24 March 2012

Great sling shot games that aren't named Angry Birds

Great sling shot games that aren't named Angry Birds
Angry Birds Space is the big mobile game release this week, but there are plenty of slingshot games worthy of your iOS device. by Jason Parker March 23, 2012 5:16 PM PDT Follow @jparkerCNET With the incredible success of the original Angry Birds, ...

Giant Laser Fires Record Shot, Laser Fusion On the Way?
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter It won't be blowing up Alderaan any time soon, but the world's largest laser array is literally firing on all cylinders for the very first time and is approaching the level of power required to achieve a long-sought goal, ...

How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom
But technology is only as good as the system it's applied to. Much like a fresh coat of paint will not improve the fuel efficiency of a '69 Mustang, the application of technology to a broken system masks deeper problems with short-term gains.

GM will give owners of plug-in Volt new electric cord
By Fred Meier, USA TODAY Volt owners are getting another lesson in what it means to be on the cutting edge of auto mobility -- many will need to bring their cars in for a beefier extension cord. General Motors has announced it is replacing the cord and ...

AT&T profiting from Nigerian scammers, DoJ charges
AT&T can't catch a break from the US government. First the feds squashed Big Phone's proposed merger with Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA, and now the Department of Justice has slapped a suit on the company for alleged improper billing for services ...

Gadgets Oracle's Anti-Android Java Lawsuit Likely to be Settled For Under $100 ...
Oracle Corp. (ORCL) aggressively pursued Google Inc. (GOOG) for reportedly knowingly infringing on Oracle's Java intellectual property via an unlicensed Apache open source distribution. The Java IP had been acquired by Oracle in its April 2009 ...

Verizon's Unlimited 3G Data Users Get Throttled Too
Tom's Guide
Verizon actually throttles heavy data users of its 3G wireless service, but it's not month-long like AT&T. Are you one of Verizon's customers who still has an unlimited data plan? Typically this group already subscribed to unlimited data long before ...

HP and Dell Must Fight Apple in Devices (There Is no Higher Ground)
For the last few years, Apple has derailed the largest PC manufacturers in phones, tablets and high-end consumer PCs. Apple has done this with a relentless focus on the experience all the way from pre-purchase to support, and everything in-between.


Why does AT&T have such a bad attitude?
Today, once again, AT&T went out of its way to issue an unnecessary statement bashing opponents of its T-Mobile deal...you know, the deal that failed several months ago. We examine this statement and list off many of AT&T's rude remarks over the last ...


Facebook Takes Steps to Address Privacy Concerns
ABC News
Facebook has taken steps in recent days to address more worries about privacy, warning employers not to ask prospective employees for their passwords and trying to clarify its user "rights and responsibilities" policies. But the latter effort backfired ...

Facebook buys IBM patents
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook confirmed Friday that it has added a trove of IBM patents to its arsenal on an increasingly lawsuit-strewn technology battlefield. Reports that Facebook bought 750 software and networking patents from IBM surfaced less than two ...


Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace surpasses 70K apps
In the world of the iPhone App Store and Google Play, apps are now counted in the hundreds of thousands. Microsoft's burgeoning alternative isn't quite there yet, but it is showing modest and continuous growth. The Windows Phone library of apps have ...


What's coming on iPhone 5?
Los Angeles Times
Sure, the new iPad just came out a week ago. But it's never too early to talk about what everyone's expecting next on the iFrontier – iPhone 5, of course. There's no shortage of speculation on what it could have and what it should have.

Congress warned that military systems may already be pwned
Security experts testifying at hearings held by the US Senate Armed Services Committee on cybersecurity have warned that maintaining a perimeter to keep out spies is unsupportable, and that the US should assume that its networks have already been fully ...

Report: New iPad already accounts for over 6% of all Apple tablets
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff A Friday report from a mobile ad network claims that, despite being on sale for only one week, the new iPad already accounts for 6.6 percent of Apple tablets accessing the internet. Chitika Insights found that over the past 24 ...

Which cities lose cell phones the most, and when?
By Amy Gahran, Special to CNN Loss "is absolutely the biggest mobile security risk cell phone owners currently face," a technology company official says. Editor's note: Amy Gahran writes about mobile tech for CNN.com. She is a San Francisco Bay Area ...

Runaway planets ejected from galaxy at insane speeds
Christian Science Monitor
New evidence suggests that planets are being tossed out of the Milky Way at speeds comparable to the speed of light. By Denise Chow, SPACE.com / March 23, 2012 This artist's animation shows a moon-sized planet crashing at high-speed into a planet ...

Christian Science Monitor

Life-like battles can be played out in 'Mass Effect 3'
Eagle News
By Jacob Steiner The reapers in this telling of “Mass Effect” were ruthless. On March 6, “Mass Effect 3” was released for Xbox 360 and PS3. In the game you play as Commander Shepard, humanity's only hope. You must recruit fleets from around the galaxy ...

BlackBerry 10 Prototypes Due for May Developer Release
Sci-Tech Today
By Adam Dickter "They have to wait until they have a really rock-solid product and can do a bigger launch," said analyst Gerry Purdy of RIM's BlackBerry 10 phones. "I think they are a little bit scared and might want to put out test models so they can ...

Sci-Tech Today

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G First Impressions
Officially speaking, it's not a Galaxy S II device, but the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G joins AT&T's Captivate Glide as a spinoff of an exceptionally popular Android series. Feature-wise, it's almost there, with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU, ...

The Kid is back: Kid Icarus Uprising
Nintendo has kept the lid on the Kid Icarus franchise since the days of the NES. Over a quarter-century later, the series is getting a full reboot for the 3DS. So how does it stack up? As we approach the year anniversary of the 3DS, only a handful of ...

The 45-Foot Paper Airplane
By Glenn Pew, Contributing Editor, Video Editor The Pima Air and Space Museum, Tuscon, has built and Wednesday flew (sort of) a 45-foot-long paper airplane. The team included Art Thompson as lead engineer. Thompson's previous projects include work on ...


Europe's ATV space freighter launches
BBC News
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News The robotic truck is heading to the International Space Station (ISS) with new supplies of food, water, air, and fuel. It is also carrying experiments and spares for the high-flying astronaut outpost.

BBC News

Giant asteroid Vesta 'resembles planet'
BBC News
The giant asteroid Vesta possesses many features usually associated with rocky planets like Earth, according to data from a Nasa probe. Vesta has been viewed as a massive asteroid, but after studying the surface in detail, scientists are describing it ...

BBC News

Verizon Study Confirms 2011 Was The Year Of Anonymous, With 100 Million Users ...
Anonymous may have had a rough 2012 so far, with dozens of its most active members arrested and one of its leaders and organizers revealed as a government informant. But a quick look at the stats shows that in terms of pure information mayhem, ...

Facebook Developer Zynga Paid $180 million For Omgpop
Zynga's acquisition of Draw Something maker Omgpop cost $180 million that will come from the secondary stock offering. This data came to light today in an amendment that Zynga filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing also revealed ...

Giant black holes called cosmic 'gluttons'
LEICESTER, England, March 23 (UPI) -- Black holes a billion times heavier than our sun may have gotten that big by being gluttons and eating several "meal courses" at once, UK researchers say. Researchers from the University of Leicester and Australian ...

Toshiba Regza AT200
Given the Regza's price and the context of other 10-inch Android tablets on the market or on the horizon, Toshiba's tablet isn't offering the best value. The honor of having the most cutting-edge processor goes to Asus and the quad-core Tegra 3 chip ...

Data Mining and Kids Part 2: The Google Echo Chamber
Wired News
By Erik Wecks In the first post on data mining and kids, I argued parents should be cautious when it comes to corporate data mining and advertising aimed at their children. Children are more prone to be influenced by stories told to them than adults.

The Law Always Lags Technology: Implications for Digital Medicine ...
By Kent Bottles, MD
... source of human problems that the law must address.” The law also always lags technologybecause the common law tradition requires “that the legal system should not predetermine the course of technological application and product development. ... The Law Always LagsTechnology: Implications for Digital Medicine (Tech). By Kent Bottles, MD. Beyond Coding: Will the ... The Political Economy of Health Information Technology. By MIKE MILIARD. Restoring Office Workflows to ...
The Health Care Blog

Senate Passes Crowdfunding Bill, Following ... - Tech Cocktail
By Kira M. Newman
Tech Cocktail is a literal "cocktail of emerging technology news, people, startups, products, and innovations" for the true tech enthusiast. The media company, founded and lead by former Aol product strategist, long-time tech blogger and new ...
Tech Cocktail

Clifford Lynch named 2012 LITA/Library Hi Tech Award ... - LITA Blog
By mprentice
Clifford Lynch has been named the winner of the 2012 LITA/Library Hi Tech award for Outstanding Communication in Library and Information Technology, cosponsored by Emerald Group Publishing Limited. The award recognizes outstanding ...

The Truth About Selling Yahoo's Ad Tech Business: It's Harder Than ...
By Nicholas Carlson
Right Media Founder: Here's The Only Reason To Buy Yahoo's Ad Tech Business ... since January 2008. From February 2005 to January 2008, Mr. Thompson served as PayPals Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer. From... More » ...
Business Insider

President Obama Speaks on Advanced Vehicle Technology ...
By whitehouse
President Obama discusses an all of the above energy strategy at the Center for Automotive Research. March 22, 2012.
YouTube Videos

J.Crew uses tech to fuel global e-commerce ambition
FiftyOne's technology platform let it start doing so overnight. Last night, actually. by Andrew Nusca March 22, 2012 2:38 PM PDT US apparel retailer J.Crew this morning expanded its international distribution from 29 to 107 countries, ...

Google looks to patent tech that listens to calls to promote ads
One of Google's numerous pending patents involves technology that would take note of background noise, like rain, during phone calls and serve users related ads, such as a pitch for an umbrella. by Dara Kerr March 22, 2012 9:30 PM PDT Follow @darakerr ...

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