19 October 2011

Could Microsoft and Roku Finally Kill the Cable Box?

Could Microsoft and Roku Finally Kill the Cable Box?
Fox News
By John R. Quain Do streaming service on consumer electronics from companies ranging from Apple to Microsoft to Wetern Digital herald an end -- at last -- to the cable set top box? It's been a thorn in the backside of couch potatoes for decades: the ...
Facebook Is Web's Future, Say Parker and Benioff
Spotify, Salesforce.com execs tee off on leveraging Facebook's tight grip on power for their companies' benefit. As Web 2.0 Summit kicked off Monday in San Francisco, the keynote speakers wound up spending almost as much time talking about Facebook and ...
Will the Kindle Fire Steal Apple's Christmas?
PC Magazine
Apple will report its fourth-quarter earnings later today, but the coming holiday season, with hot competition from Amazon, will be the real challenge. By Peter Pachal When Apple reports its fourth-quarter earnings later today, there will be a lot of ...
4Chan Founder Challenges Facebook, Google On Identity
By Fritz Nelson InformationWeek In a stunningly poignant address at Web 2.0 on Monday, Chris Poole, founder of controversial web sites 4Chan and Canvas, challenged Facebook, Google and online adventurers everywhere to think about identity not as a ...
30 Questions and Commands for Siri
PC Magazine
The best way to understand what Apple's Siri on the iPhone 4S can and can't do is to see examples of its successes and failures. By Jill Duffy This weekend, I put Siri—the speech-recognition software for Apple's iPhone 4S—through its paces, ...
Apple TV re-reviewed: Apple's streaming box gets a second wind
by Matthew Moskovciak October 18, 2011 8:38 AM PDT Follow @cnetmoskovciak The Apple TV may just be a "hobby" in Apple's eyes, but it's been quietly improving over the last year. The current iteration of the product was released in the fall of 2010, ...
LG, AU Optronics allegedly supplying 7.85" iPad screens to Apple
Apple Insider
By Slash Lane Rumors of a "mini" iPad continue to persist, with a new report out of Taiwan claiming that Apple has purchased 7.85-inch displays for a smaller version of its touchscreen tablet. The screens were reportedly purchased from LG Display and ...
TouchPad gets webOS 3.0.4 as backorder slates ship
The death of the HP TouchPad has been a slow and prolonged one. The tablet seems to be in the final death throws right now though. HP is apparently finally shipping out the last batch of the TouchPads right now. Nate over at The Digital Reader reports ...
Where Is the iPhone Malware? Lookout Releases iOS Security App
By Dan Rowinski / October 18, 2011 8:02 AM / 0 Comments This post is part of our ReadWriteMobile channel, which is dedicated to helping its community understand the strategic business and technical implications of developing mobile applications. ...
Mojang wins first ruling in Scrolls legal battle with ZeniMax Media
Ars Technica
By Ben Kuchera | Published October 18, 2011 9:48 AM The first battle in the legal war between ZeniMax Media and Minecraft developer Mojang goes to the smaller developer; a Swedish court has denied the request for a temporary injunction to stop Mojang ...
HTC, Samsung, Lodsys, Microsoft: Intellectual Property
(This is a daily report on global news about patents, trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property topics. (Updates with Microsoft in Patent section.) Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- HTC Corp., the second-largest maker of devices using Google Inc.'s ...
Albino Cyclops Shark Is Real, Experts Say
Fox News
By Stephanie Pappas A fetal shark cut from the belly of a pregnant shark caught in the Gulf of California. The shark, which would likely not have survived outside the womb, had only one eye. In this world of Photoshop and online scams, it pays to have ...
Researchers Discover a Way To Make Anything a Touch Screen
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Last week, a video went viral that shows a toddler swiping and tapping on an iPad like she had been doing it since the day she emerged from the womb. The video then cuts to the baby futilely trying to operate a magazine and getting ...
Steve Jobs, Apple inspiration for one-man show
Washington Post
By Philip Boroff, Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) --“If you want to enjoy a good steak, don't visit the slaughterhouse,” says an American proverb quoted in the Playbill for “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.” In his superb one-man show at New York's Public ...
HTC Rhyme Review: Hardware, pH-Balanced
By Jared Newman on October 18, 2011 As a male tech writer, Verizon Wireless' HTC Rhyme is not a phone I would buy for myself. Its plum exterior appeals to more feminine tastes, and its tech specs are far from the cutting edge. ...
DeLorean Returning In 2013 As An Electric Vehicle
PC Magazine
By Andrew Webster Electric vehicles are very likely our future. So it's only fitting that the DeLorean from back to the Future is going electric, too. The all-electric version of the iconic car debuted at the DeLorean Motor Company open house in Humble ...
Ceglia searching for another attorney
Buffalo News
By Phil Fairbanks Ceglia's search for a new lawyer began when his current attorney withdrew from the floundering Facebook case Monday. Jeffrey A. Lake, the third Ceglia lawyer to step down, asked the court for a delay in the federal court proceedings ...
Alleged LulzSec member exposed by VPN logs pleads not guilty
The Tech Herald
by Steve Ragan - Oct 18 2011, 13:14 Cody Kretsinger, 23, pleaded not guilty on Monday during his brief appearance in court. He is charged with participating in the attack against Sony Pictures earlier this year. In all, he faces 15 years in prison if ...
UberMedia launches Twitter/Digg/Reddit/Facebook clone Chime.in
UberMedia CEO Bill Gross isn't dodging the fact that his latest app, Chime.in, is a patchwork of other successful apps. “It's an amalgam of blogging and Reddit and Facebook — there's aspects of each in there,” he told VentureBeat in a phone interview ...
Redondo Beach kayaker takes plunge with blue whale (video)
Pete Thomas Outdoor
This has been a long and incredible blue whale season off Southern California, with close encounters enjoyed by marine mammal enthusiasts from shore and on boats, and from stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. Some of the footage has been amazing. ...
Here's the real way to play Battlefield 3
by Justin McElroy on Oct 18th 2011 10:00AM If you're looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gaming website this holiday season, why not consider this Battlefield 3 simulator constructed by Channel 5's The Gadget Show? With an omni-directional ...
POLL RESULTS: Steve Jobs' legacy
Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder who died recently at age 56, has been called an innovative genius and compared to everyone from DaVinci to Elvis. We asked if Jobs or Apple have had an impact on your life. Of 118 people who participated, ...
Occupy Wall Street Inspires 'I'm Getting Arrested' Android App
Got cuffed in Zuccotti Park? It's never been easier to let your friends and family know that you've been arrested, thanks to a handy app called “I'm Getting Arrested” for Android. The app was developed with the protestors in mind, reports CNET. ...
2011 Technology Innovation Awards - John M. Leger - News ...
By John M. Leger
If you think start-ups have a monopoly on innovation, think again. Some of the world's biggest companies are among the winners of The Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Awards this year.
Adobe demos future Photoshop technology - Pocket-lint
By Ben Crompton
Adobe has just posted a load of videos of the technology "sneak peeks" that were showcased recently at the company's annual MAX user conference.

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