27 December 2011

Microsoft: Five things to look for in 2012

Microsoft: Five things to look for in 2012
by Jay Greene December 26, 2011 4:00 AM PST Follow @iamjaygreene Next year is one of those years that can't come soon enough for Microsoft. It's not that 2011 was a particularly difficult year. The company posted record revenue for the fiscal year that ...

Samsung to pay $934M for Sony share of LCD firm panel
Sony, facing huge losses in its TV business, said it will still acquire panels from the S-LCD venture. By Jay Alabaster IDG News Service - Sony said Monday it will sell off its entire stake in an LCD manufacturing joint venture with Samsung Electronics ...

Google's iPad Killer Ready in 6 Months, Says Eric Schmidt
Fox News
Soon Google could show tablet makers like ASUS, HTC, Lenovo, and Motorola how a real Android tablet is made. During an interview with an Italian newspaper this week, Eric Schmidt, Google's Executive Chairman, mentioned plans “to market a tablet of the...

Fox News

Twin probes to circle moon to study gravity field
The Associated Press
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The moon has come a long way since Galileo first peered at it through a telescope. Unmanned probes have circled around it and landed on its surface. Twelve American astronauts have walked on it. And lunar rocks and soil have been ...

Apple's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway kicks off in Europe and Canada
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Apple has once again launched its 12 Days of Christmas app to mark the start of its annual holiday promotion that offers free songs, music videos, apps and books to residents of Canada and parts of Europe. Since the promotion does ...

Xbox 720: Why it's already here
Microsoft call it the "Twist" interface these days, but the new Xbox dashboard was developed under the codename "Metro". Their next generation user interface has come to Xbox and it changes everything - but unless you're paying attention it could be ...

Video of the Day: Can The Muppets rescue Google+?
In an effort to encourage folks to join Google+, The Muppets make a cameo on a recent advertisement. Check out the video below to see our favorite Jim Henson characters rocking out to the song "Under Pressure" — but does this make you want to join ...

Lawsuit Asks "Who Owns a Twitter Follower?"
The Atlantic Wire
A fight between a company and a former employee over his Twitter account is raising questions about who can "own" a Twitter follower and just how much each one is worth. The New York Times has the story of PhoneDog.com, which is suing a former writer ...

The Atlantic Wire

Your Timeline is Money
By Eileen Graham Facebook's featured Timeline example shows a number of apps that allow users to "express" who they are. Everyone has a “story” to tell, according to Facebook.com developers introducing “Timeline.” The leading social network announced ...

Steve Jobs “IPod Touched” the Hearts of Millions
The Falconaire
By Greatpumpkin On December 26, 2011 · Leave a Comment · In 2011-2012, Issue 3, News By Lauren Mooney When Steve Jobs, the co-founder of the computer company Apple Inc, passed away in October, the news struck the world with full force. ...

Report: Kindle produces nearly no electrical interference. FAA: "LALALALALA"
Boing Boing
By Rob Beschizza at 7:20 am Monday, Dec 26 E-books are forbidden during takeoff and landing for reasons that don't seem to add up, and which shift depending on whether you're asking the FAA, the airlines, or experts. Instead of just picking holes in ...

Look up at sunset: Moon, Venus and 'Earthshine' put on sky show
By Julie Hoogland | The Grand Rapids Press AP File The view in February 2009: Venus glows near the crescent moon just after sunset in Arizona. Tonight, Venus will appear left of the crescent. Looking for some post-Christmas celestial wonder? ...


Library eBook service launched
Melton Today
LEICESTERSHIRE County Council's library services has launched a new, free eBook service for library members. There are no charges to borrow an eBook or reserve a title, and eBooks are never returned late. Library members can borrow up to three eBooks ...

LG's 55-inch 'world's largest' OLED HDTV panel is official, coming to CES 2012
By Richard Lawler posted Dec 25th 2011 9:37PM We only have a few more days left until the festivities truly kick off at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, but LG has already tipped its hand with a press release promising the "world's largest" OLED panel for the ...

Is This What The Apple iPad Mini Could Look Like?
The last few weeks have seen a flurry of iPad 3 rumors and speculation, as well as several analyst predictions that Apple may release a smaller iPad – the “iPad Mini” to compete with cut-price tablets such as Amazon's “most successful product ever”, ...


NASA Finds A Holiday Wreath In Space
WISE, NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, has captured a view of a nebula that looks just like a Christmas wreath. (Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA) Here's another seasonally appropriate find – perfect for the end of Christmas. ...


Kepler Getting Closer in 'Earth Twin' Hunt
French Tribune
In what may well turn out to be “the beginning of an era”, as termed by one of the scientists from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center, the group of scientists has recently discovered the most Earth-size, smallest planets ever spotted in the outer space of ...

French Tribune

Android Partners Learn that Free Cost More Than Expected
Trefis (subscription)
Android being “free” may turn out to be true after all. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has seen two major setbacks recently: the first, Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) success in the patent dispute over HTC, [1] and second, the ITC ruling that Motorola infringes on ...

The cream of the 4th quarter gaming crop
By Peter Smith Add a new comment December 26, 2011, 8:02 AM — Merry morning after, one and all. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful day, and I hope everyone else had a nice relaxing weekend. The winter holidays mark more than ...

HP Printers: an update to mitigate a fault
Generation NT (US)
Hewlett-Packard will offer a firmware update to mitigate a security vulnerability in their LaserJet printers. At the end of November, researchers at the University of Columbia unveiled the existence of a security vulnerability in HP printers with its ...

Asus Transformer Slider reviewed
Asus recently announced the Transformer Prime, a Tegra 3 powered quad-core tablet that can be de-attached from the keyboard dock, but we won't wrote about that one this time. Many people who would like a tablet shy away from the whole concept due to ...

Xbox Live To Remove Guns From Avatar Marketplace In January
Coming this January, Xbox Live will be removing all of the guns from avatars for good. The news comes from the Epic Games' community manager, and for good reason. The announcement was bundled with the service announcement that if Gears fans haven't...


Man Wins and Crashes Lamborghini on the Same Day
Salt Lake City resident and truck driver David Dopp who won a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster worth $380000 in a contest crashed it just hours later when he hit a fence post. The 34-year-old intends to sell the Italian luxury car as soon as possible as ...

Microsoft to wave bye-bye to CES
PC Authority
by Tom Brewster on Dec 26, 2011 The Redmond giant says January isn't a good month for it to release products, so it won't play a major role at CES anymore. Microsoft will not be giving a keynote at 2013's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ...

Frankincense tree faces uncertain future
Press TV
Ecologists warn that Boswellia tree species used in perfume and medicine industries is under the threat of decline and faces an uncertain future. The findings published in the Journal of Applied Ecology suggest that the production of the Frankincense ...

Press TV

Windows 8 gesture login, perform gestures to unlock your device
Microsoft is preparing a new way to log into tablet PCs with Windows 8, by allowing a user to perform gestures on a screen instead of typing in letters or numbers. For example, you can use a photo with some personal meaning to you, create a sequence of ...


VW slams brakes on after-hours emails
New Zealand Herald
By Tony Paterson The tyranny of the out-of-hours email from the boss has plagued workers the world over ever since the introduction of the BlackBerry. Now, after years of subjugation, one group of workers has struck a blow for freedom: 1000 employees ...

Top 5: Technology I'm looking forward to in 2012 | PhoneDog
Well, 2011 is quickly coming to a close (seriously, where did the year go?) and I think it's safe to say it has been an amazing year for the entire mobile world. (Well, except for all of those currently being sued over patent infringements, so we'll ...
PhoneDog.com - Latest videos,...

The Science and Technology of Gaming Continues to Evolve » Blog ...
Industrial Arts coordinator Olvera Shobe expressed relief that ground breaking on the gamingtechnology project will begin, stating: “We've worked hard for almost five years now planning, organizing, and developing what we think will be the ...
The Science and Technology of...

Is technology making us lonely?
Current mobile phone technology allows you to upload photos to your Facebook page, browse the internet, and store and play your favourite music anywhere. The downloadable phone applications that are available are endless and they ...
Christian Today Australia

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Daily Education and Technology News for ...
By coolcatteacher@gmail.com (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 12/26/2011. Posted by Vicki Davis. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Set Up Your Kindle Fire for Tiny Tablet Awesomeness. A handle Kindle Fire set up guide from ...
Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Iran, Israel and DPI: The misdirection of resistance to surveillance ...
By Mikhail Doroshevich
by Milton Mueller My last blog post hit a nerve. When I wrote it I was vaguely worried about the direction certain reporters and human rights activists were taking in their response to the use of surveillance technology by authoritarian...
Information Policy

Face.com: Facial Recognition For The Masses | Technology News
By david goldman, cnnmoney
Face.com is an Israeli startup founded in 2008 that provides websites and mobile apps with code to implement face recognition. So far, Face.com, which is free and is used by Facebook and Twitter, has recognized or detected 35 billion faces.
No Camels

Free Technology for Teachers: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
By noreply@blogger.com (Mr. Byrne)
skip to main | skip to sidebar. Free Technology for Teachers. Free Resources and Lesson Plans for Teaching with Technology ... Thank you to everyone that has helped Free Technology for Teachers grow over the years. I hope that the New ...
Free Technology for Teachers

2 Technology Stock Buys And 4 Sells From Jim Cramer - Seeking ...
By Chris Lau
The technology sector was jolted when Oracle (ORCL) reported earnings results that did not meet its already lowered guidance. Oracle dropped over $3 to $25.77 when it reported on December 21 2011. Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad ...
SeekingAlpha.com: Home Page

Amazon EC2 Multi Domain Setup and Technology Behind 9lessons
By srinivas.tamada@gmail.com (Srinivas Tamada)
How to do Amazon EC2 Multi Domain Setup and Technology Behind 9lessons. Tutorial focused on Programming, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, Demos, Web Design, Javascript, Software and MySQL.
9lessons Programming Blog

KBR to Provide Ammonia Technology and Services to Revamp ...
By ME NewsWire
“KBR is proud to have the opportunity to work with First Global Company to revamp the North Fertilizer Plant,” said John Derbyshire, President, KBR Technology. “Helping our licensors debottleneck their plants and achieve greater production ...
Emirates Week

Apple's plans for iPhone battery that would lasts for weeks without ...
APPLE has plans to solve one of the most draining problems to plague smartphones, tablets and laptops: battery life.

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