01 December 2011

Incubator Blueseed funding led by Peter Thiel

Floating technology incubator gets cash infusion from Facebook ...
By Jolie O'Dell
Blueseed, a new incubator to be based on a ship 12 miles off the California coast, will see its first round of funding led by big-name investor Peter Thiel. The floating "seastead" will host 1000 entrepreneurs just a few miles from San Francisco.
ASU professors develop technology to withstand extreme conditions ...
By Dan Oberhaus
Professors Michael Kozicki and Hugh Barnaby are in the process of developing nano-technologycapable of withstanding extreme environment conditions.
ASU News | The State Press |...

Foursquare launches 'Save to Foursquare' and 'Follow' buttons
Los Angeles Times
Foursquare launched its "Save to Foursquare" and "Follow on Foursquare" buttons Wednesday in an effort by the New York company to get users to integrate what they do on the Web with what they do in the real world. The Save to Foursquare button is aimed ...
All iPad 3 posts
With the success Apple is enjoying with the iPad 2, I'm not sure they even need to make an iPad 3. They will, of course. Just as they've done over the past two years, Apple will likely unveil its latest, greatest tablet around April of 2012. ...
Summary Box: Review says smartphone apps can make holiday shopping easier ...
Washington Post
APP-Y HOLIDAYS: A number of cheap and free smartphone apps can ease holiday shopping, and some can even make it more fun. SOME WINNERS: Price Check by Amazon and RedLaser (free, available for iPhone and Android) make it easy to search for the best ...
Christmas gamma ray burst explained?
TG Daily
Astronomers have come up with two competing theories to explain a mysterious cosmic explosion first detected by NASA's Swift observatory on Christmas Day 2010. It was caused either by a novel type of supernova located billions of light-years away or a...
Toyota, BMW in green-car technology pact
TOKYO — Automakers Toyota and BMW on Thursday struck a partnership to share eco-friendly technologies, including in the joint development of lithium-ion batteries for next-generation electric cars, the companies said. Under the deal, the German ...
NASA open to Russian participation in Mars program
Spaceflight Now
BY STEPHEN CLARK In a bid to save the next Mars rover from budgetary oblivion, representatives from NASA, Europe and Russia will meet in Paris next week to hash out what each space agency can contribute to a pair of life-hunting Mars missions due to ...
Google Catalogs looks great, performs poorly
by Jaymar Cabebe November 30, 2011 4:23 PM PST The Google Catalogs app for Android Honeycomb tablets aggregates shopping catalogs from over 100 popular retailers. It lets you search and mark items as favorites, gives you links to make purchases ...
Sour Patch Kids Coming To PSN, XBLA, And PC In 'World Gone Sour' [TRAILER]
Nate: how do you increase shoot off the dribble. i just cant figure that out at a Tommy: Maybe change your shot style. You probably are not doing as well as you thi Capcom has just announced that it will publish World Gone Sour on Xbox LIVE Arcade, ...
New estimate boosts permafrost contribution to climate change
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
by Jeff Richardson / jrichardson@newsminer.com FAIRBANKS — An international group of researchers believes greenhouse gases from thawing permafrost will be released at a much faster rate than previously estimated, which could have significant ...
NTT Docomo: Haven't Agreed With Apple To Offer iPhone, iPad
Wall Street Journal
TOKYO (Dow Jones)--NTT Docomo Inc. (9437.TO) said Thursday it hasn't reached any agreement with Apple Inc. (AAPL) to offer the iPhone or iPad tablet computer in Japan, denying local media reports that the two companies had struck a deal. ...
Ubisoft: PC version of Rainbow Six: Patriots exists, will be same as consoles
PC Gamer Magazine
To say that Ubisoft's relationship with PC has been a bit dicey lately is probably understating it. Possibly even over-understating, if that's a thing. Most recently, the publisher cast doubt upon a PC version of I Am Alive and – more interestingly ...
EU Sees Chance for Deal With China Over Climate Road Map, Kyoto
By Ewa Krukowska - Thu Dec 01 07:00:00 GMT 2011 The European Union sees a chance to win China's agreement on a road map to a global greenhouse-gas lowering treaty as the world's second-largest economy aims to build a climate-friendly image and boost ...
Best Buy recalls Rocketfish battery cases for iPhones
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Best Buy Wednesday announced the voluntary recall of a mobile battery case for iPhones that can overheat and pose a fire hazard. The product is sold under the name Rocketfish and is intended to recharge ...
Glitch MMO Returns To Beta Status
Gaming Union
Two months after the launch of Glitch, the developers have decided to put the game back into its beta status, effectively "unlaunching" the game. "There are two obvious and huge improvements we need to make: the first is to make the early game reveal ...
iPhone more interesting than Lohan, Kardashians
Derrick joined MyBroadband in 2011 as a junior journalist with a strong background in computer hardware and gaming. He is also regular columnist and hardware... According to the Yahoo Year in Review list, the “iPhone” was the most popular search term ...
Volt sales expected to rise; tax credit scrutinized
The Detroit News
Washington —General Motors Co. is expected to announce a slight increase in November sales for the extended-range electric Chevrolet Volt, despite the government's investigation into the vehicle for fire risks. GM spokesman Jim Cain confirmed the ...
press-citizen.com to adopt Facebook Comments
Iowa City Press Citizen
Starting the evening Dec. 8, press-citizen.com will adopt the Facebook Comments system for users to post comments at the end of online articles. In order to comment on articles, users must have and be logged into a Facebook account. ...
Jawbone Up a downer
Detroit Free Press
The Jawbone Up wristband promised to promote healthy habits by tracking sleep, activity and meals. / Jawbone By Mark W. Smith Few gadgets have had as much prelaunch hype this year as the Jawbone Up, a stylish wristband that promised to gently prod you ...
Facebook Extends Maximum Status Update 12-Fold
Facebook has extended the maximum length of status updates to 60000 characters, 12 times what it used to be. Perhaps this move intends to offset the site's recently announced plan to end support of RSS in the Notes application. ...
Hennessey Announces 2013 Venom GT Spyder
Motor Authority
By Chris Weiss Chris Weiss developed his love for cars during his toddler years when he learned that his father's 1978 Camaro was a whole lot cooler to be seen in... More If you think 270 mph in a convertible is a good idea, there's probably only one ...
New Twist in the Search for Dark Matter
Wired News
By Adam Mann New research using observations from dwarf galaxies has set a lower limit on the mass of dark matter particles. But the results contradict findings from several previous experiments, which observed dark-matter particles with masses below ...
Box Offers Free Cloud Storage for LG Android Devices
By Tony Bradley, PCWorld Box is making headlines in cloud-based storage once again. It has enhanced the features of the Box for Android app, and it is teaming up with LG to provide 50GB of free cloud-based storage for all LG Android mobile devices. ...
Apollo 13 checklist sells for $380000
The Australian
A checklist used by Apollo 13 commander James Lovell to make calculations that helped guide the damaged spacecraft home. It has been sold at auction for $388375. Source: AP A CHECKLIST used to guide the wounded Apollo 13 spacecraft home after the ...
The Waldorf Way: Silicon Valley school eschews technology
By The Daily Nightly
By Rehema EllisNBC News From the moment you walk into the Waldorf School of the Peninsula there are clear signs that something different is happening. Allysun Sokolowski, a third-grade teacher, greets each one of her 29 students by ...
Newsvine - The Daily Nightly - Articles
Just in time for Durban – new green technology promises big fuel ...
By Anthony Watts
People send me stuff. We've spent so much time on Climategate that other more important things have fallen by the wayside. We've seen a lot of claims on how green technology will reduce emissions and save the Earth. Often these claims ...
Watts Up With That?
Honda aims high with "Earth Dreams Technology"
Honda has outlined its next-generation technology for automobiles at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
RSNA highlights potentially disruptive mobile technology for ...
By Neil Versel
A lesser-known vendor, Claron Technology took advantage of the gathering to introduce iPhone and iPad image-viewing apps. A Web version of the company's Nil viewer, which works on Android and BlackBerry devices, too, is just a year old. ...
Future of Technology - Robot recognizes self in mirror
By John Roach
A robot that looks like a little green Martian in a snowsuit has learned to recognize itself in the mirror — and is pleased with what it sees. Mirror-self recognition is a hallmark of intelligence in animals, something found in primates, dolphins and ...
Newsvine - Future of Technology...
Your Smartphone Is Spying on You - Technology - The Atlantic Wire
By Adam Clark Estes
An Android developer recently discovered a clandestine application called Carrier IQ built into most smartphones that doesn't just track your location; it secretly records your keystrokes, and there's nothing you can do about it.
The Atlantic Wire

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