22 October 2011

Facebook Building 'Shadow Profiles' of Non-Members, Experts Allege

Facebook Building 'Shadow Profiles' of Non-Members, Experts Allege
Fox News
By Gene J. Koprowski AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Sean Kilpatrick Eight hundred million users are not enough. Facebook, the world's biggest social network, is now building profiles of non-users who haven't even signed up, an international privacy ...
iPad 2 Smart Cover 'flaw' discovered in iOS 5
by Don Reisinger October 21, 2011 8:01 AM PDT iPad 2 owners who use the Smart Cover and Smart Cover unlocking in iOS 5 are exposed to a bug that can potentially leave sensitive information open to others, Apple blog 9to5Mac is reporting. ...
MetroPCS Said to Become Frontrunner for AT&T-T-Mobile Assets
San Francisco Chronicle
Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- MetroPCS Communications Inc. has emerged as the frontrunner to buy assets from AT&T Inc. and T- Mobile USA Inc. as those companies seek to win government approval for their $39 billion merger, according to people familiar with ...
Is Apple killing conventional games? Do us a favour...
Things may seem insufferably dire right now, what with the breakdown of capitalism, toxic banks and countries, global warming and so on, but at least these are boom times for one industry: doom-mongering. Pessimists have never had it so good, ...
You can track your kids on Halloween with smartphone apps
Los Angeles Times
Smartphones with GPS tracking features help people navigate, find nearby restaurants and inform friends of their whereabouts. They can also come in handy for parents worried about keeping tabs on their kids during Halloween. ...
Rumor Says New MacBook Pros Next Week
The Mac Observer
Apple is allegedly ready to release updated MacBook Pro models some time next week, according to the latest rumors. Apparently upgrades for the 13, 15 and 17-inch models are all in the works, although the changes compared the current shipping models ...
Doom 4 is Not Postponed
Escapist Magazine
It's kind of unusual to report that a game isn't delayed but in this case I think it's worth making an exception. Kotaku reported earlier today that in the wake of the less-than-spectacular launch of Rage, which was blamed on both shallow gameplay and ...
Feds: Cyberpunks spied on Nasdaq directors
By John Leyden • The same hackers who cracked into Nasdaq's computer systems last year apparently planted malware that allowed them to spy on publicly traded companies. The stock exchange previously said neither its trading ...
Golden Joysticks 2011: Assassin's Creed gets Best Action Game
The Golden Joystick 2011 Action Game of the Year has been crowned and the award goes to Ubisoft's hit stealth game, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Releasing last year to critical acclaim and huge sales, Brotherhood proved itself to be more than just ...
Commentary: Chevrolet Volt meets the mark, but at what cost?
By NICK MALAWSKEY, The Patriot-News The Associated PressThe Volt has a range of about 300 miles, thanks to the gasÂoline engine that steps in to provide electricity to the moÂtor once the battery is drained. Chevy workers drove the car to Harrisburg ...
Sprint limits more unlimited plans, smartphone data still safe
Sprint confirmed last month that beginning October 2nd, unlimited mobile hotspot plans would become limited mobile hotspot plans, affording users of the optional smartphone add-on 5GB of tethering data per month. Now, Sprint has added a second service ...
How Comets In Distant Solar Systems Could Deliver Oceans to Exoplanets
Popular Science
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 10.21.2011 at 11:15 am 0 Comments Cool, Clear Water The nearby star TW Hydrae has a burgeoning solar system with a sprawling cloud of cold water vapor. The vapor is cold enough to eventually form comets, which could deliver ...
If Germany's Satellite Falls on Your House, Who Pays for Repairs?
The defunct 2.7-ton German ROSAT satellite is slated to make a fiery, uncontrolled re-entry to our atmosphere sometime Saturday or Sunday (Oct. 22 or 23). Experts say the broken-up bits of ROSAT have a roughly 1-in-2000 chance of hitting someone ...
Social Networking on Mobile Devices Increased by 37% since Last Year
Web Trends
By Elise Moreau, About.com Guide October 21, 2011 According to comScore, worldwide activity on social media sites coming from mobile devices is up 37 percent since last year. It's estimated that one in three Americans who own a mobile device are ...
Google launches Android film rentals
By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor Google has launched a new film rental service for Android phone and tablet users. UK users can now rent films via the Android Market, with prices starting at £2.49. A similar service has already launched in ...
FBI Official Says We Need Secure Alternative Internet to Fend Off Cyber Threats
By Allan Lengel ticklethewire.com We could be headed for bigger trouble if we don't develop a highly secure alternative Internet to fend off the ever increasing cyber threats against critical utilities and financial systems, an FBI official told the ...
Samsung beats Apple's smartphone shipment figures
By Lawrence Latif KOREAN ELECTRONICS GIANT Samsung shipped more than 20 million smartphones in its previous quarter, beating its fierce rival Apple. Samsung's smartphone range spans three operating systems and, according to the Wall Street Journal, ...
EMC Promises Further Innovation for Cloud Environments
EMC is getting ready to launch its Project Lightning, and also is looking for better ways to manage its portfolio and move workloads around virtualized data centers. FOXBORO, Mass. — EMC executives say that the company—not only with its expanding ...
U. Village Microsoft store opens amid cheers and crowds
The Seattle Times
The skies were drab and drizzly but the opening of the new Microsoft store -- the company's 12th -- at University Village this morning provided plenty of color and cheer. By shortly before 9 am, hundreds of people were thronging the parking lot outside ...
Pogoplug Mobile functions as your own personal cloud storage system
Now Android users can get all the benefits of the cloud with the small Pogoplug Mobile device. As far as we can tell, one of the next big things to revolutionize home and mobile computing is use of 'the cloud.' Apple is already on track with its recent ...
Google Maps for Android update saves space on downloaded maps
Mobile Burn
Google just updated its Maps application for Android to version 5.11 and included one lonely feature that is probably very valuable to those whose phones have limited storage. The new version of Maps takes up less storage space than before, ...
HP's Chief Strategy And Technology Officer Shane Robison To Step ...
By Leena Rao
HP's Chief Strategy And Technology Officer Shane Robison To Step Down Nov. 1....
Hey yo, T(ether) technology tracks rap gestures in 3D -- Engadget
By Sharif Sakr
T(ether) is a bit like that amazing Reality Fighters game we saw on the PS Vita, except it's more tranquil and it works slightly differently.
Apple Patents Next Generation Solar Technology | Inhabitat - Green ...
By Timon Singh
Apple has been granted patents to develop new solar technology including a screen that would use solar rays to backlight itself.
Navigating Technology and Art at a School of Contradictions | ED ...
In the 19th Century, the London Bridge was a marvel of technology and an example of artistic creativity, and nearly a century later, one innovative American town dismantled the original masonry of the London Bridge and rebuilt it to handle ...
News | U.S. Department of Education
Yunlong Digital and Technology Park / NAUTA | ArchDaily
By Alison Furuto
NAUTA Architecture & Research, in collaboration with P.B.A. Architectural Design Ltd. shared with us their design for the Yunlong Digital and Technology.
Prison Planet.com » MIT Develops New Radar Technology: Military ...
By admin
Looking through walls is no longer something we read about in comic books or watch in Superman movies. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory has presented new radartechnology that would allow humans to see ...
Prison Planet.com
Griffin Technology debuts new Android accessories for ...
By Scott Webster
Griffin Technology has announced a number of new accessories for Android smartphones and tablets, putting them on sale for the fall 2011 season. The new products include tablet covers, holsters, smartphone cases, micro-HDMI to HDMI ...
New wafer-level MEMS packaging technology using nanoporous ...
New wafer-level MEMS packaging technology using nanoporous alumina membranes.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Can Technology Help Solve India's Education Problems ...
By Knowledge@Wharton
Multinational IT firms are seeing opportunities in India's education sector. But how much of a role can technology really play?
Knowledge@Wharton Today
California Govt. Leaping into 21st Century Technology | Planetizen
By Tim Halbur
Ariel Schwartz writes that California is poised to make a significant leap into Gov 2.0, with Apps for reporting graffiti and potholes, crowdsourcing solutions to local issues, and more.
Planetizen - Urban Planning,...
Technology Gap : baseballmusings.com
By David Pinto
Bruce Dowbiggin makes a great point about how MLB is lagging in technology on the field: Imagine using your iPhone to take video of a rotary phone. That's how we felt watching Fox's World Series coverage with its heat-sensitive cameras, ...
AgWired » Blog Archives » Mobile Technology In Dairy Industry
By Chuck
Mobile app technology is growing fast in the ag industry. Even the dairy sector is seeing more and more of it. Take Select Sires which took their Select Detect activity monitoring system to a new level this year when they introduced the mobile ...
Microsoft's HoloDesk Puts Virtual Objects in Users' Hands | Geek ...
By Leland Flynn
The video below shows a demonstration of an experimental system called HoloDesk. It's being developed by the Sensors and Devices group at Microsoft. The.
Geek Beat Technology News
Rupert Murdoch: Technology Can Transform Education | Education ...
Rupert Murdoch rallies for bringing education into the 21st Century at the Foundation for Excellence in Education Summit.
Education News
Here's how to get Apple's iOS 5 update for the iPhone | Technology ...
Charles Arthur: iOS5 will be the one that introduces 'untethered' software updates – but there's one more hurdle first.

Gmail Redesign Fixes Annoyances, But Adds a Pesky Ad
By Jared Newman, PCWorld Oct 21, 2011 8:41 AM Leaked video of an upcoming Gmail redesign looks good at a glance, but upon closer inspection, it also makes one change that's sure to annoy users. At the 0:54 mark in the video, you can see a text-based ...
DARPA wants to recycle space junk into new satellites
Artist's impression of a servicing satellite (left) preparing to remove a still-functioning antenna from a defunct satellite (right) in geosynchronous orbit. By SPACE.com Staff The United States Department of Defense is looking for ways to repurpose ...
Old American theory is 'speared'
BBC News
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News An ancient bone with a projectile point lodged within it appears to up-end - once and for all - a long-held idea of how the Americas were first populated. The rib, from a tusked beast known as a mastodon ...

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