05 April 2012

Apple, two publishers hold out against settlement

Apple, two publishers hold out against settlement: report
(Reuters) - Apple Inc and publishers Pearson and Macmillan are reluctant to agree to terms sought by US and European antitrust authorities investigating possible electronic-book price-fixing, the Wall Street Journal cited sources as saying on Wednesday ...

Five magazine publishers jointly release tablet app
Los Angeles Times
Next Issue is for magazines what Netflix is for movies, with Android-based tablet users getting unlimited access to 32 magazines for $14.99 a month. Five of the largest magazine publishers — Time Inc., Condé Nast, Hearst Corp., News Corp. and Meredith ...

Los Angeles Times

HTC, Sprint announce Evo 4G LTE smartphone
By Agam Shah The Evo 4G LTE is a "superfast" smartphone that sets the "gold standard" in multimedia experience, said Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, during a launch event in New York City. The Evo 4G LTE has Qualcomm's latest 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 ...
Facebook's experts to face grilling in court on claims ownership lawsuit is fake
Fox News
A screenshot of Ceglia's Facebook page. BUFFALO, NY – A New York man who claims he and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a deal nine years ago that entitles him to half-ownership of the social networking giant won't be allowed to question ...

Instagram for Android grabs reaches 1 million downloads
By Lance Whitney on Apr 05, 2012 Eager Android users awaiting the release of Instagram scooped up a million copies in less than 24 hours. The free photo-sharing app made its official appearance on Google Play yesterday following a pre-registration ...

Ice age end was accelerated by CO 2
By Richard Chirgwin • Get more from this author A new global study of ice core samples and underwater sediment suggests that rising atmospheric CO 2 preceded the ending of the last Ice Age – not the other way around. One of the favourite rhetorical ...
The Education of Google's Larry Page
By Brad Stone on April 04, 2012 Larry Page is surrounded. On one side, Google's (GOOG) chief executive officer confronts Facebook, the social networking phenom that is about to go public. On his other side is Apple (AAPL), which has moved the playing ...
Google Now Testing Augmented Reality Glasses
Tom's Guide
Google has revealed that it's working on augmented reality glasses that don't look to be ripped out of Star Trek or Robocop. Over on Google+, the search engine giant reveals that its augmented glasses are indeed real, and are currently being tested by ...
Nintendo's newest hire is the co-creator of Sonic
Welcome to a new chapter in the ever continuing battle of Sonic versus Mario. This time, it looks like a rather unexpected person is joining team Mario – the man who created Sonic the Hedgehog. Hirokazu Yasuhara, who worked at Sega for more than a ...
Fisker Automotive unveils the Atlantic
To play this video, you need Javascript enabled and the latest version of Flash installed. Install Flash now Video description: Fisker Automotive, the company behind the Fisker Karma electric vehicle, unveils its newest model, the Atlantic, ...
Small phone companies to sell iPhone at discount
The Associated Press
By PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer – 1 hour ago NEW YORK (AP) — A group of small, regional cellphone companies announced Wednesday that they're going to start selling the iPhone, at prices that undercut the big carriers.
Girls Around Me: It was creepy; wait, no it wasn't
Los Angeles Times
By Amy Hubbard Girls Around Me — the iPhone app that's been called "creepy" and a way to abet stalkers — has been pulled, voluntarily, from the App Store. But it continues to stir debate about privacy and whether the app has been unfairly slammed.

'Rude awakening' for Mac users: serious Mac flaw needs urgent fix
Sydney Morning Herald
Apple has released a critical update to its version of Java for Mac OS X that plugs at least a dozen security holes in the program. More importantly, the patch mends a flaw that attackers have recently pounced on to broadly deploy malicious software, ...

Here's What a Ride in the 'Taxi of the Future' Will Get You
The Atlantic
By Megan Garber Yesterday, at the New York International Auto Show, Nissan unveiled the NYC "Taxi of the Future." And the vehicle -- most notable for the fact that it's not a car, in the old Crown Victoria model, but a minivan -- sounds approximately ...

The Atlantic

New York Auto Show: Jaguar F-Type debuts. Sort of
Los Angeles Times
By David Undercoffler, Auto Critic Sometimes you don't even need to show the actual car at a car show to generate some attention. Jaguar is taking this tactic with its announcement that it will be bringing to market in mid-2013 a two-seat sports car ...

Los Angeles Times

New York Times space game blows up ads
CBS News
Pew! Pew! Online game lets you blow up New York Times ads. (Credit: New York Times) (CBS News) In order to make its point on hyper-addictive casual games, The New York Times embedded a game that lets players shoot and blow up ads, comments and links on ...

CBS News

Facebook launches patent counterattack against Yahoo
MSN Money
By Dan Levine and Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook fired back on Tuesday in its legal battle with Yahoo by accusing the Web pioneer of infringing 10 of Facebook's patents, according to a court filing. The counterclaim from Facebook, ...
Consumer alert: iPad is still hot
WGCL Atlanta
By Adam Murphy - email CBS Atlanta News issued a consumer alert for Apple iPad owners. Several users have raised concerns about heating issues with the new iPad. Consumer Reports' first heat tests of the new iPad assessed running a highly demanding, ...

Dressed to kill: A feathered tyrannosaur is discovered in China
Christian Science Monitor
A team of paleontologists has dubbed their find Yutyrannus huali – beautiful feathered tyrant. At 1.5 tons, this 'fuzz ball ... with a mouth full of killer teeth' is the largest feathered dinosaur by far. By Pete Spotts, Staff writer / April 4, ...
Christian Science Monitor

What is Smartphone Beta Test Advertising?
Wireless and Mobile News
Prime time television viewers are being told to go to smartphonebetatest.com. If you are wondering what they advertising, you've come to right place. In the ommercial former SNL star, Chris Parnell,"Have you ever had the nagging suspicion that your ...

Ars Technica
By Sean Gallagher | Published April 4, 2012 3:55 PM FileMaker has released a new generation of its eponymous database products for Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS. The FileMaker 12 line's new features are largely focused on making it easier for individuals ...
8 Tablets Fit For Windows 8 Beta
Paul McDougall 04/03/2012 Can't wait until the new Windows 8 tablets are released in the fall? These currently available tablets can handle the beta version of the OS now. Windows 8 tablets reportedly won't be available until October, but that doesn't ...

In the Heat for a Moment: The Male Giant Panda's Sex Drive Fluctuates to Match ...
Scientific American
By Ferris Jabr | April 4, 2012 PANDA PAIRINGS: Gong Zai and Ying Ying, two pandas at the Chengdu Research Center for Panda Breeding. Image: Zhang Zhihe, Chengdu Research Center for Panda Breeding There is perhaps no mammal that is less often in the ...

Scientific American

The Titanic 100 Years On: Technology, Infallibility, and Mindfulness
Huffington Post
We have learned all too well that the infallibility of technology is an illusion. A part of us is on edge waiting for news of the next horrific tragedy at the hands of failed technology or perhaps worse, tragedy caused by the misuse of a powerfully ...

With the new 'Titanic 3-D,' a reappraisal of James Cameron, technology, and ...
Capital New York
But more than that, Titanic has become synonymous with the Big Hollywood Movie: nostalgic, overpowering, simplistic and condescending, remorselessly sentimental, innovative in its use of cutting-edge technology, and endlessly inventive in devising new ...

Capital New York

Tech stocks in 2014: Apple, $1 trillion; Microsoft, (toward) zero?
Christian Science Monitor
Tech stocks analyst sees Apple selling at $1000 a share in two years and battling Samsung, which other tech stocks like Nokia, and Microsoft will fall to 'virtually nothing over time.' By Regina Hing, Special to CNBC.com / April 4, 2012 Apple Chief ...

Christian Science Monitor

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