13 April 2012

German Court Upholds Ban On Apple 'Push' Email

German Court Upholds Ban On Some Apple 'Push' Email
Wall Street Journal
By Ian Sherr and Ursula Quass Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)--A German regional court Friday upheld a ban on a way Apple Inc. (AAPL) transmits emails to its iCloud and MobileMe customers in Germany, granting Motorola Mobility Holdings ...

Scientists find 'comet massacre' around one young star
A young star that is home to at least one alien planet is also ringed by a vast, dusty cloud of comets, like our own solar system. But there's a big difference: There may be as many as 83 trillion comets there, with collisions destroying thousands each ...


Splashtop iPad App Could Affect Windows 8 Tablet Sales
PC Magazine
By Samara Lynn Splashtop, known for its remote desktop solutions, has announced a new capability that will allow the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 to run on an iPad. The solution is targeted mainly at developers, but if it provides a full-fledged Win8 ...

Instagram adds 10 million users in 10 days
Riding a wave of publicity from its billion-dollar purchase by Facebook and after finally opening up to Android, the photo-sharing phenomenon jumps from 30 million to 40 million users. by Eric Mack April 13, 2012 12:03 PM PDT Follow @ericcmack Not long ...

Apple's next big thing? Designer says he's working on 'revolutionary' product
Washington Post
A French designer has sparked a wave of new speculation after telling French media that he's working on a “big project” with Apple. Mac news site Hardmac happened to catch the remarks of designer Philippe Starck, who told the France-Info radio program ...

'Draw Something': Hottest game since Angry Birds
By Marc Saltzman, USA TODAY OMGPOP's Draw Something for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (and Android) is a mobile game that challenges gamers to draw a particular object on the touchscreen device -- such as overalls, a picnic, coffin, penguin or even Lady ...


Apple CEO Tim Cook spotted at video game designer Valve's headquarters
Apple Insider
By Daniel Eran Dilger Apple's chief executive Tim Cook reportedly visited the Bellevue, Washington headquarters of Valve Corporation earlier today, inciting questions about new potential for collaboration between the two companies.

Developments in an antitrust case against Apple and book publishers over e ...
Washington Post
Developments in an antitrust case against Apple and book publishers over e-book pricing: April 11: The Justice Department and 15 states sue Apple Inc. and major book publishers, accusing them of conspiring to raise e-book prices.

Summary Box: Deadline for new domain names extended after technical glitch
Washington Post
THE PROBLEM: A glitch forced the abrupt shutdown of a system for letting companies and organizations propose new Internet domain name suffixes. The application deadline had been Thursday and has been extended to next Friday. DATA BREACH: The Internet...

If you're reading this, you might be a baboon
Christian Science Monitor
Scientists have found that baboons are adept at pattern recognition, being able to distinguish between real and fake four-letter words about three out of four times. By Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer / April 13, 2012 A baboon from the study by Dr.

Christian Science Monitor

Got the Flashback Trojan? OS X update removes it
By Joe Wilcox I'd clap my hands and slap Apple on the back, but yesterday's Flashback fix took too long -- and lots of negative publicity with it -- coming. There shouldn't have to be an uproar, or massive Mac botnet, for Apple to get an urgent ...


The forecast for RIM: cloudy, with a chance of success
There is no doubt RIM's fortunes have been receding of late. The share of BlackBerry smartphones in North America is plummeting (although still strong in other parts of the world) and revenues are down. Competition is fierce.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch only $50 with new Verizon contract
The original 7-inch Android tablet is one of the best hardware values out there from now until April 22. by Eric Mack April 13, 2012 10:30 AM PDT Follow @ericcmack For the next week or so, the old-school Galaxy Tab 7-incher will cost you less than a ...

Here are Intel's specs for the next big Windows 8 tablet
Intel unveiled an impressive list of specs for upcoming Windows 8 tablets at a conference in Beijing today. The specs are Intel's blueprint for tablets that should be in consumers' hands later this year. On paper, at least, the tablets seem iPad ...


Billionaire Elon Musk Opens Up About Private Spaceflight Challenges
by Denise Chow, SPACE.com Staff Writer The commercial spaceflight company Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) is preparing to launch a robotic capsule to the International Space Station later this month. If successful, SpaceX will be the first ...

Penguins aplenty in Antarctica, satellite map shows
WASHINGTON — Antarctica boasts almost twice as many emperor penguins as previously thought, researchers have discovered using satellite mapping technology to count the iceberg-huddling birds from above. An international team of scientists led by the ...


Barnes & Noble falls on e-book competition worries
Shares of Barnes & Noble Inc. slipped more than 4 percent on Friday as investors continue to believe that Amazon.com will be become a bigger threat in the e-book marketplace now that the federal government has reached a settlement with three publishers ...

Skyrim Kinect Support Coming Soon
Escapist Magazine
"Doing combat and swinging your sword and all that stuff without a controller would dramatically change the game," Hines said, referring to Kinect-based combat as a "whole 'nother can of worms. We're trying to enhance the experience as we designed it...

Verizon 4G LTE expands across California with force
There's about to be 11 more cities in the greater California area that will be getting a West Coast dose of Verizon's 4G LTE network power very soon, so says the network itself in a statement today. Verizon's already solid 4G network across the West ...


CISPA brings Reddit's SOPA warriors in force
In a relatively new bill being called “worse that SOPA,” sponsored by congress member Mike Rogers, 28 corporate sponsors are bringing back the circumvention of basic Internet privacy laws in force. This bill can be found in PDF form here: [HR 3523] and ...


How to see the data Facebook's keeping on you
New York Daily News
By Braden Goyette / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Now you can see a bit more of the data Facebook is collecting about you. Just how much does Facebook know about its users? As the social network behemoth faces increased scrutiny in preparation for its initial ...

New York Daily News

Raspberry Pi computers ready for delivery
The first batch of Raspberry Pi computers is finally ready for delivery. The credit card-sized Linux computer costs only $35 and is designed to encourage children's interest in programming. UK distributors have confirmed receiving shipments and will ...


Big Names, Big Bucks Bolster the OpenStack Foundation
By Joe Brockmeier / April 13, 2012 10:35 AM / 0 Comments This post is part of our ReadWriteCloud channel, which is dedicated to covering virtualization and cloud computing. The channel is sponsored by Intel and VMware. Read the case study about how ...

DARPA may give ground troops heads-up display in a contact lens
By Kevin Fogarty Add a new comment April 13, 2012, 2:24 PM — The US military is exploring the potential of augmented reality on the battlefield as part of its continuing effort to load foot soldiers up with as much useful information as the Pentagon ...

This Goofy Watch Is The Most Successful Kickstarter Project Of All Time
The highest grossing Kickstarter project ever raised $3 million in 60 days. This one will hit $2 million in fewer than three. posted about 0 This Goofy Watch Is The Most Successful Ki... The Pebble watch was posted on Kickstarter on Wednesday.

Intel: 75 Ultrabook Designs on the Way, Prices to Reach $699
By Michael Kan, IDG News Intel said on Wednesday 75 ultrabook models are already in development and will include new form factors such as hybrids, which can switch from laptops to touchscreen tablets. The chip maker also expects ultrabooks will reach a ...

European Space Agency turns to Canada for satellite help
This image provided by the European Space Agency satellite Envisat on Monday, Nov 7, 2005, shows the break-up of B-15A iceberg in progress off Cape Adare on Oct 30, 2005, as seen Envisat's ASAR in Wide Swath Mode. (Keystone, ESA) The European Space ...


AT&T Fires Up 4G LTE Network in St. Louis, Staten Island
PC Magazine
By Angela Moscaritolo AT&T on Wednesday fired up its 4G LTE network in St. Louis, bringing the carrier's nationwide total to 32 cities. AT&T also announced the expansion of its 4G LTE coverage to Staten Island, NY, which means that all five New York ...

Taiwan and China representatives meet to discuss technology ...
China and Taiwan have recently undergone discussion about LED lighting, flat panel display and solar energy standards.
DIGITIMES: IT news from Asia

China Unicom and Telecom Say Yesterday's Internet ... - Tech in Asia
By C. Custer
Tech in Asia Asia tech news for the world. Home · About · Ethics · Startup ... It remains unclear what the cause of the outage was, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has yet to offer an explanation. Personally, I think it's ...
Tech in Asia

The Dark Side Of Smartphone NFC Tech | Fast Company
By Kit Eaton
We write a lot about NFC technology and its power to change pretty much everything from the way you shop, to the way you exchange information with other phone owners to advertising and so on. Many interesting innovations involve ...
Fast Company

Tech dividends: What fund investors should know
CBS News
Most technology companies fall into this category. They spend heavily on new products and research to stay competitive. But many have built up so much cash that they're rewarding investors by starting to pay dividends, or by increasing them.

6 Tech Stocks That Rate Better Than Apple
Gartner (IT) is an investment technology research, advisory and consulting company. Established in 1979, the company has grown along with the greatest technological boom in history. Gartner's research analysts not only help their end user clientele but ...

Tech Buzz: The Friday the 13th edition
Intel has just announced its Anti-Theft technology for notebooks--we take an in-depth look at how it works. We're a little doubtful that old wives' tales hold water in our tech-driven era, so we've come up with our own top five superstitions, ...

Tech Titans Pledge Support for OpenStack Foundation
Data Center Knowledge
Nineteen leading technology companies signed on to become Platinum or Gold members of the OpenStack Foundation, an independent body committed to the development and propagation of OpenStack, an open source cloud operating system, the group has ...

Data Center Knowle

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