24 April 2012

Google Drive now here!

Google Drive joins cloud battle – USATODAY.com: "The oft-rumored and delayed data-storage service made its debut today, joining a growing list of high-tech players serving consumers and small businesses. Drive lets people store photos, documents and videos on Google's servers so that they are accessible from any Web-connected device and easily shared with others. If you wanted to e-mail a video shot from a smartphone, for instance, you could upload it to the Web through a Drive mobile app and e-mail a link to the video rather than sending a bulky file."

Google's Eric Schmidt defends Android in court
Google Executive Chairman testified that the Android team developed a "cleanroom" implementation that uses a completely different approach to the way Java worked internally. Then why did Google think it still needed a license from Sun in 2010. by Dan ...

Planetary Resources has a plan to mine asteroids
Washington Post
The tech world is abuzz with news of a new venture that's earned the backing of high-profile names such as Google Chief Executive Larry Page, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, director James Cameron and Ross Perot Jr., according to a report from ...

SpaceX has a lofty goal: Help save humanity
SpaceX plans to launch a historic demonstration mission to the International Space Station in early May, but the company's ambitions extend far beyond low-Earth orbit. If all goes according to plan, SpaceX's unmanned Dragon capsule will blast into ...


Google Begins Selling Unlocked Galaxy Nexus Phones in Google Play Store
Wired News
By Nathan Olivarez-Giles Google is once again selling unlocked, contract-free flagship Android phones directly to consumers. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired Google is back in the smartphone sales business. The Samsung-built Galaxy Nexus went on sale ...

Wired News

Google Drive Launches, With Less Free Storage Than SkyDrive
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman Google officially announced its anticipated Google Drive cloud service on Tuesday, although the storage capacity is less than Microsoft added to its SkyDrive service a day earlier. Google also announced that Google Gmail customers would ...

Mac Security After Flashback: 5 Key Points
Where does the Apple security situation stand in the wake of the Flashback Trojan outbreak? Consider these important data points. By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek In the wake of the Flashback malware outbreak that successfully infected over 600000 ...

Apple dealt another blow in ITC spat with Motorola
In a new ruling today, the US International Trade Commission said Apple's violating one of Motorola's patents in its iPhones and iPads. by Josh Lowensohn April 24, 2012 10:30 AM PDT Follow @Josh The US International Trade Commission today ruled that ...

Firefox 12 Banishes the Endless Firefox Updates
Wired News
By Scott Gilbertson Mozilla has released the final version of Firefox 12, which streamlines the update process and improves on the numerous developer tools that are now part of the popular open source browser. If you're already using Firefox there's no ...

Wired News

Asana, software start-up from Facebook vets, launches paid version
Los Angeles Times
By Jessica Guynn SAN FRANCISCO -- Asana, the San Francisco start-up from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, has launched a paid version of its productivity and collaboration tool geared to businesses. The paid version has more features than the free ...

Skype app arrives on the PlayStation Vita
Stay up to speed with news and reviews on video games for the PC, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Android, iPhone, iPad, Facebook and more. Skype has just announced the Skype Video and Voice app for the PlayStation Vita.

Apple iPhone offers little growth to AT&T
AT&T sold more iPhones than any other carriers, but still only added a fraction of the subscribers that rival Verizon Wireless signed up. What happened? by Roger Cheng April 24, 2012 9:40 AM PDT Follow @RogerWCheng The iPhone is a hot seller, ...

One Thing Is Clear: Facebook Hasn't Figured It Out Yet (GOOG)
San Francisco Chronicle
Facebook updated its IPO prospectus yesterday with the company's financial results from the first quarter of this year. Here's what the new information makes clear: Facebook hasn't yet figured out how it's going to make money when it grows up.

Bowerbirds do a bit of accidental gardening
So-called bowerbirds are known to build elaborate branch-and-vine structures to attract their mates. Now, new research shows that this family of birds may also be accidental gardeners. Male bowerbirds decorate their nest structures, or bowers, ...


NimbleTV aims for ambitious "TV anywhere" streaming
TG Daily
Is it crazy for a new startup to enter the competitive space dominated by Netflix and cable companies? NimbleTV doesn't think so. The company plans to make TV something you can truly watch from anywhere, in a seamless and user-friendly package.

TG Daily

Gideon Sundback, who did not invent the zipper, gets a Google Doodle
Los Angeles Times
By Rene Lynch Gideon Sundback -- the man who did not invent the zipper but did perfect it -- is the recipient today of a giant, interactive Google Doodle zipper. It's a doodle to add zip to your day, honoring the birthday of the man who helped ...

Crysis 3 official gameplay trailer released
Details on EA's Crysis 3 game along with a short 14-second teaser clip were released last week, but now the official two-minute gameplay trailer has arrived, giving fans a good taste of the awesome graphics to come. The game is being developed by ...


Intel's Ivy Bridge: 10 Things You Need to Know
PC Magazine
By Matthew Murray Most major technology companies know that you can't stand still and maintain your position at the top, and Intel demonstrates every year that it understands this well. Almost as soon as the last digit of the year changes, ...

AMD Launches Energy-Efficient Radeon 7000M Mobile GPU Series
Maximum PC
AMD's Radeon 7000 series GPUs have officially been out for, what, just over four months now? Time sure flies! But even though you've been able to shove next-gen Radeon cards into a desktop build for over a third of a year, laptop users haven't been ...

Maximum PC

BioWare Says SWTOR Subscriptions Haven't Dropped
Escapist Magazine
Players might not be cancelling their Star Wars: The Old Republic subscriptions, but they aren't logging in as often anymore. If you've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic lately, you might have noticed that there aren't as many people hanging out ...

This Is The Only Number That Matters For Apple's Earnings Tonight (AAPL)
San Francisco Chronicle
Apple reports earnings tonight. We'll have the numbers as soon as is humanly possible when they hit, so tune in! There is only one number in the earnings report that truly matters: iPhone sales. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says buy-side...

Smartphone maker HTC posts 70 percent profit drop
TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan smartphone maker HTC Corp. reported a 70 percent drop in first quarter profit as it faces keener competition from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. HTC said Tuesday that profit amounted to 4.5 billion New Taiwan dollars ...

Microsoft slates Windows 8 'release preview' for early June
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Microsoft's top Windows executive today said that the company will ship an almost-complete version of Windows 8 the first week of June. Stephen Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live division, announced the ...

Apple could lose iPad trademark, Chinese official warns
Fox News
Apple's iPad trademark woes in China continue.AP Apple Inc. risks losing the right to use the iPad trademark in China, a senior official suggested Tuesday, as a Chinese court was seeking to mediate a settlement between the technology giant and a local ...

Ice Cream Sandwich slated for slew of Samsung devices
The company posts a page revealing which phones and tablets are due for a bite of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. by Lance Whitney April 24, 2012 8:27 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit Samsung phone and tablet owners can now see which devices are on the list to ...

Cassini sees 'snowball fight' in Saturn ring
BBC News
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News, Vienna It is like a huge snowball fight and it is taking place in the outer Solar System around Saturn. Scientists working on the Cassini probe have witnessed small clumps of ice ploughing through one ...

BBC News

Tablets will be most users' main computing device, Forrester says
By Matt Hamblen Computerworld - Tablets will become most users' primary computing device within the next four years, Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett believes. One big difference in the size of Gillett's prediction is how central tablets will ...

Microsoft Gives Facebook A Leg Up In Patent Wars
Facebook is about to write a very big check to Microsoft. Microsoft announced yesterday it is selling hundreds of patents to Facebook for more than a half–a–billion dollars. It's the second big transaction involving tech companies and patents in recent ...

Google lures bug hunters with $20000
By Aliya Sternstein 04/24/2012 Google has raised the stakes in prize money for finding security flaws within its sensitive Web properties, but most past winners hail from outside the United States, barring them from providing the same services to the ...

61 percent of IT security professionals fear Anonymous, hacktivist attacks
Anonymous attacked the Formula One racing site in Bahrain last week, taking it out of commission for much of Friday, to protest the race there amid the country's political turmoil. Nearly two-thirds of IT security professionals worldwide believe their ...


Europe loses sight of Earth
Envisat's MERIS instrument could monitor toxic algal blooms, such as these swirling in the Barents Sea. With hopes fading fast for the crippled Earth-observing satellite Envisat, researchers are warning that delays to its replacements will leave Europe ...


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