23 December 2011

Republic Wireless unlimited in beta

Republic Wireless Goes Truly Unlimited
PC Magazine
By Alex Colon Republic Wireless, a new wireless carrier startup from VoIP provider Bandwidth.com, took a lot of flack when users found out that its unlimited talk, text, and data plans for just $19 per month meant that users were expected to rely ...Republic Wireless

Mozilla re-releases Firefox 9, backs out fix causing crashes
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - A day after it shipped Firefox 9, Mozilla quickly released an update after backing out a bug fix that was causing some Mac, Linux and Windows browsers to crash. Mozilla issued Firefox 9.0.1 Wednesday, making one user...


Make room, internet, there's another 5 million domains to fit in
By Chris Williams • Get more from this author There were almost 220 million internet domain names at the end of September, an increase of 4.9 million on June, according to the latest numbers from Verisign. The 2.3 per cent increase was driven largely ...

Volkswagen silences work e-mail after hours
Washington Post
The thrill of getting a work-issued mobile phone is often quickly eclipsed by its constant reminders that you've still — always — got work to do. But some companies are trying to help its employees keep their home and work lives separate, and this week ...

Another Russian Rocket Failure Causes Satellite Crash in Siberia
Fox News
AP Photo/NASA/Carla Cioffi Dec. 21, 2011: A Soyuz rocket shown here blasted off on Wednesday, carrying a new crew to the International Space Station. Two days later, a Soyuz-2 -- an upgraded version of the workhorse Soyuz rocket -- carrying a ...

Fox News

Apple details iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match international availability
By Darrell Etherington Dec. 23, 2011, 5:51am PT No Comments Apple has finally made it very clear exactly what media content can be made available in the cloud in which countries for Automatic Downloads and Apple TV streaming, as well as where iTunes ...


Facebook allows advertising in news feed
Financial Times
By April Dembosky in San Francisco Facebook will begin mixing paid advertising content with users' updates from friends and family in early 2012, marking a definitive commercial invasion of the social activity that the network has generally held ...

Motorola Mobility nabs SetJam, a video discovery startup
by Marguerite Reardon December 22, 2011 1:36 PM PST Follow @maggie_reardon SetJam CEO Ryan Janssen wrote about the acquisition in an e-mail, according to VentureBeat. He didn't disclose financial terms. "I'm writing to let you know that today SetJam ...

How to tell if Earth-like planets can sustain life?
Alaska Dispatch
What makes for a potentially livable planet? That question moved center stage this month as NASA's Kepler mission passed two milestones. On Tuesday, the Kepler team announced the discovery of two truly Earth-size planets orbiting another star – but too ...

This is why Apple's iPad rules the tablet market
Computerworld (blog)
By Jonny Evans [ABOVE: As reported here, these satisfaction levels show how happy iPad users are with their Apple tablets.] Satisfaction. It's hard to find. The Rolling Stones understood this. You get to a satisfaction sweet spot through a combination ...

Face.com: Facial Recognition For The Masses
WMUR Manchester
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facial recognition is a complex and controversial tool that can now be yours for the low, low price of free. Face.com is an Israeli startup founded in 2008 that provides websites and mobile apps with code to implement face ...

Intuit to bring Quicken 2007 to Mac OS X Lion
ZDNet (blog)
By David Morgenstern | December 22, 2011, 2:41pm PST In a surprise move on Thursday, Intuit said it will offer an update to Quicken 2007 for Macintosh compatible with Mac OS X Lion. The new version will be called Lion Compatible Quicken for Mac 2007. ...

Are Pigeons as Smart as Monkeys?
Fox News
By Joseph Castro Pigeons trained to count to three can work out numerical rules to help them count up to nine. This pigeon orders the two images by first selecting the image with fewer squares. Pigeons may not be so bird-brained after all, ...

Fox News

The Last Guardian Is Not Canceled
by Andrew Goldfarb Update: GameStop has confirmed that its information about The Last Guardian's cancellation was incorrect. The company issued the following statement: "The Last Guardian has not been cancelled by Sony as we incorrectly stated in an ...

Pinterest Finds Itself in Top 10 Social Networking Website List
Pinterest, a new social networking platform and virtual pin board site, has been growing at a massive speed, becoming one of the top 10 social media platforms on the web. The website allows users to organize and share the topics they like, ...

Find out where to go with Facebook's Suggested Events
Want some new ideas on where to go when you want to go out? Facebook has rolled out a new feature called Suggested Events that recommends happenings just for you. It bubbles up events "at venues you've checked in to, that friends are RSVP'd to, ...

The three best gadgets of 2011
It's not easy to pick a gadget of the year for 2011 but Matt Warman has managed to come up with his top three. Samsung's latest advert for its Galaxy SII smartphone takes aim at Apple's fans. Photo: Samsung (video still) By Matt Warman, ...


top 10 video games of 2011
CNN International
By Larry Frum, Special to CNN It's no joke: "Batman: Arkham City" ranks No. 2 on our critic's list of top 10 video games this year. (CNN) -- Enough already about "Angry Birds" -- there were plenty of great console video games in 2011. ...

Year in review 2011: Sprint, Clearwire pick LTE, and focus shifts to network ...
The news: From the moment Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) announced its Network Vision network modernization project in December 2010, it seemed like a given that Sprint would use it to deploy LTE--the only question was when. Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR), in which ...

Rare Wild Animal Searches Of 2011 On Google Zeitgeist List (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post
Each year, Google releases its Zeitgeist review of the most popular and fastest rising search terms of the year. Analyzing the world's queries, Google is able to show which people, places and things represent the "spirit of the time" for 2011. ...

Why BlackBerry Maker RIM Will Never Be Great Again
It has been a horrible year for Research In Motion (RIMM), and things may not be getting any better for the BlackBerry maker come 2012. Despite all of the buyout speculation that has reached a fevered pitch these days, RIM's stock has been a disaster. ...

FCC Approves First White Spaces Database, Device
By Grant Gross, IDG News The US Federal Communications Commission has approved the first database of unlicensed wireless spectrum that can be used by new so-called white spaces devices. The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology on Thursdayalso ...

Precambrian fossils, once thought to be embryos, reinterpreted as... something ...
Ars Technica
By John Timmer | Published December 22, 2011 8:22 PM An X-ray scan of a fossil embryo, set against the rocks it was isolated from. The history of the first animal life remains somewhat confused. Ediacaran fossils are clearly multicellular, ...

Google Invests $94 Million in Four California Solar Farms
By Leslie Guevarra Google may have powered down its efforts to make renewable energy cheaper than coal, but the Silicon Valley juggernaut is still investing big in green power. Google said this week that it is making a $94-million equity investment in ...


Sprint Drops Carrier IQ
The saga of Carrier IQ may be entering its final stage. The company's smartphone metrics software has now been disabled by Sprint. Other wireless carriers and smartphone manufacturers are rushing to explain their use of its metrics--and try to distance ...

Nest iPod-style Smart Thermostat gets a detailed teardown
A few months back we reported on a device called the Nest Learning Thermostat. This iPod-esque smart thermostat is available now and comes from Nest Labs – led by ex iPod chief Tony Fadell. The neat little gadget they've created will awake when you ...


Apple Surprising First Generation iPod Nano Owners
Back in November, Apple announced plans to replace first generation iPod Nanos due to an issue with overheating batteries. As with most lithium-ion batteries, when they become too hot, they present a risk of explosion. In 2008, a first generation iPod ...

Are You Surprised? Hot Shots Golf Tops Vita Charts
C'mon, it's Hot Shots… and it's in Japan. That right there is a recipe for instant success. But Hot Shots didn't just top the charts, it absolutely crushed the competition. The Vita was fortunate enough to launch with something far too many systems ...


Ultra-D technology to see action at CES 2012 | Ubergizmo
By Edwin Kee
Can you believe it, the year has passed by so fast that the great consumer electronics show, CES 2012, will soon be upon us before we know it. Make no mistake about it, we will be there to cover all [...]

Reel Doozy Green Screen Technology App | GeekAlerts
By James Kelly
Just in time for Christmas and the holidays, Reel Doozy, a creative software company, releases a Green Screen Technology App for your Apple iPhone, iPad,
Geek Alarm

U.S. Gave Iran-friendly Regimes Nuclear Technology
By alexnewman_85@hotmail.com (Alex Newman)
As the issue of Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology was growing, then-President Bush was supplying atomic know-how via the IAEA to Iran-friendly regimes. By Alex Newman.
U.S. News

Future of Technology - Gadget heals self before you know it's broken
By John Roach
Gadgets are great. We're enticed to buy new ones every few years. Sometimes that's because the new features are too awesome to resist, but other times we're simply buying replacements.
Newsvine - Future of Technology...

New security technology comes to Eugene Airport | Local ...
The newest security technology that has been installed in airports all over the country will soon be installed at Eugene Airport.
KVAL 13 - News

Mysterious Metallic Space Ball Falls to Earth in Africa, Baffling ...
By Clay Dillow
If you're missing a space ball, please contact Namibia.
Popular Science - New Technology,...

Sniper Detector: New Technology Means You Can Shoot But You ...
By Pat Dollard
A new technology called ShotSpotter enables law enforcement officials to precisely and instantaneously locate shooters, and it has been quietly rolling out across America. From Long Island, N.Y., to San Francisco, Calif., more than 60 cities in ...
Pat Dollard

Sales of basic digital cameras fall as smartphones fill the niche ...
Cellphone cameras: Twenty-seven percent of photos and videos taken this year were shot with smartphones — up from 17% last year, a survey says.

Netflix Must Not Want You to Sign Up for DVD Delivery - Technology ...
By Rebecca Greenfield
Unable to kill its DVD business by separating out into Qwikster, Netflix seems to have stumbled on a new strategy to wean new customers off their shiny disc addiction: make it pretty much impossible to find a way to sign up for a subscription.
The Atlantic Wire

Sonar » Sonar in Thoughtworks Technology Radar
By Freddy Mallet
The ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board is a group of senior technology leaders within ThoughtWorks. They produce the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar to help decision makers understand emerging technologies and trends that ...

Free Technology for Teachers: Any Meeting - Free Webinar Hosting ...
By noreply@blogger.com (Mr. Byrne)
Any Meeting is a nice service for hosting and recording live webinars without installing any special software. When using Any Meeting as a webinar host you can share your screen, use your webcam, and use text chat all at the same time. ...
Free Technology for Teachers

Nanotechnology Now - Press Release: "NREL Licenses Technology ...
Abstract: The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) announced today that Natcore Technology Inc. has been granted a patent license agreement to develop a line of black silicon products. ...
Nanotechnology Now Recent News

Intel Shows Off Its Smart Phone and Tablet for 2012 - Technology ...
Prototype devices show Intel chips running devices that could challenge the iPhone and iPad early next year.

Predator RQ-1 / MQ-1 / MQ-9 Reaper - - Airforce Technology
RQ-1 Predator is a long-endurance, medium-altitude unmanned aircraft system for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Surveillance imagery from ...

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