26 October 2011

Think Groupon is a technology company? Think again.

Think Groupon is a technology company? Think again. « reDesign
By Rocky Agrawal
Through much of its roadshow presentation, Groupon tries to make the claim that it's a technologycompany. At one point, CEO Andrew Mason bizarrely uses a cyborg to illustrate how much the company is about technology. From a company ...
New NFC Technology Delivers Fast Food Even Faster @PSFK
Brand Table is a project that is designed for food courts in shopping malls to dramatically decrease wait times.

Microsoft CRM update takes 'social' cue from Salesforce.com
By Chris Kanaracus IDG News Service - Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled the latest version of its Dynamics CRM software, which adds some social software functionality as well as closer ties to the Office 365 online productivity suite. ...
Tracking Your Location ... With Skype?
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Location tracking has been a hot-button issue this year, starting with concerns about Apple's iOS in April before moving to Google, Microsoft, and now Skype. In a recent paper, researchers from the Polytechnic Institute of New York ...
Tablet owners still won't pay to read the news
by Lance Whitney October 25, 2011 8:41 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit More than half of all tablet users consume the news on a daily basis but most are still unwilling to pay for it. A study commissioned by Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in ...
Android Overtakes iOS in App Downloads
By Eric Mack, PCWorld Oct 25, 2011 8:29 AM The Android operating system now leads in total app downloads, another benchmark in the race to dominate the smartphone market, according to ABI Research. The market research firm's Singapore office said ...
2000-Year-Old Supernova Mystery Solved
Fox News
This image combines data from four different space telescopes to create a multi-wavelength view of all that remains of the oldest documented example of a supernova, called RCW 86. The Chinese witnessed the event in 185 AD, documenting a mysterious ...
Garmin Turns Your iPhone Into a Personal Trainer
PC Magazine
By Will Greenwald Garmin isn't known for its fitness products, but it does offer some. Beyond GPS units, the company has a handful of watches and adapters for use with fitness devices and heart monitors. Garmin is trying to make its health products and ...
Creator of the iPod: Saving Energy Is Sexy
Fox News
By John R. Quain Oct. 25, 2011: The world's first learning thermostat, introduced Tuesday by Tony Fadell -- the man who sold Steve Jobs on the iPod. Can the father of the iPod make saving energy sexy? Tony Fadell is the man who took the idea of the ...
Battlefield 3's Pretty, Messy, Tedious Solo Campaign
By Matt Peckham, PCWorld Oct 25, 2011 7:41 AM Before we get into it, a few Battlefield 3 play notes: I'm running the Xbox 360 version, because that arrived first, and the PC version's still downloading from EA's Origin servers this morning. ...
Buzz Earns Google 20-Year Privacy Monitoring from FTC
The Mac Observer
Google has 20 years worth of privacy monitoring to look forward to from the US Federal Trade Commission thanks to what are being called deceptive practices the Internet search giant used with its now dead Google Buzz social networking service. ...
Range Rover Evoque Named Motor Trend Truck of the Year
Fox News
Motor Trend has announced the winner of its 2012 Truck of the Year award, and it's approved by Victoria Beckham. The Range Rover Evoque compact crossover bested the likes of the Ford Explorer and Dodge Durango to claim the perennially noteworthy title ...
NASA asked to reconsider shuttle for Seattle
The Seattle Times
Gov. Chris Gregoire is asking that Seattle get another chance to host a retiring space shuttle, at least temporarily, because two of the cities selected will not have displays ready for years. By Seattle Times staff Gotta love our post active elected ...
Bruce the turtle ready to return to San Diego Bay
San Jose Mercury News
AP SAN DIEGO—A Pacific green sea turtle that was found near-dead of gunshot wounds to the neck in January has recuperated at San Diego's Sea World and is ready for release. The Los Angeles Times (http://lat.ms/vjdtlm) reports that Bruce the turtle is ...
UN panel sets target to connect poor to broadband
The Associated Press
GENEVA (AP) — A United Nations panel has given governments a target of connecting half the world's poor citizens to broadband Internet by 2015. The UN's Broadband Commission for Digital Development also says at least 40 percent of households in ...
Bluetooth SIG Announces A Lot Of Weird Branding For 4.0-Compatible Devices
Biggs is the editor of TechCrunch Gadgets. Biggs has written for the New York Times, InSync, USA Weekend, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Money and a number of other outlets on technology and wristwatches. He is the former editor-in-chief of ...
Artificial Intelligence Pioneer John McCarthy Dies at 84
John McCarthy, the inventor of programming language Lisp and the man who coined the term “artificial intelligence,” has died at the age of 84. Born in 1927, McCarthy had a PhD in mathematics and was a long-standing professor at Stanford University. ...
Windows XP At 10: No Life Support
By Paul McDougall InformationWeek A Microsoft official said the company has no plans to extend Windows XP's looming retirement date in order to give companies whose business systems run on the aging OS more time to migrate to a newer version of ...
Blizzard DOTA, coming soon to a new platform called Blizzard Arcade
by Mike Schramm on Oct 25th 2011 10:45AM Blizzard DOTA was back on the floor of BlizzCon 2011 last week, after spending a year away from the spotlight being "completely rebooted." We played the game as soon as we possibly could, finding it to be a much ...
To Social, Google Must Social
Internet Evolution
You don't have to be a fashionista to become the king of cool style (Steve Jobs, you will be missed). And you don't have to be a social maven to create a social network (just look at Mark Zuckerberg). But being super smart also doesn't guarantee ...
New DOS tool overloads SSL servers with ease
By Lucian Constantin IDG News Service - A newly released denial-of-service (DOS) tool can be used to bring down SSL servers using an average laptop computer and a standard DSL connection. The hacking outfit decided to release the tool, ...
Minnesota attorney general wants ban on cramming
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minnesota Attorney Lori Swanson Monday petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to ban unauthorized third party charges on telephone bills, a practice known as cramming. Minnesota Attorney Lori Swanson Monday petitioned the Federal ...
Minecraft Launch On Xbox 360 Delayed Until 2012
Gaming Union
Microsoft has announced that Minecraft won't be appearing on the Xbox 360 this year. They had originally planned to release the game during the Winter months. The news came from one of Microsoft's producers working on bringing the successful PC game ...
German satellite crashed over Asia's Bay of Bengal
The Associated Press
BERLIN (AP) — Heavily populated Asian cities avoided a dangerous collision with space junk last weekend as a defunct German satellite crashed into the sea somewhere between India and Myanmar. The ROSAT satellite re-entered the atmosphere at 0150 GMT ...
YouTube Blog: Technology and human rights
By Ramya
Activists, academics, and analysts will meet with engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives for discussion about how and when technology can advance human rights. We're pleased to be the original sponsor of Rightscon, as it's being called. ...
YouTube Blog
SpringSource links up with Neo Technology on NoSQL — Cloud ...
By Derrick Harris
SpringSource, the application-platform arm of VMware, has been working closely with NoSQL startup Neo Technology to produce a version of the Neo4j graph database optimized for Spring environments. Additionally, SpringSource founder ...
Weak technology weighs down Groupon's sinking ship | VentureBeat
By Chikodi Chima
Groupon's first technology product Groupon Now appears to be a stinking dud, according to data released on Sunday. The Groupon Now mobile app chalking up some very dour numbers, according to a new report compiled by Yipit, ...
Henderson Independent school officials tout technology | Salisbury ...
By Sarah Campbell. scampbell@salisburypost.com. SALISBURY — School officials are touting a technology overhaul at Henderson Independent High School as the major project funded by a federal School Improvement Grant. “Upon final ...
Local News | The Salisbury Post
Travel and technology at the New York City Travel Massive event ...
By Jessica Festa
On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, New York City Travel Massive will hold their November event at Winston's Champagne Bar at the Gansevoort Park Hotel. New.
TapSense Touchscreen Technology Can Figure Out What's ...
By Quentyn Kennemer
While most of us are happy with the two most common touchscreen options on tablets and smartphones - touching with our finger and with a capacitive stylus -
Android Phone Fans
SmartPhone Technology Helps Deliver Babies
Babies are heavily monitored in the hospital before they are born. During labor, their heartbeats can tell medical staff how well they are doing and if they need help. New technology is allowing doctors who can now monitor their little patients ...
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