28 March 2012

Apple's iPad 4G advertisements may create legal stir

Apple's iPad 4G advertisements may create legal stir in more countries
Washington Post
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced Tuesday that it was going to take legal action against Apple for allegedly “misleading'”consumers with the iPad's 4G label. Now it looks like Sweden and Britain want to do the same.

Why Apple Must Enable FaceTime On LTE
Video calling is a sci-fi staple, from Star Trek to The Jetsons. But to bring it mainstream, Apple must allow FaceTime on LTE. Ever since Bell Labs unveiled its Picturephone 50 years ago, people have been captivated by the idea that calls would migrate ...

IE10 in Windows 8: Metro style vs. desktop style
Windows 8 packages Internet Explorer 10 in two different flavors--Metro and desktop, each with their own pros and cons. Which one is better, and how can you manage both? by Lance Whitney March 28, 2012 8:09 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit For better or worse,...

FBI, Army Tap Epic Games For Training Simulations
Intelligence and military agencies license the game engine behind Gears of War and Mass Effect to simulate decision-making, medical, and crime-scene scenarios. By Elizabeth Montalbano InformationWeek The FBI and other federal agencies are leveraging a ...

Survey pegs Apple gear in half of US homes
A new survey says that Apple products can be found in half of US homes, and that many who have not purchased, intend to this year. by Josh Lowensohn March 28, 2012 12:04 PM PDT Follow @Josh San Francisco Apple store line-goers in the early morning on ...

Security researchers kill Kelihos again after Bitcoin crime spree
Ars Technica
By Jon Brodkin | Published March 28, 2012 1:45 PM Security researchers have disabled the latest botnet created with Kelihos malware, stopping a 116000-bot-strong operation devoted to Bitcoin hacking and other crimes. Announced today, the operation took ...

Ars Technica

Fossil foot poses human origins puzzle
By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY Swinging from trees like an ape but sometimes ambling on the ground, the owner of a foot fossil some 3.4 million years old poses a puzzle for paleontologists over humanity's history of walking. Discovered in Ethiopia's Afar ...

Box Launches OneCloud for Enterprise Application Sharing
Box OneCloud provides a suite of about 30 free business applications that enable workers to access, edit, and share content from their iPhones or iPads. Online storage and business application tools provider Box has opened a new section of its cloud ...

Microsoft: 10 Fascinating Facts About Windows, Other Products
By Nicholas Kolakowski on 2012-03-28 Whether it's Windows on their office PC, an Xbox 360 powering their video games and entertainment, Hotmail for their email or some collaboration platform helping their work projects, Microsoft's software products ...


How to watch HBO Go on your Apple TV, sort of
Apple TV doesn't directly support the channel, and the app version doesn't allow video out. But where there's a will (and a Comcast account), there's a way. by Rick Broida March 28, 2012 11:09 AM PDT Follow @cheapskateblog "Flight of the Conchords" ...

Challenger Deep as a tourist site? Modern-day Jules Verneses say 'yes.'
Christian Science Monitor
There's not much to see in the blackness seven miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. But enthusiasts can envision the day when citizen adventurers would descend to Challenger Deep and other deep-sea destinations.

Christian Science Monitor

Potential Mac-bound Intel Ivy Bridge chips to launch at end of April
Apple Insider
By Sam Oliver A slew of mobile and desktop CPUs from Intel's forthcoming Ivy Bridge lineup are set to launch on April 29, potentially signaling when Apple could refresh some of its Mac lineup. The new Ivy Bridge chips are due to be announced the fourth ...

Samsung Surprises Experts by Shipping 5 Million Galaxy Notes
By Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News Samsung Electronics has shipped 5 million units of its "smart notepad", the Galaxy Note, surpassing most expectations, according to analysts. When the Note was launched last year it was seen by many as a bit of an ugly ...

Astronomers say that there are billions of potentially habitable planets in ...
Christian Science Monitor
A team of European astronomers say that about 40 percent of red dwarf stars - the most common type of star in the Milky Way - have at least one planet whose temperatures would allow liquid water on the surface. By Ben Hirschler, Reuters / March 28, ...

Christian Science Monitor

LG Lucid Hands-on and Unboxing
This week LG and Verizon have announced a cute little addition to their 4G LTE lineup with the “Lucid by LG”, complete with a lovely 4-inch IPS LCD display and dual-core processor inside. This device fits rather nicely in the hand, is made to be a big ...

Cisco snarfs ClearAccess for remote broadband apps
By Timothy Prickett Morgan • Get more from this author Networking giant Cisco Systems has added another arrow to its quiver and is aiming at the service provider market with the acquisition of ClearAccess, a maker of what is called TR-069 software.

EU takes summer bite out of mobile phone roaming charges
The Guardian
Cuts in mobile phone roaming charges are on the way this summer – the latest move by the European commission towards reducing the gap between domestic and foreign call rates almost to zero by 2015, with the rates protected until June 2017.

The Guardian

Big air: 'Sand Flea' robot jumps 30 feet high
A four-wheeled robot that looks like a kid's geeky remote controlled car is making some impressive leaps that should make the military's top brass giddy with childlike joy. It can leap some 30 feet in the air, high enough to jump onto roofs and over ...


Google's New Account Activity Feature Shows Your Shocking Addiction To Google ...
Google is launching a new feature today called Account Activity that will help users gain more insight into their usage of Google services. Available to those who opt in, the utility will offer monthly reports detailing your account activity, ...

Amazon Releases Kindle Touch 3G in 175 Countries
ABC News
Amazon.com Inc. said Wednesday that it is releasing its Kindle Touch 3G e-reader in more countries and more languages worldwide. The touch-screen e-reader has been available in the US since last fall. The gadget is available for pre-orders and will be ...

Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with next Chinese leader
Los Angeles Times
By Salvador Rodriguez Li, who's expected to become China's next leader, and Cook discussed intellectual-property issues and greater cooperation between the country and the tech giant, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Apple's Siri might have been called something else
According to one of Siri's creators, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was not initially enamored with the name. by Josh Lowensohn March 28, 2012 9:51 AM PDT Follow @Josh Apple's Siri. Sass comes at no extra charge. What's in a name?


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's reticence to meet with investors could hurt IPO ...
By Alistair Barr and Alexei Oreskovic Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, walk near Fuxing Road in Shanghai March 27, 2012. Zuckerberg and his girlfriend were visiting Shanghai, according to local media reports.

NTIA report identifies prime spectrum, advocates sharing
Communications, Engineering & Design Magazine
NTIA, along with various federal agencies, evaluated the potential of the 1755-1850 MHz band to accommodate commercial wireless broadband service. While the wireless industry has had its eye on the spectrum band for a long time, more than 20 federal ...

Is It Snowing Microbes on Enceladus?
Popular Science
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 03.28.2012 at 2:30 pm 0 Comments Enceladus Jets Dramatic plumes spray water ice from many locations near the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus. More than 30 individual jets of different sizes can be seen in this image ...

Popular Science

Newly Discovered Hammerhead Shark's 'Twin' Sparks Concern
Scientists recently confirmed that endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks have a fishy twin — a newfound species, still unnamed, that is distinct, yet very closely resembles the threatened sharks. The case of mistaken identity indicates that scalloped...

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