28 December 2011

China Launches Own Global Positioning System

China Launches Own Global Positioning System
Wall Street Journal
By JEREMY PAGE BEIJING—China has begun operating a homegrown satellite navigation service that is designed to provide an alternative to the US Global Positioning System and, according to defense experts, could help the Chinese military to identify,...

Wall Street Journal

GSM phones vulnerable to hijack scams-researcher
By Tarmo Virki | BERLIN (Reuters) - Vulnerability in a widely used wireless technology could allow hackers to gain remote control of phones And instruct them to send text messages or make calls, according to an expert on mobile phone security. ...

Games of 2012: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Developers never find it easy to admit they got something wrong, especially when the game in question is arguably the biggest title in their studio's roster. Final Fantasy XIII may have packed a startling visual punch, with its baroque architecture and ...

Apple Fined $1200000 For Misleading Italian Consumers
Fox News
Apple was fined €900000 ($1.2 million) for misleading consumers on product assistance, Italy's antitrust authority said Tuesday. Apple Sales International, Apple Italia Srl and Apple Retail Italia were fined after complaints from consumer groups about...

Fox News

Boxee abandons PC users, version 1.5 update will be the last for computers
Sorry Boxee faithful, you won't be getting any more updates on your computers after the release of Boxee 1.5. The media streaming software company will be shifting its focus entirely to connected TV devices, tablets and smartphones, it announced ...


Samsung reconsiders Android 4.0 on Galaxy S, expects 15% rise in handset sales ...
Additionally, but unrelated, the company expects a 15 percent uptick in handset sales next year, given the current popularity of its Android lineup. Thanks to a massive outcry from customers, Samsung is now apparently reconsidering making Android 4.0 ...


Thunderbolt ports coming to a PC near you in 2012
Much has been said about the power of Thunderbolt ports on the latest Macs. So far, it's been an Apple-only affair. A new report says some big PC makers are getting in on the speedy port fun. According to DigiTimes, Intel wants to speed up the ...

Facebook Status Update Saves Woman, Child in Hostage Situation
A Utah woman held captive for five days used a Facebook status update to save her and her 17-month-old son from a grisly hostage situation. The woman hid in a closet with a laptop and posted a message saying that she and her son would be “dead by ...

50 Fisker Karma vehicles have potential battery issue
The EV and hybrid industry runs on batteries and those batteries have the potential to cause a fire hazard if the right set of circumstances occurs. GM found this out the hard way with the recent battery woes that led to some Volt test vehicles ...


Android 4.0 comes to Kindle Fire via hack
TG Daily
If you've been disappointed with the limited Android access on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, here's some good news. There is a hack in the works that could potentially bring a full working version of Android 4.0 to the $199 tablet. ...

Spire: A New Legal Siri Port For Any iOS 5 Device
Well-know iOS hacker chpwn (aka Grant Paul) along with Ryan Petrich have released a new tool for installing Siri on jailbroken phones. The Siri port, called “Spire,” works on any phone that can run iOS 5. However, because Apple only officially supports ...


Giant prawn invaders threaten Gulf ecosystem
Sydney Morning Herald
HOUSTON: A jumbo shrimp is causing big worries about the future of the Gulf of Mexico's ecosystem. The Asian tiger prawn, a 30-centimetre-long crustacean with a voracious appetite and a proclivity for disease, has invaded the northern Gulf, ...

Supply chain report points to 32- and 37-inch Apple iTV in 2012
By Darrell Etherington Dec. 27, 2011, 6:34am PT No Comments Apple will be launching 32- and 37-inch versions of a dedicated Apple television set in the second or third quarter of 2012, according to supply chain sources speaking to DigiTimes on Tuesday. ...


LHC ATLAS experiment recreated in LEGO
TG Daily
Irritated, perhaps, by CERN's tardiness in producing a Higgs boson for our delectation, a Danish scientist has produced a detailed model of the Large Hadron Collider's ATLAS experiment - made from LEGO. Physicist Sascha Mehlhase of the Niels Bohr ...

TG Daily

Microsoft's Dumbest And Smartest Moves Of 2011
The past year was one of highs and lows for the world's biggest software company. Here are seven reasons why. By Paul McDougall InformationWeek Microsoft's struggle to adapt to a computing market in which the PC is taking a back seat to tablets and ...

Google Roils Travel
Wall Street Journal
By JACK NICAS Google Inc.'s newest push into online travel has begun to roil the industry, the latest example of the company extending its market power into increasingly diverse aspects of economic life. Competitors say Google is abusing its power in ...

Microsoft Clamps Down on Virtual Guns on Xbox LIVE
Windows IT Pro
According to a third party developer, Microsoft will no longer allow guns or gun-like avatar items to be sold or given away through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the software giant's online store for its Xbox 360 console. The graphical elements can ...

Windows IT Pro

Look what 2011 washed in: Breakthroughs in the cloud
By Alex Handy December 27, 2011 — 2011 should not be called “The Year of the Cloud.” It's too hokey, too obvious. It would be such an easy label to place on the year. And besides, didn't we already say that Amazon's Web Services had won the battle for ...

King tides return to Puget Sound this week
The Republic
AP These extremely high tides that happen once or twice a year may temporarily flood roads, parking lots and beaches. Seattlepi.com (http://is.gd/iu2Wn4 ) reports the king tides are a natural phenomenon that occur when the sun and moon's gravitational ...

Year in gaming: Sequels stand out
By Brett Molina and Mike Snider, USA TODAY Online and mobile games such as CityVille and Angry Birds may have kept us busy in 2011, but console game developers and publishers offered a year of excellence, with top-notch releases across nearly every ...


Sony to Cease Its Flat-Screen Partnership With Samsung
New York Times
TOKYO — In a bid to streamline its unprofitable television business, Sony said Monday that it would sell its stake in its flat-panel screen venture with Samsung Electronics, cutting its production capacity at a time when outsourcing has become the norm ...

Nissan Assures the Integrity of its Battery Cell In the Nissan Leaf
After the Chevrolet Volt's battery fire hazard debacle, electric vehicles have received intense scrutiny over the integrity of battery cells. To answer these concerns, Nissan has stepped forward to address the strength of its Leaf electric vehicle ...

Microsoft And Intel Try To Fend Off iPad Frenzy With Ultrabooks
Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8, the next version of the Windows operating system (OS), in 2012. It is the leader in the OS market where it competes with Apple's Mac OS X and various Linux based distros. Windows 8 will also run on tablets ...

Kojima Talks Metal Gear Solid, And The Possibility Of A Remake
One of the first games I fell deep into back in my PlayStation days was Metal Gear Solid. I hadn't played the Metal Gear title for the SNES, but I still found myself being sucked into the game's immersing storyline. The game originally debuted back in ...


Research shows link between climate and biodiversity
Summit County Citizens Voice
By Summit Voice SUMMIT COUNTY — With some intensive scientific sleuthing that spanned millions of years, scientists say they've been able to link changes in species diversity with changing climate. The research shows six distinct, consecutive waves of ...

Hyundai hires BMW Designer Christopher Chapman
BMW BLOG (blog)
One of the fastest growing car companies these days is the South Korean automaker Hyundai. The company began its brand revitalization a few years ago with bold designs and improved styling that also won them several awards. In 2009, the Hyundai Genesis...

BMW BLOG (blog)

Nintendo to Stream Press Conference
Whilst we've been munching poultry and pies, unwrapping presents and binging on films, Nintendo have been prepping a conference. As well as giving fans a selection of top games to play on 3DS and Wii over the holiday season, Nintendo hope to treat ...


Technology Footprint: Starting Up in New York | The Big Picture
By Barry Ritholtz
At a friend's house for a Christmas day party (yesterday), I speak with her 20-something nephew, who has worked at several NY area start ups. I mentioned this.
The Big Picture

Adweek.com's Top 10 Technology Stories of 2011 | Adweek
Here are the 10 most-read technology stories published on Adweek.com in 2011: Yahoo Alumni on What Went Wrong Weak culture, bloated middle management among top criticisms By Ki Mae Heussner For board members at the top of the ...
Adweek : Technology

Here's How Mobile Technology Will Revolutionize Hiring
By Karlee Weinmann
It's all about convenience and the user experience, Michael Marlatt says.
Business Insider

When will we see a revolutionary battery technology make it to ...
Just yesterday, my article detailing the top five things I'm looking forward to in 2012 was published. (Merry belated Christmas, by the way.) If you haven't read that article yet, I'm about to spoil it for you. The five things of 2012 that I'm looking ...
PhoneDog.com - Latest videos,...

Instructional technology
By Mary Bigelow
Space and technology seem to go hand in hand. To the Moon and Back show how students in Grades 2 and 3 used the Starry Night resource to gather data on phases of the moon and look for patterns and develop questions. The article ...

Fantastic futures? Technology and business in 2012
By admin
26 December 2011 Last updated at 19:08 ET By Fiona Graham Technology of business reporter, BBC News Look into the ball: What does 2012 hold for business technology? Although those of us following the Mayan long calendar may be ...
Computer Tips, News and FREE Support

The touchy-feely future of technology | 89.3 KPCC
By NPR Staff | NPR
With the gift-giving season winding down, we take some time to look at a technology that likely played a part in many of this year's offerings — touch screens. From its early innovators to its most recent, groundbreaking applications, the one ...
KPCC: Latest News

Technology failures prompt criticism of secretary of state
By Stephen Frank
Technology failures prompt criticism of secretary of state Will Evans, California Watch, 12/20/11 The latest technology snafus to hit Secretary of State Debra Bowen's office have added to growing frustration from registrars and watchdog groups, ...
California Political News and Views

Shaw Wu on Technology Industry Outlook - YouTube
By Bloomberg
Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Shaw Wu, analyst at Sterne Agee & Leach Inc., talks about the impact of component-supply disruptions on the technology industry, d...
Uploads by Bloomberg

Sony patent discloses global shutter technology ... - sonyalpharumors
By admin
Sony fulfilled a new patent describing a sensor with global shutter (Click here to see the original patent). This is Sony's description: “In the CMOS type image sensor, the photoelectric conversion unit reads out the signal charges for each pixel ...

Thunderbolt Technology Coming To Motherboards, Notebooks
Thunderbolt is a high-speed (10Gbps) PC connection technology that brings together high-speed data transfer and high-definition display on to a single cable. Thunderbolt technology uses two communications methods, or protocols -- PCI ...
CdrInfo.com Just Published News

The Science and Technology of Gaming Continues to Evolve » Blog ...
Starting out was a gaming technology webmaster can be very challenging. The first, and most important part, is getting a good domain name. “Domains can easily be turned into good gamingtechnology brands,” reports Veta Trotta, who has ...
The Science and Technology of...

Laptop to TV with Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi)
Intel uses origami to show how a PC can help you create, enjoy and explore amazing new things. The only thing more amazing than Intel® technology is what ...

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