19 October 2011

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends presentation (video) at Web 2.0 Summit, October 18, 2011, at San Francisco

Mary Meeker's internet trends presentation at Web 2.0 Summit (October 18, 2011, at San Francisco, CA)
KPCB Internet Trends (2011)

How Apple screwed up the iPad music app with iOS 5
by Lance Whitney October 19, 2011 8:40 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is a motto that Apple should have applied to the iPad's new Music app. iPad users who updated to iOS 5 may have noticed that the old iPod app is now ...
AMD Names IBM, Apple Vet Papermaster to CTO Spot
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman AMD said Wednesday that it had hired Mark Papermaster, an IBM and Apple veteran, as its chief technical officer. Papermaster replaces Rick Bergman, who recently left the company unexpectedly, later joining Synaptics as its new chief ...
NJ Transit Starts Tap-And-Pay Smartphone Option With Google
By Sarah Frier Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) -- New Jersey Transit began letting some commuters pay for fares using smartphone sensors set up by Google Inc. at locations including New York's Penn Station. The public-transit system is the first to partner with ...
US Apple stores to close Wednesday for Steve Jobs tribute
Apple stores will reportedly be closing for a few hours on Wednesday so employees can remember the late Steve Jobs. By Jeff Bertolucci PC World - Apple reportedly will shut its US retail stores for a few hours on Wednesday to allow its employees to ...
O'Brien: Flood of data represents promise and peril for Web companies
San Jose Mercury News
By Chris O'Brien COMMERCIAL IMAGE - In this photo taken by AP Images for Voce Communications, Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO, Jack Tretton, right, is seen on stage with Web 2.0 Summit co-moderator John Battelle at the Palace Hotel in San ...
Study: More Facebook friends linked to larger brain areas
USA Today
By Steven Reinberg, HealthDay TUESDAY, Oct. 18 (HealthDay News) -- People with lots of Facebook friends tend to have areas of the brain that are larger than those of online social network users with fewer friends, British researchers say. ...
Kobo's answer to Kindle Fire: $199 Vox Android tablet
by David Carnoy October 19, 2011 8:23 AM PDT Follow @DavidCarnoy Rumor had it that Kobo was about to release a new color-screen Android-based e-reader similar to both the Nook Color and Kindle Fire and now it's official: the Kobo Vox has been unveiled. ...
Stuxnet-based cyber espionage virus targets European firms
European firms that play a key role in nuclear power and other critical industries have been targeted by a cyber espionage attack based on Stuxnet, the computer virus that was designed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear programme. By Christopher Williams ...
Apple iPhone 4S makes its way to C Spire
by Roger Cheng October 19, 2011 8:08 AM PDT Follow @RogerWCheng Regional carrier C Spire Wireless, formerly known as Celllular South, said it would be offering Apple's latest iPhone in the coming weeks. Exact timing and pricing information wasn't yet ...
iPhone Accelerometer Could Spy on Computer Keystrokes
Wired News
By Wired UK By Olivia Solon, Wired UK The accelerometers in many smartphones could be used to decipher what you type into your PC keyboard — including passwords and email content — according to computer scientists at Georgia Tech. ...
The Battle For The Clouds
I'm an investor with New Atlantic Ventures, where I help launch early-stage companies that have new technologies and new takes on how to win in business. I'm inspired every time entrepreneurs prove there's a better way to solve big problems, ...
U-Village store fits Microsoft consumer strategy
The Seattle Times
(This story ran in the print edition of The Seattle Times Oct. 19, 2011. - Janet I. Tu) The performances this time will come from The Black Keys and OneRepublic, not Miley Cyrus and Dave Matthews. The venue will be University Village, not Bellevue ...
Dolphin browser for Android gains cloud sync
By Kevin C. Tofel Oct. 19, 2011, 8:41am PT One of the most popular third-party web browsers for Android devices gained support for cloud-based synchronization on Wednesday. Dolphin Browser, one of my “must try” applications for Android, ...
Google Music Store coming soon and will “have a little twist”
Google has been in talks to offer its own MP3 music store for some time, but Android head Andy Rubin shed a little more light on the upcoming service today at the AsiaD conference, saying the service was “close” to launching. Google couldn't launch a ...
Watch Indiana Jones Play Uncharted 3
Escapist Magazine
Indiana Jones is one of the characters that made Harrison Ford a household name, and his adventures were one of the inspirations for the Uncharted games. It's perhaps oddly fitting then, that Sony has hired Ford to appear in a Japanese commercial for ...
Major investors seek new carbon emissions treaty
The Associated Press
GENEVA (AP) — Large investors representing more than $20 trillion (euro14.62 trillion) in assets urged governments on Wednesday to sign a binding treaty on carbon emissions at the UN climate talks in South Africa in December. ...
Texas agency censors scientific report to remove references to reality
Ars Technica
By John Timmer | Published October 19, 2011 8:41 AM The latest bit of climate controversy has kicked off in Texas, a state with a governor, Rick Perry, who has suggested that climate scientists have manipulated data. At issue is a report on the future ...
Google Learned a Thing or Two from Facebook's Privacy Blunders
The Atlantic Wire
Google's new Good to Know privacy portal, which explains how and why the company collects user data, is a little bit like reverse engineering Facebook's privacy nightmares. Though Google admits that the portal will serve as an ad campaign in the UK, ...
Google will redirect all its accounts to SSL search
By Lawrence Latif ADVERTISING BROKER Google will use SSL by default for all searches conducted by its logged-in users. According to Evelyn Kao, product manager at Google, web searches are becoming an "increasingly customised experience" and said that ...
US Government Weighs Offense, Defense in Cyber Warfare
By Kendra Srivastava | Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:47 am The head of US Cyber Command says his organization is struggling to define and balance defense and especially offense, in cyber warfare becomes increasingly complex. He said the government continues to ...
Legal battles continue between Apple and Samsung
By Corey Tamas Wed, Oct 19, 2011 @ 8:39 AM The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung has not paused in the past week, with lots of punches being thrown from both sides. US District Judge Lucy Koh confirmed Apple's assertion that Samsung's ...
Fisker Karma EPA Rating Announced
Fisker is now ready to kick the sales of the Karma into high gear as the car gets EPA certified. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Fisker Karma is rated at 52 mpge, and its electric-only range is 32 miles. ...
Scam targets coffee lovers on Facebook
Toronto Star
Coffee lovers across North America beware: if someone offers you a free cup of java on Facebook, it's probably too good to be true. A scam popped up on Facebook over the weekend promising users a free Tim Hortons gift card if they liked a page and ...
Underpaid scientists blamed for rocket crashes
Independent Online
AP The Soyuz-FG rocket booster with Soyuz TMA-21 space ship carrying a new crew to the International Space Station blasts off from the Russian leased Baikonur cosmodrome. Moscow - Russia's chief prosecutor on Tuesday blamed a recent spate of disasters ...
Motorola Debuts Moto ACTV Fitness System for Smartphones
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin Today Motorola introduced Moto ACTV, a bite-sized MP3 player that pairs with your smartphone to become what the company calls the "ultimate fitness tool." "Moto ACTV is like having a peronsal trainer and DJ at your side," said Sanjay Jha, ...
'Uncharted 3' adding season pass for DLC
USA Today
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Sony announced the upcoming action game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will offer a season pass that gives users access to all downloadable content for a discounted price. The Fortune Hunters Club was revealed in a post on ...
Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera captures any moment in 3D
The sports world has already taken several bold leaps into its tech future with on-the-field innovations, but a new invention by a clever European tinkerer could elevate the art of sports photography to another level. Jonas Pfeil, a recent graduate of ...
MIT researchers devise see-through-wall technology – This Just In ...
By craigjohnsoncnn
Through the use of microwaves, MIT researchers have devised technology to see through walls in real time. The radar array system, created by Gregory Charvat and John Peabody at the university's Lincoln Laboratory, sends microwave ...
This Just In
Gehry: Transforming the building industry through technology ...
By Sun Joo Kim
Frank Gehry and friends shift focus to designing the tools that design buildings.
Decoding Design | SmartPlanet
Microsoft Touchscreen Technology
By Dylan Love
Microsoft has unveiled the OmniTouch, reports NewScientist. It's a startling technology that uses a small projector and a depth-sensitive camera to project a user interface onto a wall, your hand, or anything at all and let a user interact with it. ...
Syria Uses US Technology in Cyber Crackdown | Mother Jones
By Hamed Aleaziz
Blue Coat technology has been used for at least a year by other nondemocratic regimes, including Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE, according to the Wall Street Journal. Other foreign regimes use western technology to block internet access; ...
MoJo Articles | Mother Jones
Infographic: How Technology and Design Led to the iPhone | Adweek
By Tim Nudd
CNET U.K. put together this cool animated infographic—a tribute to the late Steve Jobs—which traces the various innovations in technology and design since the early 1970s that would eventually lead to Apple's beloved iPhone. It's worth ...
Adweek : Technology
Technology 4 StartUp Britain Week: Attracting Customers With SEO ...
By Simone Schuurer - MSFT
When you are managing your own business there are many things to think of. Getting the righttechnology in place may not be the first thing you think off but doing so could save you time, money and help you find customers. We were at ...
Microsoft Advertising Community
Motorola RAZR Coming to Clove 1st ... - Clove Technology's Blog
By Clove
Motorola_RAZR. Following Motorola's announcement of the Droid RAZR, we can confirm that we are expecting the UK variant, the Motorola RAZR, to arrive into stock on November 1st, priced at £379 (454.80 inc. VAT). The name RAZR is well ...
Clove Technology's Blog
How Does Cyber Safety Affect Technology and Education ...
By K. Walsh
Maintaining a balanced perspective on cyber bullying and internet safety. Guest Post by Karen Lederer, with Dominican University. Is the threat of cyber.
Emerging Education Technology

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