28 April 2012

Samsung, Apple pass Nokia in smartphone shipments

Samsung, Apple top Nokia in smartphone shipments
Washington Post
According to the research firm Strategic Analytics, Samsung is the clear winner, with 44.5 million phones shipped as compared to Apple's 35 million iPhones, according to Barron's Tech Trader Daily. IHS, on the other hand, has Apple as the top ...

OVERNIGHT TECH: House passes CISPA cybersecurity bill
The Hill (blog)
The National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the Information Technology Industry Council, CTIA-the Wireless Association, the Software & Information Industry Association, IBM, the Business Roundtable and TechAmerica all issued statements ...

Reid Hoffman: Not All Tech Is Social (Think Toilets); Let's Be Better ...
By Gregory T. Huang
What is a social technology? “It comes down to a couple simple concepts. One is identity. In the first iteration of the Web, it was much more classic for identity to be constructed as new, as anonymous,” Hoffman said. “But what happened in the social revolution is we started using our real identities… The social space is not just ... Business, life sciences, and technology news — covering Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Detroit, San Francisco, New York and beyond. © 2007-2012, Xconomy ...

BBC News - Iranian oil terminal 'offline' after 'malware attack'
... city services' in US 13 DECEMBER 2011, TECHNOLOGY; Oil hack attacks may 'cost lives' 12 DECEMBER 2011, TECHNOLOGY ... More Technology stories ...

Dear Tim Cook: Apple is not the world's tech inventor
At a recent earnings call, Molly Wood was shocked to hear Apple's CEO accuse the rest of the techindustry of not inventing its "own stuff." Innovation isn't invention -- and even invention is usually inspiration. by Molly Wood April 27, 2012 12:00 AM ...

Google and Oracle 'Experts' Clash Over Android's Java Mimic
Wired News
By Caleb Garling Google and Oracle are in court to decide whether the search giant infringed on Java-related copyrights and patents with its Android operating system. Photo: s_falkow/Flickr The code used to run Java applications on Google's Android ...

Wired News

Apple vs. Samsung: Who sells more phones?
By Peter Svensson, AP NEW YORK – Smartphones are the hottest gadgets in the world. But who's the biggest smartphone maker? We don't really know. Samsung, Apple's chief competitor, gives only vague indications of how many it makes, which means industry ...


Ice Cream Sandwich leak spotted on Droid Razr
Android 4.0 build spotted in the wild as Verizon's update schedule for the Razr leaks on the same day. by Eric Mack April 27, 2012 2:36 PM PDT Follow @ericcmack This Droid Razr was spotted slicing up sweet Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert.

Google reveals two international probes
According to The Wall Street Journal, the search giant is facing inquiries in Argentina and South Korea. Both are open and ongoing, and Google said it is cooperating with authorities. by Daniel Terdiman April 27, 2012 5:06 PM PDT Follow @GreeterDan ...

Farming 'spread by migrant wave'
BBC News
A new study of DNA from ancient remains provides further evidence that farming was first spread to Europe by migrants. It casts doubt on the alternative theory in which agriculture was adopted by Europe's existing hunter-gatherer populations, ...

BBC News

Summary Box: Yahoo tacks on new allegations in patent complaint against Facebook
Washington Post
LEGAL SKIRMISH: Yahoo is expanding its allegations of intellectual property theft against Facebook. In court papers filed Friday, Yahoo Inc. says Facebook's online social network is infringing on 12 of its Internet patents.

Apple Loop: The Week in Review
Catching you up on some of the things that happened around Apple this past week. Apple's “mind-boggling” results: As the shares went on a roller coaster ride, with prognosticators prognosticating that Apple's run was over, the company reported second ...

CISPA: What now?
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) has cleared the House. Here's a quick guide to what happened, and what happens next. Despite cries of protest, the House of Representatives approved the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection ...

Wired: US Air Force Quietly Assembling Near Iran
By Benzinga.com Wired's David Axe reported Friday that "[t]he US Air Force is quietly assembling the world's most powerful air-to-air fighting team at bases near Iran." The "aerial armada" includes a formidable team of F-22 Raptors and Air National ...

Galaxy S III fake appears in the wild
Now that the Samsung Galaxy S III rumors have ramped up considerably, now that we're literally less than a couple weeks away from the release of this device, the fakes have been piling up as fast as the real leaks. There's not a whole lot of difference ...


Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenges finally approved for PS3
After months of injustice, the same online multiplayer challenges that Mass Effect 3 players on the Xbox 360 and PC have been taking for granted are now confirmed for the PS3. BioWare recently confirmed that it was because of Sony, not BioWare, ...


Smartphone games face new competition from social apps, says report
by Tom Curtis [Smartphone/Tablet] Over the past 40 months, games have remained the dominant app category on smartphones, but according to new data from Flurry Analytics, social networking apps have recently narrowed the gap.


Leonard Nimoy, Senator Charles Schumer Welcomes Enterprise Shuttle to NYC
Today the Space Shuttle Enterprise arrived in New York City today, thanks to a lift from a Boeing 747. The Intrepid Museum, its future resting place, held a small welcome ceremony for several hundred guests, who included Leonard Nimoy and Senator ...


Google Drive comes to Chrome OS
Chromebook previously suffered from storage systems that were small and isolated from the cloud. But now the browser-based operating system is integrated with Google's online file sync service. by Stephen Shankland April 27, 2012 1:59 PM PDT Follow ...

Dropbox Strikes Back: Adds Auto-Uploading, More Capacity
Tom's Guide
Dropbox couldn't let the week end without adding another incentive to use its cloud storage service. It's nothing but a huge win for Web surfers as the cloud storage companies duke it out for your allegiance. "Now with Dropbox you can automatically ...

VMware Code Leak Highlights Security Concerns Around Virtualization
The hacker who posted the code from VMware's ESX hypervisor on the Internet has said more code will be leaked, though VMware is downplaying the risk to customers. The leaking of VMware hypervisor source code onto the Internet is turning attention again ...

Google's Zerg Rush Easter Egg is the Best Yet
Tom's Hardware Guide
Every now and again, the fine folks on Google's search team will take time out of their busy days to surprise us with a fun little easter egg. Some of our favorites have included 'Tilt,' which put all your search results off kilter, 'Do a barrel roll,' ...

Remains of the Day: Three-picture deal
by Dan Moren, Macworld.com Apple gets ready to play let's-make-a-deal with Hollywood, knocks off an Android app, and gets sued for being too smart. The remainders for Friday, April 27, 2012 are going three for three. We're not out of the TV rumor woods ...

Pigeons' brains have 'GPS neurons' to help them navigate, scientists found
Pigeons' brains have 53 neuron cells that may actually make up a biological "GPS system," according to scientists at Baylor College of Medicine. An Afghan man watches pigeons on the roof of his house as a rainbow forms in the background.

PlayStation All-Stars vs. Nintendo Smash Bros, 13 Years in the Making
Sony's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is officially announced and will exclusively be available for the PlayStation 3. Fans caught a glimpse of gameplay showcasing six characters brawling it out on four different stage levels.

NASA unveils new information about Saturn's irregular moons
NASA researchers said this week that the Cassini spacecraft had discovered a number of surprising characteristics about Saturn's moon Phoebe. The federal space agency said this week the Cassini spacecraft, which has been exploring Saturn and its moons ...

Google closer to marketing driverless car technology
By Nathan Bomey, USA TODAY and the Detroit Free Press Soon you might be able to "drive" a driverless car. Well, not really drive, but at least ride along in the driver's seat. Google's engineers are inching closer to making the vehicle commercially ...


Google Drive and Chrome OS: Has the New 'PC' Arrived?
Wired News
Will Google Drive inside Chrome OS usher in an era where the personal cloud reigns supreme over the personal computer? Photo: Karen Ka Ying Wong/Flickr Google Drive's impact on personal computing is bound to be big. Wired's first test-drive of Drive ...

Wired News

Rayman Legends is Confirmed & Coming to Wii-U
Just Push Start
In the past week, there has been a rumor that a sequel to Rayman Origins is in development. Today, the rumor has finally been confirmed as a video was leaked earlier this morning showing how it's played on the Wii-U. Compared to Rayman Origins, ...

Just Push Start

Google Drive's Terms of Use: Lazy People Should Worry
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin Ever since Google Drive debuted Tuesday, we've watched journalists, privacy advocates, even security firms, dogpile on Google's policies over what it can do with data you store on its servers. The outrage has subsided somewhat, ...

Ancient Mars Lava Spirals Reveal Volcanic Secrets of Red Planet
by Charles Q. Choi, SPACE.com Contributor Giant coils of lava on Mars suggest a mysterious network of valleys on the planet was born from volcanoes, researchers say. The origin of the Athabasca Valles region near the equator of Mars has been debated ...

As many as 90 percent of reef sharks have disappeared from reefs near ...
The research is the first to provide a large-scale estimate of reef sharks in the Pacific, a group of species that includes the gray reef shark, the whitetip reef shark and the tawny nurse shark. "We estimate that reef shark numbers have dropped ...

Nintendo To Sell <cite>New Super Mario 2</cite> and More Digitally
Wired News
By Daniel Feit New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS will be sold as a physical cartridge and as a direct download this August, Nintendo said Friday. Nintendo will sell New Super Mario Bros 2. and other games for 3DS and Wii U as both direct ...

Wired News

Nintendo expects combined sales of 10.5 million for Wii and Wii U by spring 2013
Nintendo is mum about how many units of the upcoming Wii U it could sell, but the company is revealing expectations for total sales of its two consoles. Reportedly Nintendo predicts that it will move 10.5 million combined units of the Wii and Wii U ...


New graphene-based material could revolutionize electronics industry
Eureka! Science News
The most transparent, lightweight and flexible material ever for conducting electricity has been invented by a team from the University of Exeter. Called GraphExeter, the material could revolutionize the creation of wearable electronic devices, ...

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