29 December 2011

3.7 million Android activations on Christmas weekend

Android device activations hit 3.7 million on Christmas weekend
by Lance Whitney December 28, 2011 6:47 AM PST Follow @lancewhit In a tweet touting the holiday numbers, Google's Android honcho Andy Rubin said 3.7 million Android devices were activated the weekend of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. ...


Games in 2012: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles face crunch time
The Guardian
The rumours are everywhere and, despite silence from Sony and Microsoft, they are gaining traction. With the Xbox 360 now a stately seven years old and PlayStation 3 pushing six, it seems a new console generation is on the horizon. ...

The Guardian

Train-switching technology 'poses hacking threat'
BBC News
A shift to a mobile communications technology could expose rail networks to hackers, according to a security expert. Prof Stefan Katzenbeisser made the claim at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. The professor said that the systems which ...

BBC News

Google+ surpasses 62 million users
by Lance Whitney December 28, 2011 5:56 AM PST Follow @lancewhit Chiming in with his own Google+ post yesterday, Ancestry.com co-founder and Google+ unofficial statistician Paul Allen reported the latest numbers as of December 27. ...

Hitachi, Samsung, Sharp Agree on LCD Price-Fixing Settlement
Under the agreements, the companies will pay up to $37 million just to compensate government and other public entities for damages. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a $553 million multi-state settlement with seven major technology ...

iPhone 5 Rumors Start Heating Up [VIDEO]
The second round of iPhone 5 rumors has officially begun, speculating a redesigned front rim in rubber or plastic, possibly to connect the face to a new aluminum back plate or to cover a new antenna system. BGR says a source close to the company claims ...

Apple wants to offer television subscribers customized channel lineups
Apple Insider
By Neil Hughes Apple's anticipated full-fledged television set could offer Internet-based content subscriptions with customized channel lineups, if the company has its way. Customized programming is said to be one of Apple's most desired features for ...

Zynga Experimenting with Cross-Promotion from Game Inboxes
Inside Social Games
Zynga is experimenting with a new type of cross-promotion that uses in-game mailbox messages to redirect users to other Zynga games where they have pending notifications or requests. As seen in CastleVille, the new feature generates inbox messages for ...

iPhone 4S to get a New Year's launch in China?
ZDNet (blog)
By Hana Stewart-Smith | December 28, 2011, 7:42am PST Summary: The iPhone 4S has cleared it's final hurdle for release in China, and reports suggest that the device is set to launch around the Chinese New Year. Reports suggest the iPhone 4S will be ...

DC Passenger Vehicle Fleet Getting Older
NBC Washington
By LeRita Gibson-Reid Economic conditions have caused many in the DC region to hold on to their older vehicles to avoid the financial burden buying a new one, according to AAA. The auto group says 25% of drivers have put off repairs on their older ...

LA Times Adds More Games to Website, Hoping to Boost Revenue
By Lucas Shaw at TheWrap In a bid to boost its digital revenue, the Los Angeles Times has struck a deal with Arkadium, a major online game developer, to add more than two dozen games to that section of its website. This will add diversions like ...

Gameloft fends off winter blues with dollar sale on Android Market
By Sharif Sakr posted Dec 28th 2011 10:31AM The French game publisher already sprinkled 99¢ allspice on its iOS and Amazon Appstore titles, plus a two-for-one deal on the Xperia Play, but soon it'll bring that volume-not-margin recipe to the Android ...

CES 2012 will be Microsoft's last year at trade show
Washington Post
The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, which begins on January 9th, will be one of the largest trade shows ever, as start-ups and industry giants alike unveil their latest products in Las Vegas. As Venturebeat reported: Putting recession fears behind it, ...

The next target for hackers: your car
Montreal Gazette
By Jameson Berkow, Financial Post December 28, 2011 Banking on smartphones and web-connected cars will provide fertile hunting ground for hackers in 2012, as cyber criminals follow consumers into an increasingly mobile world, a report by McAfee Inc. ...

HTC Super Tool unlocks bootloader, roots most devices
There is no doubt that most users are shied away from messing with the guts of their devices. Not only does this usually void your warranty, but there is also a danger of bricking your device (if things aren't done correctly). One-click methods are the ...

Steve Jobs: Prefer thermonuclear war with Google than sharing
Times of India
Steve Jobs told his biographer that he'd rather wage “thermonuclear war” with Google Inc than make deals to share its technology. SAN FRANCISCO: Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc, told his biographer that he'd rather wage "thermonuclear war" with ...

Google+ ropes in The Muppets to promote Hangouts
Hindustan Times
Google gave an opportunity to surfers to turn puppeteer for a day with a doodle celebrating the 75th birthday of Muppets creator Jim Henson. After a successful ad campaign featuring the crowd-puller Lady Gaga, Google has roped in The Muppets to promote ...

Hindustan Times

Microsoft to ban virtual guns on Xbox Live
TG Daily
The right to bear arms does not extend into the world of virtual game console avatars. Even though the Xbox 360 is the place to go for bloody shoot-em-ups and FPS games that push the M-rated boundaries, Microsoft is apparently against the idea of ...

TG Daily

Croaks help frogs locate mates with matching DNA
Zee News
Washington: Female tree frogs select mates by picking out the one which shares the same DNA as them , by the pitch of croaks they emit, reveals a study. "To the naked eye -- human and frog, the two frogs look exactly alike," said Carl Gerhardt, ...

Zee News

New Tech Promises 3D Television Without the Glasses
Fox News
AP Photo Stream TV Networks, Inc. has developed a breakthrough technology that promises to convert regular 2-D content into stereoscopic 3D -- all without the need for special glasses. The company plans to unveil the product -- dubbed Ultra-D -- at CES...

Fox News

Iris Erlingsdottir: Cool Icelandic Phone Technology Is Hot
By Iris Erlingsdottir
Sometimes I doubt that all the amazing communications technology the world has seen in the last decade has resulted in increased or better communication, and I mean real communication, not just "HUD, GGN, H&K, LY2!" (How You Doing ...
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

Apple Bringing Fuel Cell Technology To iPhones? | WebProNews
By Shaylin Clark
Late last week the US Patent Office released a patent application (PDF) filed by Apple in April of this year. The application deals with “a fuel cell system.

Syrian NGOs: A dual-use technology? — RT
Syrian NGOs have often been the sole source of information for the Western media when it comes to reporting alleged atrocities within the country. Why is it then that so many of these NGO are either funded or based entirely in the West?
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Top 10 Women in Technology in 2011
By Chip Chick
December is a time for reflection, for celebration and for making and breaking resolutions. It's also time for us to look back at the last year in technology land and marvel at how far we've come.

How technology will change our lives in 2012 and beyond ...
By Adrian Hon
caption id="attachment_100007064" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="How the future will look. The Amazon supermarket is just out of shot to the left"]...

Technology Business: Intel Anti-Trust, Google Takes Flight ...
By Debbie Baratz
All the top business stories of the day in the technology sector: Intel Anti-Trust, Google Takes Flight.
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Best of 2011 – Technology: Apps, Websites and Gadgets :: The ...
By isps
Its Best Of season, and TOW is doing our own recap of some of the best things of 2011 in our opinion... yesterday it was Music and Entertainment and.

Big Brother Pays Off as Predictive Behavior Technology Targets ...
By Activist
Fortunately, that test-run produced enough outrage to force both the UK maker of the technology, Path Intelligence, as well as mall management to halt the surveillance and respond to a call from Sen. Charles Schumer over general privacy ...
Activist Post

LG to debut 'world's largest' Organic-LED and 3D LED TVs at CES ...
By Nathan Olivarez-Giles
LG is bringing some big TVs to January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Specifically, the world's largest OLED TV, at 55 inches, and the world's largest 3D LED TV with a screen size of 72-inches. The new television sets may or ...
L.A. Times Tech Blog

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