


The Top 9 Tech CEOs Of 2012, As Rated By Employees: Glassdoor Survey
Huffington Post
Glassdoor.com, a career review and rating site, surveyed employees at the country's top techcompanies to determine the approval ratings of their respective chiefs. According to a press email, the site asked a simple question of employees working at ...

Google Launches Startup Base in London `Tech City'
Washington Post
30, 2012 - March 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Mark Barton reports on the launch of Google Inc.'s new technology hub in east London's "Tech City." He speaks on Bloomberg Television's on "First Look." (Source: Bloomberg) (/Bloomberg) Correction: ...

"MotionBEAT" to Exhibit at ad:tech SF April 2-4
MarketWatch (press release)
TOKYO, Mar 30, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- "MotionBEAT,Inc." will be exhibiting at ad:tech San Francisco ( http://na.ad-tech.com/sf/ ) next week in SF, April 3rd and 4th. We will be located on the first floor (booth# 1527). If you are attending, ...

Another Iconic Tech Player Throws In the Mobile Towel
By Evan Niu (TMFNewCow), The Motley Fool Tech companies nowadays need a mobile strategy to stay relevant, especially if we're talking about a gadget maker. Unfortunately for one of the few remaining domestic PC makers, it's been grasping for a mobile ...

Tech Minute: Photo sharing now easier than ever
Install Flash now Video description: Smartphone cameras are a thriving phenomenon with improved technology, software features, lenses, and apps that rival the quality that was once only available in dedicated cameras. And thanks to a new photo-sharing ...

Tech review: How to watch March Madness on your mobile device
Fond du Lac Reporter
AP Photo/Turner Sports AP Technology Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Madness is one way to describe my experience with March Madness Live, a service for watching the annual college basketball tournament on computers and mobile devices. Don't get me wrong.

Some Technology You Might Find Very Useful For MMOs — MMO ...
By Hugh Hancock
Keyboard, two-button mouse, single monitor, webcam, headset, FRAPS. But there's an entire world of assistive tech out there – and some of it's. ... Some Technology You Might Find Very Useful For MMOs. by Hugh Hancock on March 29, 2012 ...
MMO Melting Pot

New technology needs more assessment « SciDev.Net's Blog
By scidevnet
Net, the Science and Development Network, providing news and analysis from events relating to science, tech and development. ... While the zero draft of the outcome document for the upcoming UN Conference for Sustainable Development ( Rio+20) talks about the need fortechnology transfer and capacity building — it fails to mention the equally valuable need for impact assessment of those technologies before they are released, said Kathy Jo Wetter, a researcher at the Action ...
SciDev.Net's Blog

Florida Laptop Program Brings Tech to Disadvantaged Students ...
It is funded by donations--Everest University Online gave $14000 to the foundation March 22, which will provide laptop, headset, AC adaptor, information technology support, and shipping to 20 students. "The Laptop for Learners program ...
THE Journal: All Current Articles

Google Campus opens in London's Tech City - ComputerworldUK.com
By cwukfeedback@idg.co.uk (Derek du Preez)
“The way that Google has engaged with the east London technology community, and designed this campus to meet the needs of local entrepreneurs and tech companies, is absolutely exemplary,” said Osborne. East London Tech City firms ...
Computerworld UK Public Sector

Top 4 NYSE Stocks In The Information Technology Services Industry ...
By Monica Gerson
Below are the top information technology services stocks on the NYSE in terms of cash. Accenture plc (NYSE: ACN) had $5.57 billion .... CNBC's Joe Terranova Bullish On Tech Sector Equities Google, IBM... What's Next in US Macro? Q4 GDP ...

When Office Technology Overwhelms, Get Organized - NYTimes.com
When Office Technology Overwhelms, Get Organized. Stuart Isett for The New York Times. The 21st-century workplace extols open space, not hierarchy. At the ...

Apple Labor Pact Could Ripple Across China
Wall Street Journal
By LORETTA CHAO, JAMES T. AREDDY and ARIES POON Manufacturers grappling with rising labor costs and worker demands in China could face further pressure if a critical probe of a major Apple supplier sets a new standard for China's factory workers,...

Nano-SIM Battle Between Apple, Nokia Delayed
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius The world will have to wait a bit longer for a new SIM card standard, as officials on Friday failed to adopt a proposal from Apple. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) said in a statement today that its smart...

Verizon Talks Up Mobile Video Service
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman The chief executive of Verizon Wireless said Friday that his company could have the beginnings of a wireless video network in place by the holidays. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Verizon chief executive Lowell McAdam said that ...

Microsoft Courier Lives On Via New iPad Apps
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo Microsoft's dual-screen Courier tablet may have never made it to market, but the innovative idea lives on in two, new content-creation apps just released for the iPad: Tapose and Paper. The Courier tablet, which first made ...

Why Windows 8 Will (and Won't) Matter to Enterprises
PC Magazine
By Michael J. Miller I've heard a lot of talk about Windows 8 in the enterprise lately. Some people say that the new "Metro" interface is so different that it will prevent enterprise customers from migrating to the new operating system.

Why Google's Tablet Store Isn't the Nexus One All Over Again
PC Magazine
By Sascha Segan The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Google is starting a store to sell Android tablets online. This is an attempt to jumpstart the sales of tablets running Google-approved versions of Android, which haven't been doing well ...

'Speed of light' experiment professor resigns
ROME — The Italian professor who led an experiment that initially appeared to challenge one of the fundaments of modern physics by showing particles moving faster than the speed of light has resigned after the finding was overturned earlier this month.

Compared to other groups, conservatives have least confidence in science
Ars Technica
By John Timmer | Published March 30, 2012 11:53 AM In the US, science has become a bit of a political punching bag, with a number of presidential candidates accusing climatologists of fraud, even as state legislators seek to inject phony controversies ...

Ars Technica

LG Intros 6-inch Flexible E-Paper Plastic Display
Tom's Guide
Soon you don't have to worry about breaking your new e-reader's display, as LG is now mass producing a flexible plastic version to replace the current glass-based e-paper. LG Display said on Thursday that it has begun mass producing the "world's first" ...

Will your next iPhone have a 3-D camera?
Los Angeles Times
By Michelle Maltais The cameras on generation after generation of iPhone have gotten increasingly better. So much so that it's often the only camera owners carry these days. What could Apple have in mind for the future? The next dimension in iPhone ...

Oracle, Micron settle lawsuit that alleged price-fixing
San Jose Mercury News
AP BOISE, Idaho -- Micron Technology has settled a lawsuit in which Oracle (ORCL) accused the Idaho memory chipmaker and other companies of artificially inflating prices for microchips. The 2010 lawsuit claimed that Micron and the other companies ...

Canada's Flaherty says RIM to set own fate
| TORONTO, March 30 (Reuters) - Asked if the Canadian government would accept at takeover of Research In Motion, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on Friday that the BlackBerry maker would set its own fate. "RIM is a private company that ...

Nielsen: first time Smartphone and Feature Phone usage equal
It's the first time this has ever happened folks, so mark it on your calendar: Nielsen Wire has reported that they've found both Smartphones and Feature Phones (every kind of cell phone other than Smartphones) are being used an equal amount in the USA.


Siri pairs with MacBook Pro this summer
In a move that may well portend this summer (or winter) reveal of the iPhone 5, Apple has had a patent revealed which shows an iPhone connecting to a Desktop computer for the sharing of Siri. Since Siri became wildly popular and was picked up by Apple ...


Analyst: Next-gen consoles won't block used games
TG Daily
Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says there's no way the PS4 or the Xbox 720 will ban used games. Both consoles have been rumored to incorporate technology that will be able to recognize whether or not a game disc has ever been put in another ...

TG Daily

Venus and Pleiades Star Cluster Shine in Celestial Show Tuesday
by Joe Rao, SPACE.com Skywatching Columnist As the bright planets Venus and Jupiter go their own separate ways after their spectacular tryst in mid-March, Venus continues to grow ever-brighter as the northern spring evenings warm up.

Obsidian Gears Up For Wasteland 2
Escapist Magazine
Brian Fargo has added a huge incentive to drive Wasteland 2 Kickstarter funding to even higher levels: Obsidian Entertainment. I'll get right to the point. If the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, currently sitting at $1.65 million in funding, can reach $2.1 ...

Getting Deep with Sylvia Earle
National Geographic
Driver training in a 1 person sub. My instructor was ocean scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle. I did this story several years ago but was reminded of the experience when James Cameron and National Geographic teamed up this week to dive the Mariana Trench, ...

Facebook Is Going After Google In Search, But That Doesn't Mean What You Think ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Yesterday we learned that Facebook has hired an ex-Google engineer and tasked him and two dozen other engineers with improving Facebook Search. Now Techmeme is full of people saying that Facebook is arming up to go after Google.

Yahoo Plans Support for 'Do Not Track' Web Privacy Tool
Wired News
By Scott Gilbertson Yahoo has announced it will soon support the Do Not Track privacy header across its sprawling network of websites. Supporting Do Not Track means you will soon be able to easily tell Yahoo to stop tracking your movements around the ...

New Evidence that Our Insecticides are Killing Off the Bees
We've all heard that bee populations are dwindling. Far less clear, however, is what's actually causing the slump. Now, two studies have provided some of the most compelling evidence to date that a popular class of insecticides may be contributing ...

Cops: Blind man's trip in Google's self-driving car legal
Police News
By Mark Hachman Google's video showing a trip to a Taco Bell in a self-driving car was within the law, according to police who monitored the test drive. Google's video showing a blind man taking a ride to a Taco Bell in a self-driving car was legal, ...

Reports: Toshiba, Micron, Hynix to bid for Elpida
Power Management Design Line
SAN FRANCISCO—Micron Technology Inc., SK Hynix Inc. and Toshiba Corp. are all in the process of throwing their hats in the ring to acquire all or part of bankrupt Japanese DRAM vendor Elpida Memory Inc., according to media reports.

iPhone 4 Owners To Get $15 For Antennagate Issues
The old time issue that plagued the iPhone 4 release, yes, we are talking about "antennagate" is concluded. The class-action lawsuit ended in favour of iPhone 4 owners who will get the compensation from Apple, of $15. Since the reception issues ...

Android To Surpass Windows by 2016
Google's Android will surpass Microsoft's Windows as the most popular operating system in the world by 2016, research firm IDC predicted in a study released Thursday. The study, which combines usually disparate computer sectors such as PCs, ...


LG Optimus Elite gets photographed, decked out in Sprint and Virgin livery
By Edgar Alvarez posted Mar 30th 2012 1:09PM Not a fan of that 5-inch, IPS display on the Optimus Vu? Perhaps, you'd be more interested in a smaller, lesser-specced member of the family. According to PocketNow, the Optimus Elite is sprinting its way ...

Lucid by LG Review
We're taking a look at a smartphone being released by Verizon this week as the newest addition to their 4G LTE lineup: the inexpensive yet surprisingly powerful Lucid by LG. This device features a dual-core Qualcomm processor, a lovely IPS LCD display, ...

Tornado the size of 5 earths twists on Sun's surface
By David Self Newlin SALT LAKE CITY -- There's tornadoes, like the one that hit downtown Salt Lake City in 1999, and then there's tornadoes, like the giant F5 that hit Manitoba in 2007. And then there's the great great granddaddy of all the vicious ...

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