04 April 2012

High-tech fitness: Upgrade your workout with these gear and gadgets

High-tech fitness: Upgrade your workout with these gear and gadgetsFox News
Give your workout a high-tech tune up with some new gear and gadgets. FoxNews.com checked out some innovative fitness gear to keep you looking good, feeling good, and on track and motivated. Nike Fuelband How active are you? Want to know what your walk ...

Groupon restatement sparks more worries
By Barbara Ortutay AP Technology Writer / April 2, 2012 NEW YORK—Groupon's announcement that its revenue and earnings were lower than what it reported in February is sparking fresh worries about the young company's business model.

BlackBerry remains official Washington's smartphone even as its maker's ...
Washington Post
Outside Washington, the world is moving at warp speed away from the BlackBerry. At its maker, profits are declining and executives are leaving, and the BlackBerry has even conceded its perch as the top smartphone in its native Canada. Inside the Beltway, time stands still. A half million federal workers — President Obama and his staff among them — are still thumbing little black keyboards on little black devices. And that number hasn’t dipped over the past few years while Research in Motion, BlackBerry’s maker, has recorded plummeting sales everywhere else. . . 

Tech Audit: Two Owners, Two Companies, Lots of IT Headaches
New York Times (blog)
By DAVID H. FREEDMAN Courtesy of David Rio Scott Lowe and Rio Miura have two companies and plenty of information-technology issues. What small-business owners need to know about technology. Scott Lowe had been living in Tokyo with his wife, Rio Miura, ...
NYC 'Taxi of Tomorrow' to Be Minivans With Phone Chargers
By Henry Goldman on April 03, 2012 New York City (9315MF) (9315MF)'s next generation of yellow cabs will be minivans featuring sliding doors, antibacterial seats, airbags in the back and outlets to charge mobile phones. City officials unveiled the ...

Nokia Lumia 900 (AT&T)
PC Magazine
The Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T is a powerful, easy-to-use Windows Phone. It's great, as long as you don't need Words With Friends or some other apps you might find on an iPhone or an Android phone. The best Windows Phone so far, Nokia's Lumia 900 ($99 ...

Instagram finally comes to Android
By Jaymar Cabebe on Apr 04, 2012 To long-time Android users like myself, the name Instagram might not mean much. Sure, we see the vignetted photos invading our Facebook and Twitter streams, and we notice the instagr.am links all over the place, ...


Fisker Debuts All-New Atlantic After Securing $392 Million in Funding
Wired News
By Damon Lavrinc When Elon Musk envisioned the creation of Tesla, his plan was simple: Develop an exclusive, high-performance sports car for the world's EV elite, use that money to produce a more attainable mid-range luxury sedan and follow that up ...

Wired News

TomTom Blames Leap Year on Lost GPS Signals
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman GPS maker TomTom said Tuesday that a leap year bug was to blame for some of its GPS devices that could no longer receive a GPS signal. TomTom also said that it had issued a fix for the devices, which customers can download via its ...

MIT Project Aims to Deliver Printable, Mass-Market Robots
Wired News
By Daniela Hernandez Printers can make mugs, chocolate and even blood vessels. Now, MIT scientists want to add robo-assistants to the list of printable goodies. Today, MIT announced a new project, “An Expedition in Computing Printable Programmable...

LG Viper: First LG 4G LTE, on Sprint
The LG Viper, LG's first device to run at 4G LTE speeds on the Sprint Network, is a 5-ounce, punchy smartphone that has the potential to pack a wallop, in that it supports NFC, Google Wallet, HD gaming, apps and video chats.


Were early humans cooking their food a million years ago?
Christian Science Monitor
The discovery of million-year-old ash and charred bone in a South African cave suggests that human ancestors were using fire much earlier than previously thought. By Eoin O'Carroll, Staff / April 3, 2012 An undated photo provided by archaeologist ...

Christian Science Monitor

Facebook focus guides Google CEO's 1st year on job
The Seattle Times
By MICHAEL LIEDTKE AP Technology Writer When he replaced his mentor Eric Schmidt as Google's CEO last April, Page insisted that the company had to be more aggressive about countering the threat posed by Facebook's ever-growing popularity.

Facebook vs. Yahoo: Who's shaking down whom?
Suddenly, the winner of this fierce patent war between two of Silicon Valley's biggest names has become a lot less obvious. by Paul Sloan April 3, 2012 5:15 PM PDT Follow @paulsloan Before Tuesday, the outcome of the patent offensive that Yahoo opened ...

Firefox for Windows 8 Beginning to Take Shape
Wired News
By Scott Gilbertson Mozilla is making progress in its effort to bring Firefox to Windows 8′s new Metro environment. Firefox for Windows 8 was announced earlier this year and will support both the traditional desktop Windows environment and the new ...

Wired News

Amazon Instant Video heads to PS3
The PS3 will be the first game console to offer video streaming from Amazon's Instant Video platform, including both on-demand pay-per-view titles as well as Amazon Prime Instant Video. The move is a huge benefit both to Sony and Amazon as each is ...

HTC One X vs HTC One V Benchmarking War
The HTC One series has been released in part in Europe, with both hero devices HTC One S and HTC One X hitting the market with resounding reviews across the web. The HTC One X, in the configuration its in here in its international release, ...


A Netflix For Digital Magazine Subscriptions. Will It Work?
American consumers are buying tablet computers at an astonishing rate, and they're spending an impressive amount of money on digital magazines and newspapers to read on those computers. For magazine publishers, however, it's still not enough.


An Open-Source Food Fight in the Cloud
By Ashlee Vance on April 03, 2012 To date, the four horsemen of the cloud appear to be Amazon.com (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and VMware (VMW). The first three companies have built their own cloud computing services that consumers and ...

Facebook app promotes energy conservation with peer pressure
If simple common sense can't curb energy usage, perhaps a little healthy peer pressure from Facebook friends will do the trick. Facebook has joined forces with energy efficiency startup Opower and the National Resources Defense Council to release a ...


Dutch 'flying car' takes to the skies
Sydney Morning Herald
Is it a flying car or a driving aircraft? Either way, the Personal Air and Land Vehicle, or PAL-V for short, has just proved it can handle the skies as well as the highway, both at up to 180 kilometres (112 miles) per hour, its Dutch developers said ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Google art project expands
>>> finally tonight, at a time when schools are culting back on funding for arts education , there's some good news. google is stepping into the breach with a project that is part google earth and part museum of art. but it's meant to bring art to us.

The flying car
Chicago Sun-Times
AP April 3, 2012 6:22AM Woburn, Mass.-based Terrafugia Inc. said Monday that its prototype flying car has completed its first flight, bringing the company closer to its goal of selling the flying car within the next year.

European Union opens 2 antitrust probes against Motorola Mobility
Los Angeles Times
AP BRUSSELS — The European Union's competition watchdog has opened two investigations into whether Motorola Mobility, which is being bought by Google Inc., is unfairly restricting competitors from licensing essential patents.

IT & Network Infrastructure : Dell's Long and Winding Road From PC Maker to IT ...
By Chris Preimesberger on 2012-04-03 Michael Dell famously started PCs Unlimited, which eventually became Dell Computer Co., in his University of Texas dorm room in 1984. Within eight years, with his design-it-yourself desktop PCs, Dell liberated ...


How Location-Based Apps Can Stave Off the 'Creepy Factor'
Wired News
By Christina Bonnington Is a mysterious stranger scoping you out based on your social media check-ins? Photo: Jon Snyder/Wired.com Sometimes an app pushes the boundaries of what's socially acceptable — and it fails miserably.

Wired News

Hosepipe ban: washing the patio could cost you £1000
More than 20 million people face £1000 fines for washing the patio before a barbecue or hosing down the children on a hot day as the strictest hosepipe ban to ever be imposed comes into force. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent Despite scattered ...


New Apple iPad tops our tablet Ratings
The high-resolution screen of the new iPad establishes a new benchmark in excellence, providing the best rendering of detail and color accuracy we've ever seen on a tablet display. As a result, the iPad tops our new tablet Ratings, posted today.

Why Samsung Makes Retina Displays ? But Not For Its Own Tablets
Wired News
By Mike Isaac If you haven't yet laid eyes on the new iPad's screen, you must. “Sharp” doesn't begin to describe Apple's upgrade in display quality. But here's the kicker: Samsung, a company firmly aligned with Android and one of Apple's largest ...

Wired News

Mossberg's Mailbox
Wall Street Journal
Q: In your recent article about 4G cellular networks, you didn't mention the iPhone. Do you know if the iPhone 4S, which now indicates (on the AT&T version) that you're sometimes on 4G, is actually 4G? A: The AT&T version of the latest iPhone can take...

8 Tablets Fit For Windows 8 Beta
Paul McDougall 04/03/2012 Can't wait until the new Windows 8 tablets are released in the fall? These currently available tablets can handle the beta version of the OS now. Windows 8 tablets reportedly won't be available until October, but that doesn't ...

Self-sculpting sand robots are under development at MIT
BBC News
Tiny robots that can join together to form functional tools and then split apart again after use might be ready for market in little more than a decade, according to researchers. A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says it has developed ...

Franck Nazikian: The Biggest Tech Revolution Since the Internet: "The eigth annual edition of CHINICT takes place next May 24th & 25th 2012 in Beijing at the legendary Tsinghua University Science Park (sort of a MIT-Stanford-Harvard combined entity) and includes some of the most recognized visionaries and leaders both from China and the West -- such as Facebook's co-founder Eduardo Saverin, Israeli legendary investor Yossi Vardi -- as well as leaders from top-tier Chinese companies such as Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Alibaba, RenRen."

Google Wallet Gets Serious – Acquires Payment Technology ...
By Chris Chavez
Google Wallet hasn't exactly blow up into the mobile payment revolution as the few of us with NFC equipped devices would have hoped. But in a blog post today, Google is hoping to turn that around, announcing that they have purchased ...
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