07 March 2012

LulzSec Bust a Blow to Anonymous? Not So Fast

LulzSec Bust a Blow to Anonymous? Not So Fast
By Taylor Armerding, CSO When an FBI official crowed to FoxNews earlier today that " We're chopping off the head of LulzSec," was there truth in the boast or just a bunch of hyperbole? Clearly the agency chopped off something. As was widely reported, ...

Talk to the TV remote
To play this video, you need Javascript enabled and the latest version of Flash installed. Install Flash now Video description: How do you use a TV remote without numbers? Samsung gets touchy with the Smart Touch Remote and the Smart Wireless Keyboard, ...

iPad holds 73 percent of the tablet market
Washington Post
March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc., set to release a new iPad tablet tomorrow, doesn't have an Android-based competitor with more than 5 percent of the market, Forrester Research Inc. said in a report published today. Apple, based in Cupertino, ...

Bentley's hideous SUV becomes must-see at Geneva show
By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY When we heard today from Rebecca Lindland, research director for IHS Automotive, from the floor of the Geneva Motor Show today, we had to pass on her thoughts. She is never lost for a colorful opinion.

FCC: Cellphone jammers are illegal
Washington Post
Given the recent interest in cellphone jammers — which block cellphone signals — the Federal Communications Commission felt the need to release a document that states, unequivocally, that the devices are illegal. “In recent days, there have been ...

Android Market checks out, Google Play moves in
The Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google's digital marketplace for mobile applications, music, movies and books is unifying under a new name in an effort to spruce up the shopping experience. Beginning Tuesday, the Android Market will be known as the Google Play ...

The Associated Press

Apple TV: Growing from Appliance to Television
The Mac Observer
You probably know from listening Mac OS Ken, or reading my column on The Mac Observer, that for quite some time I've hated the idea of an Apple Television. Apple TV 2 I love. Got it the day it came out for US$99 and I use it every day.

Chevy Volt: Why production was halted and what it means
Washington Post
GM announced that it would temporarily cease production of its much-hyped electric vehicle. The Associated Press reports: General Motors Co. is suspending production of its Chevrolet Volt electric car for five weeks amid disappointing sales.

Titanic Sunk by "Supermoon" and Celestial Alignment?
National Geographic
Just weeks before the Titanic shipwreck's hundredth anniversary, scientists have a brand-new theory as to what might have helped spur modern history's most famous maritime disaster. (See pictures of Titanic's rediscovery in 1985.) ...

National Geographic

Verizon Introduces 4G LTE-Based Broadband Service
Tom's Guide
Don't want to subscribe to your local broadband company? Verizon has a 4G LTE deal for you, but it's a little costly. On Tuesday, Verizon Wireless introduced HomeFusion Broadband, an in-home internet service that will be ideal for consumers residing in ...

Guffaws and awkward laughter: game devs react to Indie Game: The Movie
Ars Technica
By Kyle Orland | Published March 6, 2012 3:40 PM Before the showing started, the screening room was a bustle of activity, with attendees shaking hands and hugging colleagues they might not have seen since the last Game Developers Conference.

Apple, Google Dominate US Smartphone Market
Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Google Inc. (GOOG)'s Android consolidated their control of the US smartphone market in the three months ended January, with three out of four devices using their software, ComScore Inc. (SCOR) said today. Apple software was found ...

Verizon: In the game of 4G, spectrum trumps technology
By Kevin Fitchard Mar. 6, 2012, 1:54pm PT No Comments Verizon Wireless has seen the future of cellular networking — and it doesn't look much different than today. In a highly detailed, yet heavily redacted, filing with the Federal Communications ...

Robotic Cheetah Sets a New Robot Land Speed Record, Leaves Humans in its Dust
By Kevin Lee, PCWorld Mar 6, 2012 2:00 PM [Photo: Boston Dynamics]From the makers of the Terminator-esque Petman and the load-bearing Alpha Dog, comes Boston Dynamics's latest robotic terror: a robotic Cheetah. The new Cheetah Robot is the latest ...

Intel Uncloaks New Xeon Chips for the Data Center Set
Wired News
By Robert McMillan A batch of Intel's new Xeon processors. Intel says the Xeon E5 is 80 percent faster than previous chips. (Photo: Intel) Intel has introduced new Xeon chips it expects will become the workhorses for corporate datacenters, ...

Wired News

2012 Geneva: 2013 Fiat 500L Looks Ready To Tackle The Mini Countryman
MotorTrend Magazine
The 2013 Fiat 500L was unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show, and with it the Fiat brand's desire to capitalize on the 500′s success. With an extra set of doors, the 500L could be just the ticket to help Fiat's sagging sales in the US The “L” in the ...

MotorTrend Magazine

Mercedes-Benz "CLC" Coming to New York Auto Show
Washington Post
Mercedes-Benz will show the first US-bound model from the front-wheel-drive family of small cars it's developing, as a concept at next month's 2012 New York Auto Show. With one of its new front-drive models--its B-Class MPV--already in production, ...

Mega Man X Coming To 3DS This Thursday [UPDATE]
Escapist Magazine
Out of nowhere, a Super Nintendo classic is making the leap to Nintendo's latest handheld. Though, given the facts, I'm not sure why this move is so surprising. Let's examine, shall we? According to a blurb on Capcom's European community site, ...

Eye-controlled games move closer to reality
Eye-tracking specialist Tobii wants you to drop your mouse or joystick and just use your eyes to play its games. Eye-tracking specialist Tobii released a new version of its eye tracking technology - the Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker module.

There, I Fixed It: MyFord Touch Update Released
MotorTrend Magazine
Customers complained, rankings dropped, Ford listened, and the fix is finally here. MyFord Touch, which went from a good thing to a controversial thing rather quickly, is about to give way to MyFord Touch 2.0 and what Ford hopes will be a brighter ...

MotorTrend Magazine

Dell XPS 13 review
By Tim Stevens posted Mar 6th 2012 2:00PM You don't have to be a marketing skeptic to agree that "Ultrabook" is a somewhat hyperbolic term for a class of devices designed a little thinner, a little lighter and maybe a little quicker than those ...

Spider silk conducts heat, unlike most organic material: Study
The State Column
Spider silk conducts heat, unlike most organic materials, according to a press release from Iowa State University Friday. Xinwei Wang, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Iowa State University, made the discovery after his curiosity ...

Venus spews solar wind: NASA
The State Column
Explosions on Venus “temporarily reverse solar winds,” NASA's Karen C. Fox reports. Citing evidence from a study that recently appeared in the Journal of Geophysical Research at the end of February, Ms. Fox reveals that scientists have discovered ...

Microsoft Previews Windows 8 Embedded
PCWorld (blog)
By Joab Jackson, IDG News Rounding out its line of recent Windows 8 releases, Microsoft has posted a community technology preview of the next Windows OS for embedded systems, Windows Embedded Standard 8. The release closely follows the preview releases ...

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Problem Being Worked On
Cinema Blend
Mass Effect veterans who tried to import their old save files into Mass Effect 3 may have noticed that Commander Shepard looks a little...different. BioWare acknowledged that they're correcting the issue. "We are aware that some players are having ...

Cinema Blend

Schumer Calls For Probe of Smartphone Apps
NEW PALTZ, NY (WAMC) - US Senator Charles Schumer is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate reports that some smart phone applications can be used to steal private photos and contacts without the user's consent.


Facebook paid $1.4B to game developers in 2011
Facebook paid more than $1.4 billion to game developers (and other app makers) in 2011, according to a Facebook talk at the Game Developers Conference this morning. Matt Wyndowe , games product manager at Facebook, said that the social network is ...


Ford Aims Kuga, B-Max at European Market
Wall Street Journal
By MIKE RAMSEY GENEVA—Ford Motor Co. rolled out two new vehicles for the European market Tuesday that are expected to help boost revenue in a region where it forecasts heavy losses and options to cut costs are limited. These new vehicles, the B-Max ...

Wall Street Journal

Video: Lego Space Shuttle Lifts Off for the Stratosphere
Popular Science
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 03.06.2012 at 2:25 pm 1 Comment So many intrepid stratonauts send stuff into the upper atmosphere these days, it's almost hard to keep track — there's even a suborbital balloon factory now. But this weather balloon experiment ...

'Assassin's Creed' video game to be set in American Revolutionary War
UBISOFT revealed Monday that the next installment to its blockbuster Assassin's Creed video game franchise will be set during the American Revolution. Assassin's Creed III will be released on October 30 and star a new hero in a series of games that ...

Tech Titans Fund Undocumented Students
Wall Street Journal
By MIRIAM JORDAN A group of Silicon Valley technology leaders, impatient with attempts to rewrite immigration laws, is funding efforts to help undocumented youths attend college, find jobs and stay in the country despite their illegal status.

Google chairman: Much of Star Trek is reality today
Times of India
Dilma Rousseff, the president of Brazil, this year's "partner country" at the CeBIT, expressed the hope that "technology, when put to human interests, can certainly produce a true revolution for the well-being of the people at large.

How Technology Changes Our Relationships
By Alicia Eler
shutterstock_cyberrelationships.jpg Ah, the Internet. The once magnificent and glorious tool has transformed from being a fast-paced information highway to that place where we all admit, rather begrudgingly, that we spend too much time on.

The Data Charmer: Cool technology and usability in Tungsten ...
By Giuseppe Maxia
When I joined Continuent, at the end of 2010, I was fascinated by the technology of its core products. Readers of this blog know that I have had my hands full with Tungsten Replicator, but what really turned me on was the flagship management ...
The Data Charmer

Ahead of the Curve: Technology Trends and the Human Experience ...
By pabini@uxmatters.com
Research focuses on the intersection of human and technology. Sometimes, even more important than what type of technology is being developed is what people are doing with that technology and the implications that has for product ...

Karen Lawrence: The Artist and Disruptive Technology in Art and ...
By Karen Lawrence
As The Artist suggests, art can help us understand the dilemmas presented by technological change, just as technology can help unleash the creative possibilities of art.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat – A look at the Windows 8 ...
By Kristina Libby
I'm sure that you are all now well aware of the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the preview to the next version of Windows. As you'll notice, this is not a final product and instead represents a work in progress that allows users to ...
Windows Experience Blog

Tech Twurl:Whiz Kid Runs Online Enterprise From His Dorm Room ...
By Sarah Schmid
He studies neuroscience at Michigan State University in preparation for med school, and, in his off hours, he runs a successful online business called Tech Twurl, where he buys old electronics and resells them on eBay, Amazon, or to websites that buy the machines for parts. And if that's not enough, he spent his most .... Business, life sciences, and technology news — covering Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Detroit, San Francisco, New York and beyond. © 2007-2012, Xconomy, Inc.

Pole-dancing robots wow world's biggest high-tech fair | The Raw ...
By Agence France-Presse
The “dancers”, designed by British robot-maker-cum-artist Giles Walker, are driven by old car motors and their moves are controlled by computer via wireless technology. But despite being made from scrap, the robots don't come cheap.
The Raw Story

Solve Media Technology Lets Users Skip Pre-Roll Ads
By Elise Simmons
The ad tech company announced the launch of Pre-Roll Insurance today. The new technologyprompts viewers to enter a brand's tag line or message in order to skip a pre-roll video ad. If this sounds familiar, its because this technology is ...
Local Media Watch - BIA/Kelsey

Big Data Meets Ad Tech
By AdExchanger
The ad tech industry is evolving new approaches to media expenditures - including what industry leaders are calling a "Brand Equity Index," which aims to equate and more accurately depict the actual contribution and effectiveness of various ...
AdExchanger.com: Exchanging Ideas...

BuzzFeed Launches New Tech Blog 'FWD' | TPM Idea Lab
By Carl Franzen
“Technology is no longer a discrete category, or some thing that occasionally and clumsily intersects with culture,” wrote Buchanan in FWD's inaugural blog post. “It's reshaping culture. Creating culture. It is culture. It's wonderful. Mostly.
TPM News

UK, Palestine to Start Information Technology Cooperation ...
By occupiedpalestine
RAMALLAH, March 5, 2012 (WAFA) – British Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey Monday expressed hope to start a future cooperation between Palestine and UK in information technology fields.
Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Incredible Lion Photos Taken With High-Tech Remote Control ...
Photography is a high-tech industry, especially when photographers try to figure out ... Conservation photographer Will Burrard-Lucas has created a high-tech ...

New artificial heart produces no pulse, but keeps you alive ...
Read 'New artificial heart produces no pulse, but keeps you alive' from our blog Technology NewsBlog on Yahoo! News. If you checked your pulse right now ...

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